Noy and the US Envoy
US Ambassador Harry K. Thomas Jr. paid a visit to president-apparent Noynoy Aquino on Times Street, Quezon City last Friday. After the visit, both the Liberal Party and the US Embassy denied rumors that Thomas made a pitch for Jejomar Binay.

The meeting between US Ambassador Harry K. Thomas Jr. and president-apparent Noynoy Aquino last Friday reportedly lasted one and a half hours. A broad range of issues was discussed during the visit. Thomas talked about current state relations and terrorism for the first half hour, while Noynoy talked about video games for the next hour.

US Ambassador Harry K. Thomas Jr. paid a courtesy call on president apparent-Noynoy Aquino last Friday on Times Street. Thomas promised three things during his visit: one, that the US would respect the outcome of the elections; two, that America would work closely with Aquino on priority issues, and three, that he, as US envoy would never appear on Wowowee as often as his predecessor did.

Sen. Mar Roxas was also present during US Ambassador Harry K. Thomas Jr’s visit to Times Street. Roxas took advantage of the opportunity to meet Thomas before he takes a one-year break from government and politics.

GMA’s “Tuko”
Heard about President Arroyo’s speech at the Lions Club convention last Friday? In her talk, the president revealed, “In my son’s home, and in my home in Lubao, Pampanga, we don’t use chemical pest control for mosquitoes and cockroaches. We use a gecko.” Now that explains why Malacañang has been free from cockroaches and mosquitoes for nine years now.

With the likes of Dato, Mikey, Iggy, and Mike Arroyo around her, it’s no longer surprising why President Arroyo knows so much about pest management.

DOH and Smoking
The Department of Health will issue an administrative order requiring cigarette manufacturers to place graphic warnings in their products to discourage the public from smoking. Reacting to the order, cigar manufacturers have started reproducing cigar packages showing a photo of Noynoy Aquino.

Kris and TIME
Noynoy and the Aquino family are on the pages of TIME Asia again. His sister Kris was described as “The Filipina Oprah.” Sure. A black host and a black sheep.

Kris Files LOA
Kris Aquino has announced her decision to leave ABS-CBN’s two showbiz-oriented talk shows: ‘The Buzz’ and ‘SNN’ while her brother is in office. To sustain the two shows’ good ratings while she’s gone, Kris will be replaced by Robin Padilla.

A Passport, Finally!
Dethroned Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2010 Maria Venus Raj finally gets a passport – a condition set by the Bb. Pilipinas Charities before she is completely reinstated. It took more than a month for Venus to get a passport because she was too busy with her TV guestings and appearances.

On Saturday, May 22, 13-year-old Jordan Romero of California, USA became the youngest climber to reach the peak of Mount Everest. The lovable kid has become so popular on Twitter, fans of Justin Bieber have started sending him hate mails.
“A real diplomat is one who can cut his neighbor’s throat without having his neighbor notice it.”
~Former UN Secretary-General Trygve Lie

Briefly Noted
For two consecutive days now, my favorite broadsheet has bannered ‘positive’ stories about its favorite president-elect.
Saturday: “Aquino receives US envoy”
Sunday: “China, Spain hail Aquino’s poll victory”
Is PDI the new Manila Bulletin?

Survey Says
Naniniwala ba kayo sa alegasyon ng dayaan na ibinunyag ni “Koala Boy?”
Oo! Imbestigahan ‘yan! 9%
Hindi! Pakawala siya ng mga talunan! 81%
Medyo. 10%

We have a new survey. Please vote now.

Have a great week ahead. Go Lakers!

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94 thoughts on “DIPLOMACY”

      1. ano ni mus,

        be dyentolman.

        hayaan mo na ang kaligayahan ng iba. walang nabibili niyan sa bangketa at lalong walang nabibiling ekstrang reserbang puso kapag inatake ka.

        kawawa misis mo kapag natigok ka. pakilasa ko sa iyo ay mayaman ka. burgis kasi ang dating mo, eh. si kumpare ang makikinabang ng maiiwan mong monay at hopyang walang magpapalaman ng hotdog sa gabi.


    1. waaaaa!!!! ndi ako una…sh*t kc natulog pa kc ako….wahhhhhh…

      eniwi sa iyo ngayon ang sumpa. kukunin ka na ni taning. ching lang!

      para maalis ang sumpa…mag-alay ng 10 itlog mula sa tomboy na manok, 10 baklang pusa, at isang tsinelas na gawa sa basahan…. ialay ito sa gate ng bahay ni boy abunda or jamby madtigal…


  1. PH, was expecting you to include Quiboloy’s alleged “shock” over the election results. Sa 4M nyang voting flock, san napunta daw ang kulang na 1M dahil nasa 3M plus lang boto si Gibo?

    Hooootang na LOOB, si senior60 at limang kakilala ko na maka Gibo ay di naman mga ka-tropa nya yun. Anong gusto nyang palabasin, sila lang ang bumoto key Gibo?


  2. I concede na hindi ako ang nanalo sa paunahan sa pag comment sa blog na ito. I congratulate chiwee for winning it. The blog has spoken or, rather, noted the time of the first one to comment here. There is no need for me to protest the result of the contest. I fought a good fight but this not my time to be first. I thank my wife for patiently waiting for me at night and for forgiving me when our nightly rituals are postponed, and most often, cancelled because of my campaign to be first to comment. I guess I will just go back to being just a simple citizen of this land, enjoy my family, and wait for the next post.


    1. how diplomatic of you, geeeeee! loved the humor. truly:-)

      sorry, i was destined to be winner in a “worthless” endeavor to some. life is too short to be taken seriously, haha.

      but seriously, guess it pays to have a work that is so dedicated to the use of computers, i can do blog comments, mafia wars gaming, online scrabble and email while working my butt out estimating and drawing for a living. 🙂


      1. naku timpaul, don’t worry man, my 100 pesos text load prize to the first commenter is still in effect because i won it instead of others. i have my word and i intend to keep it.

        sana may magpa-premyo din dito para sa 2nd or 3rd commenter para maiba naman ang takbo ng comments, hindi puro “1st?” lang.

        i’m into building construction but nope, am not an engineer. 🙂


      1. wahahahahahaha. okay ka talaga sa ka—–chingan. yay!
        lucky saken ang friday the 13th. was born on that day, y’know. ang isang friend na ka-bday ko pero x years my junior is a gifted child. was a finalist sa battle of the brains eons ago but he didn’t win. guess his friday the 13th luck was only up to there. 🙂


  3. mr ph, i just want to get ur attention on this. no need to approve my comment here.

    about tonight’s episode of pilipinas got talent.(i hope someone will post the episode on youtube).

    the judge, kris aquino, noted contestant named fame of singing “songs that the audience could relate” kuno. she sang a song for opera or theater vs. the guy who sang tagalog. kris said mas nakakarelate sya at ang audience daw kuno coz she should be singing latest songs daw. btw, this girl got more text votes than the other contestant.

    you should hear that girl’s answer to kris’ comments. i think this will be another slap on kris.


    1. Aside from Mr. Garcia, the other judges in PGT do not know what they’re talking about.

      To begin with, their criteria of judging is very nebulous and changes depending on their mood for the night.

      Last night, when given the chance to perform for a slot in the grand finals, the boy faltered big time but he still got in because supposedly the crowd can’t relate to the girl’s (although not splendid but certainly) better performance.

      The judges of Showtime seem to know more about judging. And that’s not even saying much.


    2. yup, napanood ko yan habang hinahanap ko ung disney channel, binago kasi nung nasa cable ung arrangement, kala ko more on expertise ang talent show, yun pala para sa mga judge more on the ‘in’ thing, mas maganda talaga ang talentadong pinoy, ganyan po talaga pag napupuno ng smugness ang isang tao, pagpasensyahan na lang po natin hehehe ^^


  4. I didn’t know may silbi ang gecko – pest management? We all grew up scared of it – baka kumapit kasi, sabi ng matatanda.

    Re the performer in PGT who was criticized by one judge for not singing something the people could relate to, the Philippines’ exposure to and education in the sublime was markedly down after Imelda was no longer involved in the cultural scene. Connect the dots.


  5. Noynoy bloopers:

    1. “In an interview with reporters at his Times Street residence, Aquino said: “I’m confident that the executive has enough powers. There is a law which states that the power of the executive could not be clipped by another branch of government
    because all three branches are co-equal.”



    2. Appointing CJ Puno as DOJ secretary.



    3. Telling the whole world Mar Roxas lost without realizing he actually said it. Then in a classic Noynoy move, binawi.

    The camp of vice presidential front-runner Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay was mighty pleased with presumptive president-elect Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III’s slip of the tongue on Thursday when he said people might have to wait a year to know what’s in store in government for his running mate Sen. Mar Roxas.

    Aquino, after making the slip, corrected himself and said that whether Roxas wins or not, they will work together in the next six years.


    4. Choosing to swear before the Justice who dissented in that CJ appointment decision

    Now that’s hair-splitting.


  6. Sana sa susunod na kongreso, magpasa sila ng batas na nagsasaad…kapag natalo ang kandidato sa halalan…dapat automatic na ang pagkakaroon ng complain na sila ay dinaya at kailangan imbestigahan. Presumption of being cheated during the election LOL…ginagawa kasing uso nung mga talunan sa eleksyon eh hahahahaha

    Nakakatawa naman sina Mat Defensor, Ace Barbers and etc. sinasabi nilang may nag offer sa kanilang mandaya pero tinangihan…MGA HUNGHANG! Parte ng trabaho nyo is to uphold the law and not give credence to such offers dapat pinahuli…tapos pagka natalo iiyak! sore losers….like some here bwahahahaha

    At si Susano ha…malufet mag ingless! bwahahahaha…di kaya jejemon sya??

    Ano kaya hirit nung mga kandidato sa official canvassing sa Presidential at Vice Presidential….malalaman bukas LOL


  7. Good observation PH I also agree with you that the PDI is already turning like a Manila Bulletin. I still remember during the the protest rally as a result of the death of Senator NINOY Aquino that PDI is always on the forefront of giving the reading public a good news and a fearless views which later on forces Marcos to declare a snap election,

    But now the PDi is becoming neutral with the apparent president elect because the PDi does not want to suffer the same fate they suffered under the Estrada administration when most of the their advertisers were advised and ordered not to advertise with PDI. They lost a lot of money in advertising.

    Well I believed PDi has really learned a good lesson that in business you must always satisfy your customers/readers in their case and always go along with the powers that be in order to stay in business and earned good income. Go Go Go PH.


    1. PDI was never been balanced…they backed FVR during the 1992 elections and throught his presidency.
      It really depends nowadays on what kind of news you want to see in your favorites broadsheets or publications and what suits your political beliefs…in this case, buy or read something else.


  8. me bagong discovered palang species ng mga gecko, onli in da pilipins yan! dapat maging endangered species agad yang mga yan at baka yan na ang gawing pambansang hayop, ay mali ata buwaya yata ang fore-runner sa pamalit ng pambansang hayop…..

    as the sayings in the middle east goes what is this? what to do yani?!


  9. john and tomador

    oo na, presidente na si noynoy, ano ngayon, we will
    sing praises of hallelujah to him kahit palpak mga
    decisions nya? umpisa pa lang yan ha? papaano na
    sa mga major decisions…

    oo na, lahat ng mga presidente may mga advisers,
    pero, the final say will be on noynoy’s balikat, he must
    always remember that, kaya sya nanalo ay dahil sa
    kanyang pangako na sya lang ang makadala sa atin sa
    daan patungo sa ‘paraiso’, kung malimali sya, saan na naman
    kaya tayo pupulutin? sa kangkungan pa rin?

    kaya kayong noynoy diehards, huwag malumbay/malungkot
    kung lagi syang babanatan, in the quise of heckling na nga
    lang para hindi masyadong malalim ang sugat, kasi, it is now
    our country’s future that is at stake, kaya dapat syang umayos…


    1. Hindi pa nakakapanumpa si Noynoy, ah?

      Nariyan pa ang pinakamalaking problema natin, nagkakalat pa.

      Sa halip na si Noynoy ang pagtuunan ng pansin, bantayan natin ang mga kilos ni goyang.

      ‘Ayan nga at kung ano anong kabastusan pa rin ang pinaggagagawa. Hindi n’yo napapansin?

      Limas na nga ang laman ng kaban, gusto pang sairin at kahit latak ay walang gustong itira kundi listahan ng mga utang na tayo ang magbabayad.

      ‘Utang nila lahat!


  10. Mmmmm ang masasabi ko lang kung gusto umunlad ng kahit sino eh magsisimula yan sa sarili mo MISMO, tumulong na lang tayo sa ikagaganda ng ekonomiya ng Pilipinas sa ating maliit na paraan… Di lang yan sa namumuno eh, thought it helps kung di corrupt at me care talaga sa taong bayan…

    Thanks PH now alam ko na kung ano panlaban sa cockroach at lamok, aha ha ha dami gecko dito sa Maldives eh, makadampot ng isa at uwi ko sa apratment :).

    BTW, ala pa ako dito nung magka tsunami 2007 ako nag start magwork here, so far am living and loving it….


  11. whatchamakulitz

    hmmmm nasabi mo lang ang nasabi mo dahil you are now
    living and enjoying a good life out there, how about to the
    how many % of those living in poverty?

    sige nga, your thoughts on , papaano nga ba makatulong sa
    ikakaganda ng ekonomiya ng pilipinas sa maliit na paraan?
    some tips please…

    parang, ngayon pa lang, gusto mo ng ipawalang sala si
    noynoy, ano ka ba, the millions of impoverished out there
    are counting on him, pagkatapos, sasabihin mo, di lang yan
    sa namumuno? wrong ka whatchama, nasa namumuno talaga


    1. sir senior60, siguro po sasang-ayon kayo sa amin ni sir/maam whatchamakulitz na para umunlad ang bayan or bansa, dapat parehong kumilos ang mga tao at mga pinuno, hindi po dapat umasa lang sa pinuno or sa mga tao, kahit ano pong pagpupursige ng pinuno kung ung mga pinamumunuan nya naman eh ayaw tulungan ang sarili nila, mababale-wala lang ung effort nya, subok ko na po yan sa isang project ng team ko na ako lang halos ang gumawa. sang-ayon din po ako kay sir/maam whatchamakulitz na ang pagbabago dapat sa sarili mismo, leaders and members alike. kayo po ba nakita nyo na ng personal ung mga impoverished na sinasabi nyo? ang mga nakita ko kasing impoverished eh mga nakatambay lang pag walang pang-inom o kaya eh nagtotong-its o bilyar sa tabi… nakakita na rin po ba kayo ng mga opisyal na ipinangangalandakan na first class municipality ang lugar nila na ang poste ng kuryente eh isang mahabang kawayan lang? nakaligo ka na sa dagat ng basura? hehehe joke


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