FIRST GENTLEMAN MIKE ARROYO, who was released from the hospital last week, gets a couple of good news today. One, he is now allowed to go out for a walk, and two, Prospero Nograles is now supporting Manny Villar.

Leaving Lakas?
House Speaker Prospero Nograles, Lakas vice chairman, has thrown his support behind Nacionalista Party’s Manny Villar. It took some time before Nograles made a decision. So when he discovered that his heart was really for the NP leader, he ran around the hotel naked shouting Villar’s name.

Prospero Nograles has reportedly bolted Lakas and is now supporting the presidential bid of Manny Villar. But Nograles’ decision did not shock Lakas standard-bearer Gilbert Teodoro. In fact, Gibô was more surprised by the reported death of veteran comedian Palito saying, “Buhay pa pala siya?!?”

All-Time Low
The Social Weather Stations says President Arroyo’s net satisfaction rating is down to –53 percent, an all-time low. Because of the “F” or failing grade she received from Filipinos, Mrs. Arroyo says she’s more than willing to repeat.

Poland in Mourning
Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria, and dozens of political, military, and religious leaders of Poland were killed in a plane crash last Sunday. Unverified reports say, before the plane crashed, it was flying too low. Yeah, it was flying too low that it almost collided with President Arroyo’s satisfaction rating.

Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his wife, and dozens of political, military, and religious leaders of Poland were killed in a plane crash last Sunday. Tsk… tsk… tsk. Napag-iiwanan na talaga ang Pilipinas!

MVP Stays
The Ateneo De Manila University Board of Trustees has decided to reject the resignation of its chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan. Consequently, the board announced that the university is adopting a new slogan. From “Lux Domino” (Light in the Lord), the new slogan will be, “Plagiarius est non bonus tamen nos postulo viaticus” (Plagiarism is not good but we need cash).

LP vs. NP
Sen. Manny Villar has challenged Sen. Noynoy Aquino to undergo a psychiatric test. Felt slighted by the challenge, Noynoy told Villar, “Magpapa-psychiatric test lang ako kung mamamatay ka muna dahil walang pampagamot.”

“It all comes down to serving the ones who are fighting alongside you, watching your back, putting a weapon in your hand when you need it most.”
~James Luceno

Survey Says
Sino ang dapat sisihin sa nangyayaring batuhan ng putik sa kampanya?
Partido Liberal ni NOYNOY 14%
Partido Nacionalista ni VILLAR 24%
Pareho sila! Punyeta! 62%

We have a new survey. Please vote now.

Today is April 13
On this date in…

1997: Tiger Woods becomes the youngest golfer to win The Masters Tournament at 21. He celebrates the victory by having sex with 21 women.

1977: Elvis Presley’s “All Shook Up” is released… instantly becoming a hit among members of Lakas-CMD-Kampi.

1880: At the Ateneo De Manila, Dr. Jose Rizal writes the allegory titled Consejo de los Dioses (Council of the Gods) and wins a prize. Rizal relinquished the prize a week later after admitting that portions of his work were plagiarized.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Have you received your latest Meralco billing statement? Punyeta! Manny Pangilinan, maldita ka! Ano ‘tong ginawa mo?!? Ang laki ng babayarin namin!%3%@7#*&)


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  1. tsk tsk tsk so much for being touted as “magaling at matalino”, its hard really to believe such branding if your own political party who you initially lead as being the party chairman fails to get the machinery going as expected. Tapos Gibo ends up resigning as party president/chairman to “focus on the campaign”, so when the tough gets going he “abandons” the post tsk tsk tsk. So if Gibo is really that good as advertised, why can’t he even fix or set his troops in formation in his own “house”? What more for a nation???

    Noynoy, Bilyar and Erap…yan ang siguradong magla-laban laban sa pagka presidente..the rest…palamuti na lang LOL


    1. haha oh dear, Gibo is a strategist and a tactician, surrounded by people who are also strategists and tacticians like him.

      Of course, all we can do is speculate if we don’t want to believe his published reason; but then if you have read and internalized Sun Tzu’s Art of War, then you will somewhat understand why he did such thing. 😉


      1. ah ok so therefore the strategy is to leave the chairman/steward role of LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD and let the members fend for themselves and be eaten alive by the competition or support other presidential candidates while he “focuses on his campaign”. So that is the strategy….a selfish strategy at that!

        what matters most in an intense campaign like this is what is happening in the ground not what is theorized in a book.

        sorry but I am not really familiar with the book of Sun Tzu’s Art of War, could you verify if it includes the concept of abandoning your team?


      2. lol bukod sa gloria repeat joke dito ako natawa masyado ^^
        eh ang strategist lang sa kanila eh si gloria, gibo is just a puppet, ang dami-daming ‘mas sikat’ (pichay/recto lol) at mas magaling (juan flavier/bayani fernando) kay gibo sa lakas-cmd pero bakit sya ang pinili ni gma? kasi nga di ramdam, no chance of harvesting a significant number of votes, nalaman ko lang na sya pala ang may hawak sa ndcc nung nagpacommercial sya eh, kaya sya umalis sa pagiging chairman kasi di nya kaya, therefore di sya magaling at di sya matalino.
        di man lang nya maunahan at mapigilan ung pagkawala ng suporta sa kanya tapos tinatawag mo syang strategist/tactician lol hahahaha ^^


      3. haha mukhang mahabang usapan to. Kaso lang di nyo nabasa ang book, thus saps my energy to discuss. BTW, the book’s contents are not theories, they’re facts, based on history as to how battles were fought and won.

        And let’s not question the obvious. Gibo’s galing and talino, his stellar achievements are on records. His platforms of government are on his website and oft-spoken in his interviews and speeches. Same goes with Villar. Let’s not question his Sipag and Tiyaga cuz it shows. And that of Noy’s Ma and Pa as well. 😉

        Anyway, no further comment from my end. Ika nga sa Proverbs 11:12 “A man who lacks judgment derides(offends) his neighbor, but a man of understanding holds his tongue.” 😉 So I’m holding my tounge to make balik the fun of Mr PH’s site. 😉


  2. Have you received your latest Meralco billing? Punyeta! Manny Pangilinan, maldita ka! Ano ‘tong ginawa mo?!? Ang laki ng babayarin namin!%3%@7#*&)

    – LOL and angry at the same time. Hindi ba dapat ito ang pinag uusapan ng bansa ngayon at hindi kung abnoy si noynoy or sinungaling si Villar?? Pera ba ang sinusunog ng Meralco sa power plants para makagawa ng kuryente? Hindi naman nadadagdagan ang serbisyo ng punyetang Meralco na yan eh bakit ako magbabayad ng mas malaki? Nagtitipid na nga kami sa pag konsumo tapos pinipilit nyo pa din kaming mahuthutan?? Kasalanan ba namin mawalan ng ulan para sa mga punyetang dam nyo? Hari-nawa talaga ay ikamatay nyo ang lahat ng perang nakukurakot nyo sa amin! Mamamatay din kayo mga hindot kayo! Pesteng Meralco pahirap sa Pilipino!


  3. tomador

    huwag ka ng magpakaplastic, alam natin na kaya hindi
    maka habol sa surveys si gilbert ay sa kadahilanan na
    administration candidate siya kaya kahit ano pang galing
    at talino nya at kahit ano pang makinarya ang paandarin,
    walang mangyayari…

    nakakalungkot talaga na ang pagbabasihan sa election ay
    hindi kakayahan na should have been because we are electing
    a president of our land and yet what do are about to get….

    si noynoy to lead our nation? maryosep…

    * si noynoy na isang irresponsabling tao? na at age 50 cannot
    even manage a family and yet will manage a whole nation?

    * si noynoy na physically and mentally weak?

    * si noynoy na inuumaga sa paglalaro ng games sa internet?

    * si noynoy na, hindi na nahiya, lamang sa surveys dahil lang
    sa pangalan ng mga magulang at ni kris at pati na rin ni james?

    * si noynoy na mula umpisa hanggang i’m sure sa dulo, palagi
    na lang kurapsyon, kurapsyon, wala na bang ibang plano?

    * si noynoy na hindi naka solve sa hacienda problem, kaya to make
    it short, ipamigay na raw nya soon, how about kung mamalasin
    pa ng kunti at matalo, bokya na naman mga laborers…

    how about this one, a vote for noynoy is a vote for the whole
    liberal party that for so long a time had been wanting to get to the
    presidency and that’s why, even though they know that noynoy is
    not qualified, the heck…

    kaya pagdating ng panahon, si noynoy will just be a decoration
    because the trapos are more knowledgeable, robot ang bagsak


    1. spoken like a true trumpet of NP’s black propaganda. Its sad that politics has to denigrate to this level. For all the perceived faults of the LP party, at least they do not have the gall to build their campaign on a deck of lies.

      Which really is quite the opposite of what NP is doing. Villar being once poor is now revealed as only a fairytale. The part about his brother dying due to lack of medicine, once again debunked. We already have one heck of a lying president. We don’t need another one.


    2. senior60 – ang puso mo! LOL kaya hindi mananalo si Gibo kasi wala syang ka-amor amor sa voting population. tsaka kung magaling talaga sya as advertised bakit hindi nya kayang ayusin ang problema ng LAKAS KAMPI CMD? O ano dahil kasalanan ni Noynoy? LOL

      yan ay hindi pagigiging plastic..ito ay pagiging maka-totohanan! truth hurts noh?

      Ang tanong dyan ay ganito, kung ang isang political party (LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD) kung saan sya dating chairman ay bigla nyang iniwanan sa ere para “mag concentrate sa campaign”. Hindi nya kayang ayusin ang problema ng grupo nya paano na kaya ang problema ng bansa? Yan ang fundamental question ngayon. Kaya di na kayo magugulat kung ilalaglag na sya ng husto ng LAKAS-CMD.

      Oo nga magaling ka magsalita, bar topnotcher may mga naipasang mga batas pero yung mga problema kung saan dapat mas malaki ang impact sa bayan at sa pananaw ng ibang tao hindi nya kayang tugunan!

      Ako naniniwala akong may track record si Gibo….track record sa pag iwan sa ere LOL

      – iniwan sa ere si Danding Cojuangco matapos syang alagaan ng husto at supportahan
      – iniwan sa ere ang political party at nag resign bilang party chairman kasi hindi nya kayang ayusin ang problema nila internally.

      ngayon sabihin mo saken, paano mananalo si Gibo kung hindi sya kapani-paniwalaang hindi nya iiwan sa ere ang taong bayan? aber???? LOL

      bago ka sumagot, inom ka muna ng lipitor 😉


      1. wow, you really think danding’s a saint? na di dapat iniiwan? hehe mabuti nga yun eh, hindi tumatanaw ng utang na loob galing sa isang negosyanteng may intensyon iba na ikakabuti ng mga negosyo nya..

        hmmm matanong ko lang sino ba ang chairman ng LP? si noynoy ba? ng NP? si villar ba?— wala lang, nagtatanong lang..

        wala ba talagang ka amor2x sa voting population huh? u sure???? u really are sure??? o false asia lang batayan mo? and the biased media.. hmmmm

        peace peace 😀


  4. Senior60 — naku gasgas na yang mga pintas mo kay Noynoy at la na kaming tyagang sagutin pa iyan isa-isa dito (refer na lang to other internet fora where your points have been fully addressed) basta ang alam namin habang nilulubog si Noynoy ng mga detractors niya, lalo lang siyang di matinag-tinag sa No. 1. Maybe his detractors should try some other strategy, kaya lang baka wala na ring time kasi 25 short days na lang yata election na. Pero tama ka, di na talaga aangat yang bata mo kasi may albatross sa ibabaw niya, noh? Kaya accept na lang the things you can’t change at ng di ka ma-stress, ha-ha-ha!


  5. john, don’t worry, at 65 , ok na ok puso ko, or else
    hindi na ako nag popost dito hahaha

    religiousboy, alam ko gasgas na mga pinagsasabi ko tungkol
    kay noynoy kaya lang kailangan talaga sya ulit-ulitin in its
    simpliest form of presentation at isaksak sa baga para baka
    sakali lang mahimasmasan kayong mga maka noynoy at
    masambit sa inyong mga sarili na , oo nga ano, hindi pala
    presidente ng pta or religious organization ang tinatakbuhan
    ni noynoy….

    at ngayon nga, may bago na namang isyu, sige na, gasgas
    ulit, pero kailangan pag-usapan, pero huwag na nga lang din,
    dahil, kahit pa true ang psychiatric record, who cares, hindi ba?
    basta, hindi na matitinag sa no. 1…

    by the way, 100% na ba, na pag no.1 sa survey, tiyak na panalo?

    si kris daw kasi, nag pa sew na ng kanyang susuotin sa
    inauguration ceremony …

    at kanina lang, sa isang rally, sinabi ni kris na sa next election daw
    tatakbo si james the father pagka governor sa bayan ni james,
    siguro pagka susunod ulit na election, si james the son naman
    tatakbo pagka councilor…

    ang saya saya siguro ni ninoy at cory kung saan man sila naruruon


  6. the same logic as

    d porke’t political savvy ka, magaling kang sumagot sa mga tanong sa debate ay hindi kasiguraduhan ng magiging successful ang pagmamando mo ng gobyerno LOL

    at the end of the day kaya mo bang tanggapin kung matatalo ang manok mo? para saken ganun talaga ang buhay as if may choice diba?

    kesa kung magsalita tayo akala natin magugunaw na ang mundo kung si Noynoy ang mananalo, ang mga ganyang pag iisip ay pa-urong


    1. @TOMADOR: Di ba mas “paurong” if the only reason we can think of why Gibo left is because he’s a turncoat. I’m sorry but I don’t think everything is as clear cut as you think. Well, if it is, then I suppose we can accept everything as fact and lets all be done with this whole election thing and just vote for, say Nicanor Perlas or even JC De Los Reyes. After all, they seem to have less controversy compared to the other candidates, right? Hell no! It doesn’t work that way. Let’s not shoot down any other possibility just because what’s on the surface is what is convenient for us -and in this case, most convenient for our candidate. In the end, it should all boil down to the platform of your candidate. Have you read each candidate’s platform yet? Last time I checked, I haven’t seen anything on Noynoy’s platform that is worth my vote. Mind you I’m trying to be objective here and sticking to the facts because it’s what we all should do. Hell, it’s our responsibility. Why don’t we disregard everything that we know about a candidate for a second and stick with the facts. Disregard the connection in showbiz. Disregard family/lineage. Disregard political party. Disregard any other shit that we’ve been hearing through the media. Now tell me. What does your candidate have to offer? I have read the platform of Noynoy and I’m sorry but it seems as though everything is based on hate and revenge. There really isn’t anything about what to do right after. Ang hirap kasi sating mga Pinoy, akala natin foolproof yung “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Ang lumalabas nyan sinabi lang ng isang kandidato na galit sya sa mga galit natin tayo naman namamalakpak mga tenga sa tuwa akala natin galing na sya sa langit. I guess we should also ask ourselves if the only reason why these candidates are saying these things is because they know it’s what we want to hear. Seriously, do they have any plans for us?

      Ilang araw na lang election na. If you still don’t know why you’re voting for someone and kaya ka lang na-e-engganyo bumoto e dahil maganda tignan sa tv yung tao or dahil magaling at mabait yung mga magulang nya dati or dahil nakakaawa sya tignan e I suggest na magresearch muna tayo dahil hindi biro ‘to. Mamaya mo dyan pupunta na naman kayo sa EDSA pag kinalabasan nyan di nyo pala sya gusto. Kasalanan natin yan dahil sya ang binoto! Wag na natin ulitin yung mga pagkakamali. Bumoto tayo dati dahil sa puso. Ngayon naman baka pwede gamitin din natin yung utak.


      1. As far as NPC and the rest of us are concerned, yes he is a turncoat. As far as being or used to be the chairman of LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD then leaving its members in the cold…. tawaga dun abandonment. O malinaw diba? Ano kaya ang pa-urong dun e totoo naman? LOL

        A platform of a candidate is as good as a promise of a cheating husband…. but I digress. Diba’t nung nanalo nun si GMA (cheated or not) was because she was the ideal candidate then coz she had the skills, experience and whatnot? Kung puso ang ginamit ng tao malamang panalo si FPJ.

        And please don’t go back to 1986 because that was a time when our nation had a totaly different circumstance which is way way different today…yan sana gamitin natin ang UTAK natin para makita yung DIFFERENCE! LOL

        Now humor me please, in spite of all of the supposed accomplishments of Gibo how can I trust him that in times of need that he will not abandon the nation? When in fact he did that to NPC and eventually the leadership of LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD? As a party chairman Gibo should have rallied the members into a robust and well oiled political machinery but what did he do? Instead of fixing their internal problems he resigned as party chairman to focus on his campaign. Now someone said that it was a strategy (supposedly) but it backfired, how? GMA came out of her hole and basically ENDORSED GIBO which senior60 keeps on insisting as the kiss of death. Where is galing and talino in that?

        You don’t have to be an expert to understand that an individual’s capacity to lead is not based on what is in his resume but how he can rally a group or a team to pursue a particular objective. Trust should be the most noteable characteristic because as you remember we trusted GMA, we trusted Marcos…some even trusted ERAP…nuff said.

        Now Noynoy, he aint perfect and so are the rest of the candidates but what’s going for him is not because he has a popular sister named Kris, not because he is a son of a national hero and a former president its because the people who support Noynoy TRUST him. Before we all go down to limbo land, let me remind you that a President does not actually run the nation all by himself it actually takes a lot of people to do it. And before you drop a bomb of a statement that Noynoy can’t make his own decision, think again 😉

        And last but not the least, I don’t trust Villar 😉

        Now you choose Villaroyo or Noynoy? (For the Gibo supporters Go ahead vote for him, manok nyo yan eh)

        Be objective all you want but I would also recommend be both objective and REALISTIC at the same time. Idealism does not work at this point in time because idealism would end you up either in the mountains fighting against the government troops or a soldier participating in a coup attempt.


  7. Dapat cgurong ibunyag ng ABS-CBN ang source nila with regards sa alleged psychiatric test ni noynoy. ABS is obviously supporting noynoy as you can seen in their reports. All the good things has been said about noynoy but with other candidates the opposite, nakakahalata na ang pag rereport ng ABS even willy revilame discloses the issue on how unfair the ABS reports.


  8. tomador

    believe it or not, but better believe na lang para madali,
    hindi ko kilala si lipitor, si pharmaton, yun lang kilala ko…

    at way way back, sinabi ko na na KAHIT SINO mananalo,
    siya na ang dapat suportahan, huwag na tayong oppose
    ng oppose, kaya, yan ha, hindi pa pa-urong pag-iisip ko..

    meanwhile, uulitin ko lang, bahala na kayo sa buhay ninyo
    kung hindi kayo sasang-ayon sa paniniwala ko, na kaya
    hindi mananalo si gilbert ay dahil sa gasgas na na KISS OF
    DEATH ni arroyo at wala ng iba pang kadahilanan ….

    at dito hindi nagamit ni gilbert ang kanyang galing at talino,
    na ang voting population will not vote for the most qualified
    but for the moneyed and for someone who has the most
    popular parents and sibling….

    isa pa itong mahirap isolve, ang problema sa partido, ay naku,
    sabi nga, oras na ng balimbangan…

    ang nakakatuwa kina noynoy, kapag may taga lakas na pupunta
    sa kanila, welcome na welcome, pero kapag napunta kay villar,
    villarroyo ang bansag…

    at sa tingin ko, kapag natalo si noynoy, parang magkaroon ng
    edsa 3, wala lang, para magkaroon ulit ng mob at para dumami
    number of responses ni mister heckler hahaha


  9. Senior60 at iba pang kontra Noynoy — I have nothing against Gibo. Actually I worked for many years in a company where his late dad used to head and I know the superb work ethics and breeding of his family personally. Oops, hanggang diyan na lang ako.

    Pero eto na lang: We all know the shenanigans and corruption the present administration has bequeathed this nation. At basang basa din natin ang dahilan why GMA will fight tooth and nail to stay in power. Ngayon, kung sang-ayon kayo so far, ang tanong, sino sa mga presidentiables ang hahabol sa mga aliwaswas na pinaggagawa ni GMA? I can only think of Erap, Gordon, Noynoy, Perlas, JC, and yes, perhaps Gibo — but DEFINITELY NOT VILLAR. Obvious naman no? Ngayon, sino sa mga binanggit ko ang pwedeng gumanap ng role na yan? Syempre yung may tsansang manalo at wala ng iba pa kundi si Noynoy yun! That’s the simplest way I can demonstrate how we can at least obtain justice and why we should vote for Noynoy. At wag na wag mong lalang-langin ang plataporma ng against corruption. Napakalaking bagay niyan! Pera nating mga taxpayers lahat yan, na kung nalagay sa dapat kalagyan, mababawasan ang ating kahirapan at aandar ng wasto ang gobyerno. Then, susunod na ang lahat-lahat ng plataporma na iba pa na nangangailan ng pera — on education, health, salary standardization, CARP, etc. etc. Dapat muna may perang pagkukunan nyan. Yung matitipid pag walang corruption, sobra-sobra pa yan, I tell you. Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan? Automatic yan!

    Madagdag ko lang Senior60 – di naman porke’t walang asawa at age 50 ay iresponsable na. I have many uncles (na hindi naman bading ha?) na talagang “not the marrying type” lang. Pero ang daming scholars na pina-aral niya sa pamilya namin. That’s hardly being irresponsible. God bless their souls. At yung mga pare? Iresponsable din ba sila kasi wala silang pamilya? Isa pa, wala akong nakikitang masama mag-defer sa parents lalo pa’t mga dakila ang parents mo. If you want them to guide you or draw inspiration from them in your plans, political or otherwise, what’s wrong with that? Ang masama, yung mag-defer ka sa parents mo na alam naman ng lahat na kriminal or kurakot. And lastly, yun naman tungkol sa susuotin na ipagagawa ni Kris for “inauguration” or political plans of her husband, naku, wag na natin munang isipin yang mga yan. Masyado na yang peripheral at irrelevant at this point. Yun lang!


    1. tama ka dyan chong, kaya di ko na nga pinatulan yung at the age of 50 di pa kasal or yung isusuoot nya na gagawin ni Kris kasi ang babaw! LOL tumatandang pa-urong…maybe

      O ayan si Gibo magaling at matalino…he headed the NDCC kesyo meron daw disaster preparedness whatever daw syang pinangunahan tapos BANG! dumating si ONDOY lubog ang Metro Manila ano resulta? 6 rubber boats! Ampotang NDCC yan! Ang galing galing noh??? tapos magpapa presscon na everything is under control daw! LOL yan ang nakaktawang nakaka inis!

      If that is what you call LEADERSHIP then i dont know what it is.

      DND chief nga, may nagawa naman na maganda pero kung totoo talaga yan bakit ang daming nakalusot na bala at armas at naipon sa mga warlords specifically kay ampatuan…nak ng tokwa nakalagay pa DND ARSENAL or something to that effect. So kaninong accountability ba dapat yun? Sino ba dapat ang nagsisiguradong accounted for lahat ang assets ng military? Who should have lead the DND to ensure loyalty amongst its ranks??? baka naman sabihin nyo si Noynoy! LOL


      1. Disaster management including preparedness is a mandate of the local government per the Local Government Code. NDCC is a coordinating council not an implementing agency. Armed warlords has been with us since after the war. The Ampatuans have been armed since the heyday of the Maguindano Sultante


      2. sir paul, excuses ulit este excuse me lang po, lubog pa rin po ang metro kahit coordinating council lang ang ndcc, meaning di effective ang galing at talino ni gibo to coordinate local governments before/during/after the disaster… wait parang may pattern, di effective/coordinate/disaster tapos yung nangyayari ngayon…

        regarding ninoy, bow down kami ng nanay ko sa kanya, ung nanay ko kasi laging kasama sa mga rally nung panahon ni marcos, muntik na syang mahuli nun gawa nung tear gas sa mendiola buti na lang may mga nakakuha sa kanyang mga doctor pero kay cory di kami masyadong bilib kasi sa panahon nya umiral pa rin ang kamag-anak system, less violent?/strict and different surname marcos era plus ung flip/flop nya sa hello garci tape nung nataon ung luisita massacre… i’m also considering noynoy as president kaso with the way he acts mas katulad sya ng nanay nya kesa sa tatay nya na matalino, may paninindigan at di natatakot ipaglaban ang tama, noynoy goes with the flow, dependent of other people, pabago-bago ang isip nya tapos hindi rin sya masyadong ramdam kung di pa namatay si cory… sabihin na nating ok ang mga aquino pero pano ang mga cojuanco? with gma in congress and a bunch of cojuancos around he’ll be the next puppet president… i’m only waiting for clues on how gma & co. will pressure noynoy, that is if they let him win, do you still remember the bong revilla audio scandal where he blatantly bragged on how they will cheat on election because they got the current admin on their backs? si erap naman gusto lang gumanti nun kay gma, wala rin mararating pilipinas dun, villar masyadong shady, easy mode ni arroyo to parliament system… sa tingin ko stick na lang ako kay gordon, can do attitude, self-made man, plus gusto ko ung plataporma nya ng transparency, ung tipong lahat ng deal ng govt. malalaman ng bayan, sa vp si bayani na lang kesa kay binay, mar at loren kasi sa kanilang apat mas ramdam ung mga ginawa ni bayani sa metro manila, kahit kulay pink at least merong urinals, waiting shed, yellow lane scheme yun nga lang parehas sila ng mata ni marcos, dictator type. kahit matalo sila AT LEAST DI KO SINAYANG ang boto ko.


      3. Metro Manila experienced extreme flooding not only due to 40 year rainfall but mainly due to bad land use and waste management. There used to be 98 creeks (serving as natural storm drainage) in MM in 1980 but less than 30 remained. The open areas serving to take recharge is now less than 15% while the ideal is 60%. More than 15% of the garbage find their way to water bodies.


      4. Land use, waste management and to a certain extent flood control are mainly functions of the local government. If the local government mismanaged these concerns in the past 50 years, the NDCC can only do so much. Thats the reason why the Fernandos apologized to the people of Marikina for the damage that Ondoy brought.


      5. sir paul bale ganun nga ka-useless ang ndcc kasi in the end local govt pa rin ang may kasalanan, eh kung ganun pala bakit sa blog site na nag-eendorse kay gibo, nanumbat pa sya na kung di dahil sa ndcc mas malala pa mangyayari sa metro manila? syangapala sir paul, napanood ko ung Kandidato interview ni gibo, nung nabanggit ung loyalty at kung iimbestigahan nya ung mga ginawa ni gloria na katiwalian, nagsimula na syang mag-stutter, indicating fear, nervousness and cowardice. pagkatapos ng paghuhugas kamay nya, may sinabi syang kapag daw hinabol nya yun, masisira ang political career nya. nasaan ang galing at talino nya? di nya kayang i-angat ang sarili nya ng sya lang? dependent sya kay gloria? di mo na kailangan sir sagutin, obvious naman ang galing at talino nya di ba? hanggang dun na lang…


      6. I do not know Gibo so I cannot speak for him. But the NDCC’s role as per its mandate is like that of air traffic controller. It coordinates among the planes in the air and between the planes and ground condition. If the planes are in less than flying condition or the pilots are less skilled as needed or the airport is ill-maintained, it cannot do much.


  10. @Senior60 – Mawalang galang na po amang pero may blog site po ba kayo? Napansin ko lang po na mas marami pa yung comments ninyo kesa sa write-ups ni PH ah?! With regards to your “COCK” Gibo, sisihin mo na kami at buong sambayanan kung hindi sya manalo. Sisihin mo na kami kung mapariwara ang inang bayan dahil iba ang nanalo pero sabi mo nga, suportahan pa din kung sino ang mananalo. Kahit abnoy pa yan, kesyo sinungaling pa yan, kesyo malapit ng mamatay yan, suporta na lang. Tulungan syang mag angat ng ekonomiya, tuligsain pag nagkakamali, ipaalala ang kanyang utang sa mamamayan.

    – At this very crucial moment, lahat tayo ay siguradong may kanya kanyang napiling kandidato na. Stick to who you want. Yan naman ang definition ng election. Pag nanalo ang manok mo, eh di maganda. Mas mataas ang hopes and reasons to support the new administration. At pag natalo sya, so be it. Tanggapin na lang na karamihan ng pinoy eh hindi gaya mo mag isip (wag lang dadayain ang halalan). Pagkatapos naman ng election na ito, babalik pa din tayo sa ating kanya kanyang trabaho at magbibigay ng kumento sa jokes ni PH. Tama po ba?


  11. worried pinoy

    bakit mo naman ako nalecturan na yan naman ang ibig
    kong sabihin, pinahaba mo lang…

    pero dito hindi ka tama, alangan namang mas marami
    write-ups ni mister heckler kesa sa mga comments, ito
    nga ang nagbigay buhay sa blog di ba, kaya ikaw, huwag
    kang lulubog-lilitaw, come regularly…


    hindi na nakakatuwa yang pa-urong mo ha, ano gusto mo,
    purihin ko si noynoy para pasulong naman?

    ano ngayon tawag mo sa pag-iisip mo, na sa sobrang katalinuhan
    mo, mas binigyan pansin mo pa ang tungkol sa sinabi ko sa
    susuutin ni kris na ang mas importante doon ay ang tanong ko
    kung 100% sure ba ang surveys, at natuwa ka pa kay rboy ha…


    1. @Senior60 – Nami-miss mo ko no? hehehe. FYI amang, it doesn’t necessarily mean that if I dont have a comment eh hindi ko na po binabasa regularly ang blog site na ito. Nagkakamali po kayo amang. At hindi po ibig sabihin na pag nag comment ka eh nagbabasa rin kayo ng comments ng iba, lalo na kung puro pag-pupuri sa kanyang manok at pag tuligsa sa iba ang mababasa. Nakakasawa na kase ang ganung comments. Paulit-ulit. Di po ba?


  12. worried pinoy, with your permission, my pahabol pa
    ako kay tomador…

    tomador, bakit nga pala si gilbert ang binabanatan mo,
    obvious naman na hindi na siguro sya mananalo (pero
    vote ko sa kanya pa rin, hindi ko ibibigay sa iba, hindi
    katulad sa karamihan na kung sino nangunguna sa survey
    doon din sila ) si villar banatan mo, hala ka, baka matalo
    pa si noynoy, mahirap na, magkagulo na naman sa daan..

    but good luck, try very hard because the issue in the street
    now is between one who is lying and one who has psychiatric


  13. Whoever wins this election…we all hope that it will bring the change we are looking for.
    Ang sa akin lang, wag natin iasa sa mga hinayupak na pulitiko ang pamamalakad ng bansa…Our duty does not end on the election day.
    Ikanga ni kuya Kim, maging mapagmatyag…mapanuri…yun na!


  14. worried pinoy

    tama ka, na mimiss nga kita pag hindi ka nagpakita,
    at bakit naman hindi, isa ka sa mga una kong nakilala
    dito at pinapayuhan na huwag kang palaging worried…

    pero hindi ako naniniwala na hindi ka nagbababasa sa
    posts ko dahil alam mo na pabalikbalik na mga posts
    ko, ang reason dito ay dahil sa kulelat bet ko kaya
    kailangan may magtatanggol para hindi lalo kaawaawa..

    ngayon, payo ko sa iyo, para hindi ka na magsawa, skip
    mo posts ko dahil sisiguraduhin ko sa iyo gagawin ko pa
    rin yun hahaha hanggang hindi pa nasuot ni kris kanyang
    gown, o ano, pa-urong na naman, ay mali, dialogue pala
    ito ni tomador, sorry…


    oo nga, at ang rumor na yan ay galing sa lp dahil kay noynoy
    daw nakipag-usap, nakkuuu pag nagkataon, makatikim sya
    ng maraming maraming kurot, kaya harinawa hindi totoo…


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