Mabuhay, Los Angeles Lakers!

Congratulations to the 2009-2010 NBA Champions, the Los Angeles Lakers!
Kobe Bryant: Finals MVP! Wohoo!

Fellow LA fans, we so deserve this. Thank you Lakers for a great series!
Isa pang wohoo!

Author: professionalheckler

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47 thoughts on “Mabuhay, Los Angeles Lakers!”

  1. Luck truly is where preparation meets opportunity. I think the Boston made a huge effort despite losing Perkins and the game haven’t been decided up until the last few seconds but in the end it was just a sweet victory for the yellow shirts. I thought Boston deserves the Championship but Luck really propels LA to redemption.


  2. Pati ba naman sa nba dilaw pa rin ang nanalo……hehehhe congrats lakers. Chineck ko pala ang kanina may breaking news sa Boston, yung flash floods na nangyari sa arkansas na pumatay sa 19 na tao, nangyayari na ngayon sa Boston . Yun nga lang hindi 19 na tao ang pinatay, kundi 17 championships ang inanod hehehehe


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