THE MANALOs HAVE SPOKEN. The bloc-voting religious sect Iglesia ni Cristo endorsed the candidacy of Sen. Noynoy Aquino. Hours before the official announcement was made, Noynoy was really nervous. In fact, he had to smoke two packs of cigarettes to calm his nerves,.

The Iglesia ni Cristo has endorsed the candidacy of Noynoy Aquino for president. The official announcement was made by INC executives yesterday (Wednesday) while the unofficial announcement was made by Kris Aquino on “The Buzz” last Sunday.

The Iglesia ni Cristo has endorsed the presidential bid of Noynoy Aquino. The INC is now the second most powerful endorser of Noynoy… next only to ABS-CBN.

The Iglesia ni Cristo is endorsing the candidacy of Noynoy Aquino. The INC is now the second most influential endorser of Noynoy… next only to Pulse Asia, and SWS.

The bloc-voting religious sect Iglesia ni Cristo endorsed the candidacy of Noynoy Aquino. According to a source of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the choice was made based on a “survey” of INC members ‘with a mandate from heaven’ – probably the same heaven that ‘guided’ the INC in choosing the likes of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2004 and Joseph Estrada in 1998.

A Philippine Daily Inquirer source revealed that the Iglesia ni Cristo’s choice of Sen. Noynoy Aquino for president was made after conducting a “survey” among INC members – a revelation that further incensed Sen. Richard Gordon.

The Iglesia ni Cristo has also announced its 12 picks for senator. The list includes Bong Revilla and Lito Lapid! [No need for a punch line.]

The bloc-voting sect Iglesia ni Cristo endorsed Sen. Mar Roxas for vice president. Rumors say a disappointed Jejomar Binay called up a high-ranking INC official to ask why he didn’t get the endorsement. The INC official replied, “Bloc voting po ang isinusulong namin, hindi black voting.”

God’s (Different) Choices?
Gilbert Teodoro has the support of Pastor Quiboloy.
The Iglesia ni Cristo is endorsing Noynoy.
The Jesus is Lord Movement is solid behind Bro. Eddie Villanueva.
The CBCP endorses JC De Los Reyes.
And the El Shaddai Movement is reportedly backing the presidential bid of Manny Villar.
Some theologians are now convinced – God must really be a woman.

Tanong ng bayan: Sa harap ng sunud-sunod na endorsements mula sa mga ‘sugo ng kalangitan,’ bakit wala pa yatang nag-i-endorso kay Rey Langit?

This just in! Unconfirmed reports say Erap and Binay are expecting the endorsement of an unidentified Islamic group. You know, they tolerate polygamy.

Top 5 Messages Left on ‘God’s’ Answering Machine

No. 5: “Lord, this is Dick Gordon. Akala ko ba pantay-pantay ang tingin mo sa aming lahat? Eh bakit ka ganyan? Meron kang kinikilingan. Meron kang pinu-protektahan. Meron kang kandidatong sinusuportahan. Kapag ganyan ka pa rin sa ‘kin sa susunod na eleksyon, hihingi na ‘ko ng TRO sa korte para pigilan ang endorsements mo! Hindi ka na fair eh.”

No. 4: “God, this is Krissy. Gosh! You’re so bait talaga. Promise! Always take care of Mom and Dad huh. And Ka Erdy too. Gosh! I’m blushing right now God. Kashe, close na tayo. ‘Di ba Boy? Aha-ha-ha!”

No. 3: “Panginoon, this is JC De Los Reyes. Verify ko lang po kung ako talaga ang choice ng CBCP. Para kasing hindi naniniwala ang mga tao sa kanila eh.”

No. 2: “Hi Lord. Si Manny Villar po ‘to. ‘Pag ‘di ko nakuha ang endorsement ng El Shaddai, tandaan mo po, ‘di na kita papaniwalaan. At ‘di lang ‘yan! Kapag ‘di ako inendorse ni Brother Mike, hinding-hindi ka na po puwedeng dumaan sa C-5 kahit kailan! Tandaan mo po ‘yan!”

And the No. 1 message left on God’s answering machine…

“Papa Jesus, si Noynoy po ito. Thank you Papa Jesus for all the blessings. Alam mo Papa Jesus, you were my strength when I was weak. ‘Tsaka Papa Jesus, you were my voice when I couldn’t speak. You were my eyes when I couldn’t see, and you saw the best there was in me. How can I forget Papa Jesus, (you) lifted me up when I couldn’t reach and you gave me faith ‘coz you believed. Basta, Papa Jesus, I’m everything I am, because you loved me.”

Oops, there’s one stray message left on God’s answering machine!
“Hello, God test. God test. Hello? God test. Wala lang. Testing lang kung totoong may sasagot. Sanga pala, si Joma Sison ‘to.”

The Elections
Noynoy Aquino is so against the proposed postponement of the May 10 elections… mainly because he can hardly wait to begin his term.

Manny Villar is likewise against the postponement of the elections… mainly because it would only give his rivals more time to throw more dirt at him.

Gilbert Teodoro also opposes the postponement of the polls… mainly because he’s so eager to find out if Pastor Quiboloy’s group really practices bloc voting.

But Richard Gordon, Eddie Villanueva, and Nicanor Perlas are in favor of postponing the May 10 polls… mainly because they’re not prepared to lose yet.

Meanwhile, Jamby Madrigal has not released any statement on this issue. And we really don’t care!

Korina: Not True
Korina Sanchez held a press conference to deny online reports that she got booed at the concert of Tears for Fears. The vice presidentiable’s wife claims she neither noticed nor heard any booing… mainly because she was too busy posing before the cameras while flashing the Laban sign.

Korina Sanchez denied reports that she got booed at the Tears for Fears concert last Sunday. Well, it’s either TJ Manotoc was telling the truth or Korina Sanchez was deaf.
“I always distrust people who know so much about what God wants them to do to their fellows.”
~Susan B. Anthony

Survey Says
Your final and sure choice for president:
Noynoy AQUINO 31.9%
Joseph ESTRADA 0.7%
Dick GORDON 22%
Jamby MADRIGAL 0.9%
Nick PERLAS 1.4%
Gilbert TEODORO 36.3%
Manny VILLAR 5.2%

We have a new survey. Please vote now.

From the online edition of Newsbreak: How the INC was won

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Countdown to the May 10 elections: Apat na tulog na lang!

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  1. “…the choice was made based on a “survey” of INC members “with a mandate from heaven” – probably the same heaven that ‘guided’ the INC in choosing the likes of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2004 and Joseph Estrada in 1998. …” <<< same thoughts here! tsk tsk tsk…


      1. im not in the US. when you come home from work, you would just want to rest. and besides im listening to news radio streaming the whole day.
        it’s not the question of can or cant afford. i have better things to do than watch tv. 🙂
        and if i do want to watch, there’s a free live tv streaming somewhere in the WWW.


  2. From an Information Technology Guy’s perspective:

    This election is a “Hello Garci” automated version. Why?

    1. Walang “HIGH STANDARD, SUPER HIGH RISK” system or product that does not undergo strict testings. The recent error with the card of pcos is a super simple error na napaka-imposibleng hindi na-detect even in a simpliest testing. Mangmang ba ko para hindi ko malaman to.
    2. Having said that it was a real error, its a configuration error, bakit nasa memory card ang application files ng machine?? Wala ba sariling hard drive ang machine? Hindi ba napakadaling palitan ng memory card na ito? And whats worst, pinakita sa buong bansa kung paano ito napapalitan.
    3. The error was detected during an unscheduled testing done by a local precint that treated the machine as plug-and-play. Unscheduled means hindi alam ng Comelec or Smartmatic ang testing. This was detected last Monday. Smartmatic says they can spread the new cards tomorrow (Thursday). How many PCOS machines will be used again? Ibig sabihin lahat yun papalitan ng Engineers ng smartmatic ng cards?? Ilan ba Engineers ng smartmatic? Kung hindi man Engineer, sino magpapalit? Si Ate na first time nakakita ng PCOS machine?
    4. Im not sure pero wala ata ako narinig na nag Transmission testing sila. What if hindi ma-transmit? We rely on the cards. What if the cards are stolen?? Babalik ka sa ballots. What if most of the ballots are not counted due to errors? I cant see any point on this.
    5. IT IS MY RIGHT TO VOTE. Ang problema, pag nagkamali ka, aksidente nasulatan mo ang kahit anong part ng ballot na hindi sulatan, hindi na bibilangin ang boto mo at hindi ka makakahingi ng extra ballot. That means, SORRY KA! bawal ka na bumoto. ilang milyon na pinoy kaya ang magkakamali dito. Tanga naman ng gumawa ng system na to at wala ng option B.
    6. Napakadali mag program. Napakadali itago ng totoong results at napakadating mag load ng pre-loaded results. It can simply be in that replacement card. Think about that!
    7. Smartmatic says the integrity of the results is the integrity of their company. Dude, you earned millions of pesos already! At madaling tumahimik at isara ang company pag may pera ka na.
    8. Comelec did not approve the manual counting. Sa kahit anong system, manual or the previous process po ang ginagamit na pang counter check kung tama nga ang nilalabas ng automated system. Wala ba tinatago ang Comelec?

    Kung umaasa pa tayo na mananalo si Villar or Noynoy, isipin nyo muna kung totoo ang eleksyon na ito. Thanks PH!


  3. base sa balita hindi lahat ng INC e maka noynoy. hati ang boto nila ayon sa balita, iyon mga southern part ng pilipinas visayas at mindanao eh maka gibo. galing po iyan sa isang newspapers at hindi tsimis. kung nagendorse ang INC ayon sa survey this time po ang surveys eh puro manipulated at hindi totoo…di ba mga lopa at conjuangco ang me ari niyang dalawang survey firms…ibig sabihin this time palpak ang survey dahil niloloko nila ang mga pilipino…nakakahiya ang kanilang style.

    PH ano ang comment mo doon sa nanalo sa survey? totoo kaya iyan o hindi.


    1. o sige na nga…siguro kung yung paborito nyong kandidato ang pinili ng INC malamang abot langit ang tuwa nyo (tanungin nyo yung matanda) hahahaha

      tulad ng reaksyon sa supposed pagpili ni quiboloy kay Gibo..para naman siguradong mag block voting sila (wala silang trackrecord for bloc voting) unlike sa INC, nasa doctrine nila ang pagkakaisa otherwise it is considered a sin 😉

      @Del – salamat sa endorsement kay Noynoy…isa ka sa aming mga lakas 😉
      @Mommy – babaw mo mag-isip hahaha


    1. Parang si Josh at Baby James kung magpray.

      Saw the video of Ate Koring flashing th L sign with Darleen, they were looking at the Camera, paano naging di nila alam kinukunan sila?

      Wonder what Boy Abunda’s role in Noy’s presidency will be….hmmmm
      Who will be Kuya Noy’s little president?


  4. Correction: The term “with a mandate from heaven” was part of the news article written by an Inquirer columnist. It was not a statement, or any part of a statement from the INC circular, or did it come from any INC spokesperson. Whereas other religious leaders may claim they have an access or can speak directly to God, the INC would never imply even anything near that tenor.


  5. Sir.PH and galing po talaga mga write up ninyo..ayos po sir! Nakaka-aliw na ay mag-iisip din ang naisip ko nga na siguro na may punto si Karl quote ” Die Religion… ist das Opium des Volkes ” sa nangyayari sa ngayon para ngang opiyo ang relihiyon..nalalason ang utak ng tao lalo na during the eleksiyon time. .. sana maging ok ang ating eleksiyon dahil..bukod sa atin buong mundo ay nanonood
    din at nakikibasa..GO bless us all 🙂


  6. asawa ko foreigner at telecommunications engineer…walang pasensiyang magbasa ng online local dyaryo kaya puro ang tanong sa akin kung anung nangyayari sa Pilipinas. Kinuwento ko nga yung mga updates…nang nalaman niya tungkol sa mga memory cards ay nagtaka siya kung bakit ganun nga—madali nga raw mamanipulate ang mga iyon. Hindi na rin siya nagtataka kasi yun ang mismong nangyari sa US sa elections nila lalu na during yung reelection ni Bush na puro dayaan c/0 their favorite computer supplier DieBolt ba ito? Sori, ulyanin na ako kung mali ang pangalan. Mukhang hindi tayo natuto duon…


    1. iba ang system natin. paper based tayo at gumagamit ng pcos, dun sa lugar na yun parang yung touch screen system ang gamit. sa paper based, may hope na mabulgar kung ano mang dayaan ang naganap.

      let’s just trust this election. lagi ako nakatutok sa news at interviews hingil sa elections natin at sa palagay ko wala namang dayaang magaganap sa machines. kung meron man, external na yun (vote buying o deliberate paninira sa machines). negosyo po ang smartmatic at d naman cguro nila itataya pangalan ng biz nila para sa isang pilipinas lang. mas marami pa cla clients abroad.


    1. Nice post as always, PH. You are doing everyone a service by inserting humor to this otherwise vicious election campaign. Sana ay magkaisa ang ating mga kapatid para basahin ang blog mo. Sana ay mapanaginipan ka din ni Quiboloy para mapag-pray over ang iyong blog.

      Ang aking panalangin at sana ay manalo si Lee Dewyze sa American Idol. Pwede bang magkaisa ang mga kapatid para ma-endorso si Lee? Two weeks na lang ang natitira bago mag-finals ang American Idol.


  7. The Iglesia ni Cristo has also announced its 12 picks for senator. The list includes Bong Revilla and Lito Lapid! [No need for a punch line.]
    nyahahaha kulet eh LOL ^^

    sir PH baka pwedeng pakidagdag eto para fair naman kay sir Lito Lapid:

    baka di pa sapat yan, eto pa para tablan naman ng hiya ung iba na kahit isa wala man lang nagawa, partida eto nakakulong pa at di nakakaattend ng senate meetings:

    ayan, mahiya na ang mga dapat mahiya, sino kaya ang mas nakakatawa, si noynoy o ung mga taong boboto pa rin sa kanya? ^^


    1. @checkmate,bakit ba kayo masyado affected?pabayaan nyo na mga INC wala na kayong pakelam kung sinung dalhin nila,ang asikasuhin nalang at tutukan natin kung pano mapapangalagaan yung boto natin,kakatutok nyo sa INC dina natin namalayan si Erap na lumabas sa bilangan ng palpak na comelec na yan.


  8. Ako po’y is Pinoy na naninirahan dito sa Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Bakit ang Iglesia ni Cristo ay hindi nagpapahayag ng pagsuporta kapag merong halalan dito sa Canada, maging ito’y lokal o pangkalahatan ni ang pagkakaroon ng isang boto ng kanilang mga kaanib ay wala dito sa Canada? Bakit sa Pilipinas lamang nila ito ginagawa?

    Ito’y isang patunay na ginagamit ng mga relihiyon sa ating bansa ang kanilang impluwensya at ito’y isang patunay din na sa ating bansa ay magkahalo ang simbahan at pamahalaan. Ibang klase talaga ang pulitika sa ating bansa.


    1. magresearch ka,bakit ka dito sa PH magtatanong?malay ba nya?di naman sya INC member,di lang sa canada,basta labas ng bansa di magdedeclare ang INC kung sinu iboboto,kasi konti ang INC sa ibang bansa at di nila bansa yun,mahirAP mapaginitan ng mga politicians,para din yun sa kapakanan ng mga INC sa labas ng pinas,kaya hinahayaan sila mamili,di gagawin ng INC leaders na ilagay sa alanganin yung mga kapatid nila sa labas ng pinas, gets?


  9. Guys… Please choose the RIGHT PERSON … Go.. GIBO Tayo…. GO Gibo….!!!

    Manny -> ang dami niyang Political Ad. Im sure babawiin niya lahat nang gastos pag nanalo siya maging kawawa na naman yung Bansa natin.

    Noynoy – > Noong Senator pa siya , wala nga siyang nagawang BATAS, Pano na Kung President na siya ??? Kawawa ulit Bansa natin…

    Please choose the RIGHT PERSON.


    1. and for GIBO?! matalino xa katulad ni Gloria..pero anong nangyari…huwag din tayong masyadong padala sa lambing ng salita…sa kabutihan tayo magbase..

      How sure are you that Gibo is not corrupt?

      Sabi nga: we already have so many laws here in our country…no need to add more..what’s important is its IMPLEMENTATION


  10. PH,

    Parang mas credible pa yung ginawa mong survey dito kaysa sa SWS and Pulse Asia. Tignan mo umabot sa 36% si Gibo samantalang sa latest survey ng dalawang company 9% parin even after Quiboloy’s endorsement. San ba kasi sila nag su-survey sa bahay ni Kris?

    Kung may nakakakilala po kay Kris Aquino dito paki-sabi lang po:
    Hoy kapal-kapal ng mukha mo! Ano yung pinagsasasabi mo na bayaran and hindi sincere yung mga volunteers kay Gibo?! Wag ka nga masyado feeling!!! Sa sobrang kaartehan mo di mo alam meaning ng VOLUNTEER!!! Excuse me ka! Laki na nga nagagastos ko gas pa lang para lang tumulong sa campaign ni Gibo and I do it because I believe in his platform and I don’t need him to pay me. Kung may maayos na platform ba yung kapatid mo e baka nagkaroon din sya ng mga volunteers na matatalino and maayos. Ano feeling mo ikaw lang mayaman?! Wag ka nga masaydo feeling! As if!!!

    Btw, pacheck ka narin sa doctor kasi baka kumalat na yung STD sa utak mo. There was one episode in HOUSE M.D na naapektuhan yung utak ng pasyente because of STD at baka nangyari rin sayo.


      1. kapag si noynoy ang nanalo…”the hell” na siguro ang Pinas — nabasa mo na bang gusto niya na “power sharing” sila ni Mar? Ano un, di ba niya kayang gampanan ang pagka-Pangulo? At bakit kelangan niyang magbasa ng speech niya sa mga sorties? Di ba niya kayang maging spontaneous or i-MEMORIZE man lang ang mga sasabihin niya para naman di masyadong obvious ang pagka “Abnoy” niya?


      2. @mousmous: anong problema sa power sharing, lalo na kung kapartido mo, ibang bansa nga magka iba ng partido nagkakaroon ng power sharing. sa pagbabasa ng speech, palagay ko nasa ibang bansa ka, maraming lider sa ibang bansa ang nagbabasa ng speech nila, kahapon lang nakita ko sa CNN si Gordon Brown binasa nya speech niya.

        @ darkchitcharon, naubusan ka na ng sasabihin? pati ako naging multong bading. 🙂


      1. @John: Obvious ba?! Malamang naniniwala ka sa surveys kasi uto-uto ka eh. Pansinin mo lahat ng comments mo dito. Ni-minsan di mo naexplain kung bakit ka pro-Noy. Puro pabalang ang mga sagot mo. I mean, I don’t even care if you’re rooting for him but at least be able to justify your choice.


      1. darkcheron,

        fyi, hindi talaga ako pro-Noynoy at hindi rin ako makakaboto nasa labas ako ng bansa sa nakalipas ng 20 taon-kaya wala akong dapat i-explain. ang napapansin ko lang kasi ang dami nyo dito na inis na inis kay Noynoy, Kris, Josh, Baby James at pamilya nya na pakiramdam ko eh parang hindi nyo sila itinuring na tao at kung tirahin nyo eh parang walang kayong mga kahinaan. may nabasa ka bang tinira ko ang ibang kandidato dito ng kagaya ng ginagawa nyo?


      2. Oh, pahleez, John! So now you’re only championing an underdog? Di ka pro-Noy pero you’ve been commenting on several posts na you wish him to win. As you said, you’ve been out of the country for so long and that only proves na you don’t know what’s happening here. You also said na the country is already doomed so we need someone like Noynoy. By that account alone, proves na you don’t know what you’re talking about. Could you scroll up and read again our/my posts. The first thing I commented on was about the surveys and I just reacted on Kris’ statement about us Gibo volunteers. How’s that “tumitira” about them? Btw, who started the name-calling?

        You’re asking what’s wrong with sharing 50-80% of power? Damn, are you really that friggin stupid?! Why would you put someone in office if he only intends to do 20% of the leg-work?

        Lastly, I noticed na everytime you comment, it’s almost always after an obvious Gibo supporter so hindi ba halata na you’re adding fuel to the fire? Again, let me emphasize on how easy it is to research online using Google. I suggest you read up and familiarize yourself with everything before you open your mouth or type into the computer para di obvious na shallow ka.



      3. guys, kahit nasa online community tayo, sana maging totoo pa rin sana tayo sa mga sinasabi natin, ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw sabi nga nila, kung trabaho nyo talaga ang maging ‘PR’ ng kandidato nyo online, sana naman ung mga basehan, rebuttals at kung anong comments nyo eh meron naman sanang sense or source, ok na ung magbulag-bulagan tayo sa gusto nating paniwalaan, pero sana wag naman tayo ang maging dahilan para mabulag din ang iba…


  11. I don’t believe in this SWS survey, its a strategy paid by corrupt politicians to get them to power in order to continue to loot the wealth of the Philippines for themselves, the poor becoming poorer and the rich richer and richer. Tired of traditional politicians they are self centered, hungry of power and greed.


  12. Filipino voters never learned lessons, they are so blind, they don’t use their God given wisdom to discern what is right from wrong, what are lies from truth, hypocrisy from genuine. Philippines, the only Christian nation in Asia but no. 1 in graft and corruption its ironic.


    1. Maam lorna, di naman po lahat ganun, majority lang ^^ sabi nga dati ng isang commenter we get what we deserve pero para sakin hindi naman karapat-dapat si noynoy, iniisip ko pa lang ung 0/9 bills in 12 yrs of legislative service, kahit man lang batas na magpapagawa ng hospital or school sa lugar nya di man lang nya ginawa, tapos ang commercial nya daang matuwid? ni hindi nya naiisip na ang character ng tao ay narereflect ng performance nya sa work nya, sa pinakita nya in 12 yrs, pano ako maniniwala na kaya nyang ihandle ng matino ang pilipinas? madali kasi masyado mauto ang mga pilipino ng mga pangako ng election, hindi na nila tinitignan ung mga nagawa ng mga kandidato bago ang campaign period kaya wag na po kayo magtaka maam lorna kung no.1 sa corruption at napag-iiwanan na tayo sa asia…


    1. ehehe ..garbage in garbage out kasama na iyong re-cycled matindi iyong re-cycled garbage na ipinaglihi kay McArthur..pero pinaka-matidi iyong garbage na ayaw mag-pakuha kahit oras na para itapon lalong dumadami ang basura kapag panahon ng eleksiyon..lalo na kapag nahaluan pa ito ng basura na galing sa pekeng milagro. …ewan ko ba basta boboto ako para ma-experience kung may himala kaya ang picos.. 😀


    2. ehehe ..garbage in garbage out kasama na iyong re-cycled matindi iyong re-cycled garbage na ipinaglihi kay McArthur..pero pinaka-matidi iyong garbage na ayaw mag-pakuha kahit oras na para itapon lalong dumadami ang basura kapag panahon ng eleksiyon..lalo na kapag nahaluan pa ito ng basura na galing sa mga may sapi. …ewan ko ba basta boboto ako dahil historical event itong first automated election sa ating bansa at malaman tuloy kung may himala kaya ang picos.. 😀


    3. maam lorna, tingin ko po base na din sa mga nabasa ko, hindi highest bidder si noynoy kundi highest chance of winning according to survey, INC creates the illusion that they will pick a candidate based on surveys and then pride themselves later on that they are the reason why that candidate won, and of course, great endorsements come with great appointments… they don’t care about character or integrity like when they picked erap, those are just ‘icing on the cake’ reasons…


  13. Magaling na obserbasyon po Bulakeno.lalo na at galing sa isang nakakaintindi ng teknolohiya. Ang maganda, dahil sa isang sistema na kuwestiyonnable ang quality, reliability at integrity, ay nag-bukas naman ito ng daan para magkatrabaho ang madami nating IT lalakas ang benta ng sa malamig. Pero sempers mas dami datung gumawa at nag-benta nitong systema na ito! At pag-katapos eleksiyon lalakas negosyo ng mga-babakal para sa used and defective electronic parts. Katuparan ng pangako of generating jobs por the pipol.

    At dahil nga madaming points of failure ang pcos base sa mga nalathala, hindi nakakapagtaka kung magkaroon ng aberya ang mga makina at systema during the eleksiyon.

    Wala time ang hacker to find or create an exploit, pero it does’not mean hindi hackable ito. Ang importante ay ma-protektahan ang integridad ng bawat boto ng bawat lehitimong botante, kaya nga pinili ang pcos. Pero kung gusto talagang salaulain at maiba ang resulta, ang mayroon lang kakayahan nito ay… ewan ko..hehehe pero alam ko sa simpleng windows machine kapag hindi guest user ang naka-logon kayang pagandahin ang windows desktop at gumawa at mag run ng program na gusto ..lalo na sa linux or unix kaya ay mas madaming puwedeng mainframe it must come from lang po. 🙂

    Panalangin lang po na maging matagumpay ang eleksiyon.


  14. i just read condrado quiros’s article today..
    3 days before election pa nga,
    president noynoy na ang tawg nya kay noynoy!!!

    anong klaseng mga tao b sila?
    “pag tinalo dinaya”
    .”i’m confident noy noy will win”
    parang kanila na ang pilipinas kung mag-aasta!

    can’t they just wait for the election result.
    kung sila ang manalo,fine!!!

    ngayon, sino b talaga ang uhaw sa pwesto?


    1. hayaan mo na po sir irropoi, kung ung matalino nga ganito pa nangyari sa atin, ung tamad at medyo mahina pa kaya? di nila naiisip kung ilang tao ang kokontrol sa puppet kaya ok na sa kanila ung survey saka trust, bigatin masyado ung dahilan. tignan natin kung kaya nya talagang ideliver ung sinasabi nya pag nanalo sya at tignan din natin kung ano ang mga isusulat ng mga pumupuri ngayon kay noynoy pag nagsimula na syang magkalat sa pwesto hehehehe that is kung hahayaan ni gma na masira ung mga nagawa na nya…


      1. sikreto ^^ di naman po kasi 100% sure sir john, binase ko lang po sa mga possible outcomes, dalawa po kasi ung naiisip ko (opinion lang po base sa mga nalalaman ko) na gagawin ni gma, isang passive at isang active, hanggang dyan na lang, ayoko na makialam sa history ng pilipinas, hayaan ko na lang na mangyari, last time na may sinabi ako, mas malala ang naging resulta…

        saka solve na ako sa nalaman ko ngayon… ^^


  15. ang daming IT genius dito, bakit ngayon lang kayo
    dumating 2 days before election time, you could have
    presented all your concerns sa kinauukulan upang
    masagot sana nila….

    ang tao mahirap talaga espilingin, noong una, gusto
    automated election, binigay ang hilig, ngayon, dami
    pa ring reklamo….

    si kris, nang na endorse na ni quiboloy si gilbert, biglang
    na threatened, pati kanyang cousin tinira na rin….

    bumabaha ng ads ni noynoy ang television ngayon, halos
    wala ng product advertisements, kung noong umpisa,
    pa piso-piso pa kunyari contributions dahil walang funds,
    paawa effect ba, di ba pinagbili pa ni kris kanyang bahay
    para makaambag kay kuya noy, ngayon, i’m sure, courtesy
    na ng mga negusyante, of course, waiting for payback time,
    malapit na, ilang tulog na lang….


  16. ito namang channel 7, wala daw silang kinikilingan na kandidato,
    ano kayang tawag doon sa pagiging parang spokesperson ni mike
    enriquez tungkol sa psychiatric report ni noynoy na napatunayan
    na na peke daw…

    oh come on, as simple as that? na nadeny lang ni father at ni, at ni,
    tapos na? ang problema lang kasi, nasa private hands ang records
    at hindi pwede ma dig ba….

    pero ako ay naniniwala pa rin na , pag may usok may apoy AT halos
    lahat ng tsismis ay may katotohanan…

    hahaha sigurado mag aalburuto at mag mumura na naman si ikaw,
    tomador na ano, bakit, dahil, truth hurts?

    gusto mo, lahat kakampi sa manok mo at kung hindi, ma babaw?

    ayaw mo talaga akong tantanan ha, nangungutya ka pa sa pagtawag
    ng matanda, as if, walang matanda sa pamilya mo…

    bukas, God willing, babanatan ko pa manok mo, tulog na muna ako
    at anong oras na ba…


  17. our place here has a vote-buying culture practiced for generations na yata. Many indigenous people cannot see how their lives are affected by highways and infrastructures…naglalakad pa rin sila. So, sa karamihan sa mga poorest of the poor, e ano ang mali sa pagbenta ng boto nila—dilihensiya for the day lang iyan! Yan ang loophole na ginagamit ng ibang trapo dito!


  18. Here’s one good material for a good heckling:

    Soon, Mar will be paraphrasing his famous line to “Noy, tumabi ka. Ako na. P*ny*t*!”

    This one is panalo, seryoso, no heckling, []

    Astig, right? Despite campaign pressures and his very hectic schedule, Gilberto “Gibo” Teodoro still managed to fly to the cities and provinces, piloting his own copter. There in Cavite, there was no media fanfare, just him, his supporters and a supporter’s camera to capture his personal encounter with the man.


    1. nyaa ano to? inaasahan ko na magiging puppet lang si noynoy pero bakit kailangan nya pa talagang ipaalam sa media? hmm wow mukhang may balak si noynoy na upuan lang ung presidential seat ng malacanang ah hehehe

      or maybe this is the start of the greatest trick ever pulled on the philippines…


    2. [b]“I am sharing 50 percent to 80 percent of the job with my one and only partner, Mar Roxas,[/b] and I am offering him not just one, but several portfolios in an oversight capacity,” Aquino told a news conference at which Roxas was seated beside him.

      guys, di ko alam kung ano ang pagkakainterpret nyo sa my one and only partner, pero para sakin parang masyadong sweet nyahahahaha


    3. kapag nanalo si noynoy abnoy at ang runningmate niyang si kuMar…there’ll be no luckier person than kuMar himself…he just knows how to play the game…as his pronouncement in Bandila’s interview – when asked “May plano po ba kayong tumakbo bilang presidente sa 2016?” – kuMar answered “May plano po akong manalo sa 2010 elections”…his style appears to me as more like of GMA where if Abnoy wins, he can topple him and sit as the next president, and then run again come 2016….

      God save us from this scenario….


  19. correct ka chiwee, samantala….

    hello muna to darkcheron, pekeng ipis at john…
    itong si john parang bagets pa, para bang virginal beauty pa,
    though sabi nya 20 years na raw sya sa labas, siguro mga 5
    ka pa lang, labas ka na john ano….

    checkmate, alam mo bang itong puppet issue sana ang ibanat
    ko ngayon kay tomador, para ba, inisin ko sya, kasi hinala ko
    talaga, kaya sya galit na galit na galit sa akin ay dahil sa, sa umpisa
    pa lang, sinabi ko na na magiging puppet president si noynoy…

    nasaan na kaya yon, siguro, sinamantala ang pagkakataon sa kaka
    toma dahil liquor ban na…

    hindi ko nakita news conference ni noynoy, pero ano, feeling
    president na ba talaga? yung mag dialogue lang ng ‘kailangan ko sila’
    ay nakakatindig balahibo na hahaha plus talking about power sharing
    pa, aba, mukhang kumakapal na mukha ni noynoy, hindi pa man,
    hambug na…

    o hinayhinay lang sa violent reaction mo tomador ha, huwag namang
    masyadong ano…


  20. hahahahah oks lang yan senior60, medyo bawas bawasan ko ang pang aasar sayo baka ma highblood ka nyan! LOL dont forget lipitoro or may need it bwahahahaha

    dahil sa mga katulad mo, lalong lumalakas ang supporta kay Noynoy. Ikaw ang aming Lakas bwahahahahaha

    o sya mangarap ka na lolo, wala naman masama mangarap dba???


    1. nyahaha kulet ni sir tomador ^^ mamimiss ko yung mga post na ganito, pagkatapos ng eleksyon balik na uli tayo sa kanya-kanya nating buhay, tapos a few months or more marami-rami na namang masusulat si sir PH, anyway goodluck kay noynoy bukas at pagkatapos ng eleksyon ^^ sana magpost ka pa rin dito kahit maging tampulan ng jokes si noynoy ha? hehehe


  21. Dalawang klase ang mga followers ni Galing at Talino:
    1. Yung mga nawalan na delihensya matapos ang EDSA 1–mga marcos loyalist, cronies, at mga nakapuwesto sa gobyerno noon na tumanda na ngayon pero naipasa nila ang hatred sa Aquino family down to their children and grandchildren.
    2. Yung mga taong kahapon lang nagbasa ng broadsheet (Inquirer ha,) tapos eh napogihan kay Gibo or nagandahan kay Nikki. Ayun! Si Gibo na daw ang pinakamagaling bilang presidente! Mga taong di alam ang mga importanteng issues ng kanyang pamamalakad at ng kanyang pagkatao.

    Magaling nga sya at matalino, pero asan ang kanyang conviction? Nagtatampisaw sa kabulukan ang Arroyo government pero happy pa rin sya na inilagay sya ni GMA bilang kandidato. Proud pa nga! Parang wala lang!
    Di ko rin naman sya masisisi kasi nga anak sya ng isang marcos loyalist at pamangkin ng isa sa mga nagpahirap sa bansang ito.


    1. ovalboy, eto lang masasabi ko a ‘yo: “Ang kapos sa kaalaman ay humahamak sa kapwa ngunit laging tahimik ang taong may unawa.”

      And here’s the video compilation of all of Gibos issues, platforms, debates, interviews, et al. Walang tinatago yan, pati yong mga issues na sinasampal sa kanya nandyan.


  22. @Pam: Yup, I totally agree and I appreciate you for that.

    @Ovalboy: You can’t be any “wronger” (if there’s such a word)! First of all, before you try to analyze something, you must have the sufficient data for it because you are only contradicting yourself. For your information, I come from a family with high regard for Cory and we cringe every time we hear the word MARCOS. Suffice to say that your first statement strongly implies that you’re a dumb-ass and it’s only reinforced by your second statement! You said there are 2 kinds of followers of “Galing at Talino” like you have some kind of animosity over those 2 words. In this case, however evident Gibo’s qualifications are, it would not register in your brain. About your 2nd point, you mentioned something about issues on Gibo’s service and background. Please, I urge you to do a side-by-side comparison of service and personal info of all the candidates before you even suggest that Gibo is a shady person. Unlike you, I actually did extensive research on this and have found out that of all the candidates, Gordon has the most work accomplished and is the most qualified if we are only talking about his political record. I am objective enough to acknowledge that but he won’t be getting my vote because I’m not a big fan of his temperament. Oh, and bytheway, we’re broadsheet-junkies and we don’t just look at the pictures contrary to what you are saying. I suggest you stop reading STAR because it only programs your brain to accept showbiz gossip as fact and start reading every broadsheet there is so you may get something out of ’em. I don’t know if that’s possible though but you can try.

    Here’s an idea for you: before you discuss your thoughts about Gibo and his supporters, why don’t you just write about why you are supporting your candidate and why he deserves to get the votes from the rest of the people.



    1. sir darkcheron, may napuntahan na akong forum na ang discussion ay kung ano ang accomplishment ni noynoy in public service, umabot na ng 400+ pages wala pa rin kahit isa, ang parating pinopost ng mga pro-noynoy eh ung ‘sincerity, honesty, integrity at trustworthy’ character ni noynoy, di ko alam kung saan nila ibinase tong mga dahilan nila, basta ako, manalo or matalo, gordon ako, siguradong hindi sayang boto… sarap bumalik dito pag nanalo si noynoy nyahahaha
      ano kaya mas magandang linya? “you’ve been duped!” o “i told you so” ?


    2. Kudos, darkcheron! Why don’t they all do that – write about why they are supporting their candidate and why he deserves to get the votes of people? Parang ganito eh, pagalingan na lang ng paninira sa tao. Yung mga temperamental at katulad ni Ovalboy na picture lovers syempre they’d go with the same people.


    3. Kudos, darkcheron! Why don’t they all do that – write about why they are supporting their candidate and why he deserves to get the votes of people? Parang ganito eh, pagalingan na lang ng paninira sa tao. Yung mga temperamental at katulad ni Ovalboy na picture lovers syempre they’d go with the same people.

      Kay ngekngek, ikaw ang mangingekngek pag napariwara lalo ang Pilipinas dahil sa mga idol nyo nila ovalboy, john, atbp. Mga idolo nyong maghahakot ng kayamanan at di daw kayo iiwan (magtatago lang sa saya ng iba).

      Di bale nang mabigo, at least binoto si Gibo ng mga taong di plastic at may sariling paninindigan at sabik sa TUNAY na pagbabago. God bless us all.


  23. Before I forget, para naman mabawasan ang mga tambay diyan sa Pinas, ‘yung kaibigan kong general manager dine sa Saudi ay nangangailangan ng experienced masons, gypsum board installers, welders, carpenters, heavy equipment operators, mechanics at tile setters.

    If there’s any one you know, just send passport copy and CV at Ages from 25 to 40.

    Huwag kayong mag-iisip na magkakapera ako dito, hane? Para la’ang makatulong at nang mabawasan ang mga nakatingala at nakatunganga.


    1. ngik. ang kakilala kong tambay ngayon sa aking bahay ay kakagaling lang dyan sa saudi as gypsum installer. 1,400 riyals lang ang pasuweldo. no overtime. kanila ang pagkain. after two years, eto at sa pag-uwi nya, sa qatar na lang papasok at 450 USD ang bigayan.

      sana’y okay ang offer dyan para di naman matulad sa kakilala ko.


      1. chiwee,

        Baka establishment lang ang napasukan nung kilala mo.

        Kompanya ito. Kilala ko ang general manager at merong overtime. Free food and accommodation. Transportation provided.

        Kahit hindi kalakihan ang offer, magsipag lang, in a short span of time, hindi madamot magbigay ng increment ang project management.


      2. company daw ang pinasukan. Al-Sheraa Air-conditioning. Ang agency nya dito ay GFI. ang work nya pala ay duct installer.

        he went home feeling very bad on his two years there. one week pa lang na dumating, nag-apply agad pabalik pero ayaw na ng saudi. sabi ko kasi sa kanya, ayan, hindi lahat ng nag-aabroad ay nagtatagumpay. kadaming trabaho sa pilipinas. okay naman sahod nya rito noon. ewan ko ba.

        kaya eto, pinapa-extra extra ko sa mga sites ko para mey panggastos kahit papano sa medical at pamasahe nya. paalis na in two-weeks’ time. hopefully, mapunta siya sa mabuti sa qatar.


  24. ngek ngekngek, bakit ngayon ka lang dumating
    kung kailan ceasefire na…

    pero maka huling hirit pa nga, kasi akala natin mga
    walang kasinungalingan sa katawan itong sina noynoy
    at kris, uuyy meron din pala, am referring to their
    endorsement of riza hontiveros, sabi pa ni kris ‘sabi
    ng mom ko….’, sabi din ni noynoy ‘ sabi ng nanay ko….,
    aba, malay ba naman ni cory na aabot pala sila sa puntong
    ito na mag eendorso, sinungaling nyo ha…

    at para sa akin, it is more honorable for gilbert to lose
    because of arroyo than for noynoy to win just because of
    his parents, may self-fulfillment kaya syang madarama?

    bakit anonymous ka na, kinahiya mo na si tomador?
    uulitin ko lang at baka hindi mo namalayan, nasabi ko
    na noon na at 65 i am still very alive and kicking, with
    His grace, i am not yet into maintenance of any kind or
    else i will not be here…

    ok ok good luck gilbert, good luck philippines!!!


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