Today is April 5th
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2348 BC: Noah’s ark nestled on the 17,000-ft high Mount Ararat… prompting Noah’s hysterical relatives to ask: “How in hell do you intend to get us safely out of here?”

1895: Oscar Wilde loses his criminal libel case against the Marquess of Queensberry, who’d accused the writer of homosexual practices. The legal setback did not dampen Wilde’s spirit. That same night, he partied with Tim Yap, Raymond Gutierrez, JM Rodriguez, and others at Encore (formerly Embassy).

1930: Mahatma Ghandi defies British law by making salt in India. Britain declares it a sin.

1947: Gloria Macapagal is born. Just so you know, Baby Gloria was an “overdue” baby having stayed for an extended term inside her mother’s womb.

1964: US General Douglas MacArthur dies at 84. Scared relatives later bared that his last words were “I shall return.”

2006: Katie Couric announces she’s leaving NBC’s “Today” show to become anchor of “The CBS Evening News.” She then revealed that TV5 offered her to co-anchor its primetime newscast with Paolo Bediones. Couric had to decline though saying, “Novaliches is too far for me.”

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Briefly Noted
After scouring the pages of The Philippine Star today, April 5, 2010, I noticed that the paper opted to “kill” the Manny V. Pangilinan plagiarism controversy. What’s the slogan again of The Philippine Star? Is it ‘Truth shall prevail’ or ‘Fear shall prevail?’ Is MVP’s Mediaquest Holdings still in talks to acquire the Belmonte-owned broadsheet?

Pacquiao, Carolla, and Comedy
Some people have been asking me to comment on the anti-Pacquiao rant of American comedian Adam Carolla. But then again, how can I denounce Carolla’s bashing of Manny when fellow Filipinos like Vice Ganda enjoys mocking Pacquiao and his family? Here’s the video.

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  1. “Some people have been asking me to comment on the anti-Pacquiao rant of American comedian Adam Carolla. But then again, how can I denounce Carolla’s bashing of Manny when fellow Filipinos like Vice Ganda enjoys mocking Pacquiao and his family? ”

    Wow, for someone as smart as you, I can’t believe you can’t see the difference between Vice Ganda making fun of Pacquiao and this Carolla guy insulting Pacquiao AND the Filipinos.

    Vice Ganda is a fellow Filipino. Now, why would that give him the right to make fun of the Pacquiao family? Well, lets put it this way, if we think of our country as one family, in our own families, we tease and make fun of each other right? The Pacquiaos are known personalities here, much like American comedians make fun of Palin, Ozzy’s, etc.

    Carolla on the other hand, out right insulted us. Not just Pacquiao.

    Another analogy would be this: you may have a sister who is bitchy and slutty. Within your home, you might call your sister a bitch out of anger or whatever BUT outside your house, if someone else did it, as a brother you would definitely hit that other person and/or defend your sister.

    If we treat our fellow Filipinos as family (and we should), the point will be very clear.


  2. @by the way, your link won’t open on my pc I had to go to the main page and click on the story title :

    Touching article coming from an American, his praise and defense of Pacquiao was on target.

    Regarding Vice Ganda vs Carolla I’m with heckler on this. Whoever the messenger is as long as the message is true, then we have no right to react angrily. Only time we should raise hell is if they were lying outright.

    check this vid WOTL balat sibuyas


    1. i got your point about vice ganda and carolla.. stricly speaking, they are both wrong.. but i do hope you do got my point even if you don’t agree with me..

      besides, jokes and insults, no matter how thin the line may be at times, are still different..

      and in my opinion, if carolla jokes/insults his own country/countrymen, that is also not good but doing that to another country is worse.


      1. Whether its Carolla or another foreigner or a Filipino, a joke/insult should be treated equally. I’m with the heckler on this one. And if I may paraphrase heckler’s line, I too find it hard to comment against what Carolla did considering how tv sitcoms bash bisaya-speaking people on the way they speak.

        And no, they’re not at all different. You got insulted when Carolla made fun of Filipinos. I get insulted when other Filipinos make fun of other Filipinos.


      2. @It’s Different:

        Can you explain to me why is it okay for Filipinos (or for some Filipinos, to quantify it) to make racist jokes about local Muslims (dibidi dibidi), Indians (mabaho ang hininga kasi mahilig sa sili at spices), Indian expats (5-6), Arabs (mabaho silang lahat kasi mainit sa disyerto, hindi sila naliligo doon kasi walang tubig sa disyerto), Caucasian males (mga ayaw magpatuli, kaya supot pa rin), elderly Japanese male tourists in Makati (mga malilibog na DOM, baka mga Yakuza) and Chinese expats (mayaman pero kuripot/masungit), but it’s NOT okay, if the same treatment is given to Pinoys?

        And can you also explain to me why being insulted by a foreigner is worse than being insulted by homosexual stand up comedians, local television and movie comedians (who can’t admit that their careers are over) and, say, your casual Pinoy Exchange user?

        I just don’t get your point. We expect people of other nations to give us the proper respect we “deserve”, but it’s okay for us to insult our fellow FIlipinos? Hindi ba dapat sa atin din magsimula yung paggalang sa kapwa? Mabuti pa nga yung dayuhan, ipinagtanggol yung Pinoy sa panlalait ng kapwa dayuhan…pero paano mo maipagtatanggol ang kapwa Pilipino sa panlalait at pang-iinsulto nila sa mga dayuhan?

        I have been taught by my parents that respect is mutual…you respect other people if you want to be respected. It’s a give and take situation.

        And what if other people don’t respect you? You don’t act like them by being disrespectful of them as well. Being the victim doesn’t give you a moral high ground to act like your agressor.


  3. How can we Filipinos expect a good treatment to our pound per pound boxing idol Manny Pacquiao if we allow people like V… …da na isang Filipino baka by name lang at hindi by deed. Pero sa totoo lang siya ay isang pu…g kaya ganun ang uri ng kaniyang pananalita. Ipinangnank siya na may pusali sa bibig, basura sa dila at barubal na pangangatuwiran at higit sa lahat kulang sa katinuan ng pag-iisip.

    Nakakaawa namn siya. O baka naman gusto niyang humingi ng Balato kay Manny Pacquiao kaya gumagawa ng mga eksena para mapansin siya. Sabi nga nung iba KSP (Kulang na sa pansin : Kulang pa Sa Pera). hahahahaha. VG magpalit ka muna ng sex organ at pagmumukha. Baka biglang magbago ang isip ni Manny at mapansin at magustuhan ka niya para maging PR man niya. hahahahaha hohohoho LOL.


  4. @it’s different
    @by the way

    I consider your conclusions void of emotional attachment on the matter. I got your point @it’s different but it doesn’t mean I am declaring my conformity. At some point, we feel that kind of commiseration for our fellow Filipinos whom we believe are being mistreated or (in this case) insulted by people of foreign blood. It is but understandable since we somehow exemplify the fortitude of nationalism. @by the way, it’s a great deal, that you are able to neutralize the foundation of bases in referring to the very meaning of racism and oppression. I do not feel strongly agreeing with your biases, even with PH’s but I would like to bring my side on your justifications.

    We Filipinos regard throwing insults thru some bubbly statements as merely joke. Nothing but jokes as we always insist. But then again, offensive concepts are already lying therewith. If we contextualize the words we use as we joke, there is still a substance in opposition to the person we spot in our jokes that is actually wedged at the back of our mind. If there is one thing that Filipinos are good at, it is definitely mocking some people around us, or in a more formal approach – LABELING them. Yes, sad truth, we throw insults to other nations and we throw insults to our fellow Filipinos and setback – we get insults from other nations. Oppression is always the underlying concept here, kahit anong lahi ka pa.


  5. be it from a foreigner or a fellow filipino, derogatory remarks are definitely hurtful. people get away with it by saying it’s just a joke.
    nakakainis di ba?
    i never liked vice’s style of comedy. ok lang sa comedy bar where only adults are allowed to watch pero when they put it on showtime sa tv where everybody can watch it including the kids, hindi ako sangayon.
    panglalait na pabaklang style is definitely unacceptable. masyadong squatter ang dating.
    i grew up poor as well and became a little bit successful pero hindi ganyan ang pakikitungo sa mga tao.


  6. inquirer’s editorial today dealt with plagiarism. seconding it is Rina Jimenez-David’s column about plagiarism in the age of the internet.

    if you find The Philippine Star killing it, how do you find PDI’s na mey Juan Mercado na nag copy/paste ng blog post mo? 🙂


    1. ang nakakabwisit kasi dun: NI-REPRINT NG INQUIRER COLUMNIST NA SI MR. JUAN L. MERCADO ang articles ko sa TATLONG DIYARYO. At ang pinagsusulatan niyang ILOCOS TIMES, hindi man lang nya kinurek na HINDI SIYA ANG AUTHOR matapos ilabas ng ILOCOS TIMES as an editorial ang mga naturang blog posts. Kung responsable kang mamamahayag, LILINAWIN mo sa iyong editors na HINDI IKAW ANG SUMULAT ng mga ‘yun. Ano ang naging move ng ILOCOS TIMES?? Binura lang sa online edition ang kontrobersyal na editoryal. ANG KAPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!


      1. cool ka lang, Mr. PH.:-)

        know what, i thought at first nga he was the person alluded to sa paragraph na to ng editorial as follows:

        One columnist who was caught plagiarizing some other people’s writings three times said his problem was that he had a photographic memory and sometimes forgot that he was using other writers’ material. The columnist was asked to stop writing his column after the third offense.”

        ngik. he’s still writing with the paper pala. as a matter of fact, mey piece pa nga syang “Pissing of graves” today which i didn’t even bother to read.

        I don’t read him anymore after you have exposed him.



  7. from a writer, de quiros made this quote, ” I’m cursed with a photographic
    memory. Whenever i read things, i remember them word for word. Sometimes
    I no longer know where my thoughts end and where other people’s thought
    begin. So i end up writing often in the exact same way others have put it.”

    ibig sabihin, na plagiarize na din ni j. mercado ang writer na na quote ni
    de quiros…

    ano na siya ngayon, notorious plagiarist?


  8. mr. ph i hope you are also a reader of
    maybe you’ve read about articles “party pilipinas” when it debuted few sundays ago – there have been lots of write ups praising the show (and there have been thousands of bad comments also).

    then this sunday, another episode that sucked big time, and there’s no party pilipinas articles on

    hmm… me mawawalang show na naman sa gma.


  9. Photographic memory? Lukuhin nya lilang nya. Bakit nabubura ba sa photographic memory nya (kuno) ang name ng author ng mga binabasa nyang articles?

    Kung babasahin mo nga column nya, parang pinagdugtong dugtong na mga ideas ng ibang tao. Tapos ang daming “quote and quote.”

    Ang dali lang pala maging columnist ng inquirer kung ganoon.


  10. BTW, prof, have u heard of jason ivler’s mom planning to march every day from her home in Blueridge Subdivision to the Quezon City Hall of Justice starting on Friday in protest of the injustice done to her son?

    I can’t wait to see the spectacle.

    Pwede kayang ipagsama sa isang kulungan si ivler at si andal ampatuan?


  11. i think the negative comments on pacquaio are justified. the way pinoys idolized pacquiao is absurd, yes he is a good boxer but outside he is simply weird. an actor, singer, basketball player, cue artist, politician, gambler, playboy kuno. all which he stinks, there are other more deserving role models out there.


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