Have you heard the news? Mikey Arroyo is running for Congress again. He is the first nominee of “Ang Galing Pinoy,” a party-list group that claims to represent security guards! You know what their campaign slogan is? “Para sa national security… No ID, No Entry!”

Energy Sec. Angelo Reyes is also seeking a Congressional seat. Reports say Reyes is a nominee of the party-list group 1-UTAK, a coalition of jeepney drivers and operators. Reyes representing jeepney drivers is not surprising though considering that he has gotten used to accepting jobs he absolutely knows nothing about.

El Shaddai leader Bro. Mike Velarde is reportedly running for a Congressional seat via the party-list elections. He is a nominee of the pro-life group Buhay. Personally though, I think Velarde would do better as BIR Commissioner. He’s really good at collecting revenues.

Reports say Bro. Mike Velarde decided to be one of Buhay’s nominees because of the government’s distribution of condoms. If that’s his only reason, he should have just sought the chairmanship of the CBCP instead!

Can you believe it? El Shaddai leader Bro. Mike Velarde is running for Congress too! His supporters believe he’ll make a good “Speaker.”

Top 5 Things You Wouldn’t Want to Happen if Bro. Mike Velarde Becomes the Next House Speaker

No. 5: The House of Representatives will celebrate its founding anniversary in Luneta.

No. 4: As an icebreaker during marathon sessions, he’ll ask congressmen to stand up and sing “Alive, alive, alive forevermore…”

No. 3: Before and after each session, collection baskets will be passed around.

No. 2: The official House uniform will be “anything checkered.”

And the No.1 thing you wouldn’t want to happen if Mike Velarde becomes House Speaker…

During a vote, he’ll ask his fellow congressmen, “Those who are in favor… say Amen!”

Marginalized, Too?
Dermatologist Manny Calayan is also running for Congress. He is a nominee of the party-list group Alyansa ng Media at Showbiz. Critics believe though that a Calayan victory will further deteriorate the quality of House members. Lalong dadami ang “plastic.”

Unconfirmed reports say the religious bloc-voting sect Iglesia ni Cristo and the Catholic charismatic group El Shaddai Group are supporting the presidential bid of Nacionalista Party standard-bearer Manny Villar. If it’s any consolation, Noynoy Aquino has the CBCP.

CBCP and a Revolution
Caloocan Bishop Deogracias Iňiguez Jr. was quoted to have said that members of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines would join a revolt in the event of a failure of elections. Skeptics doubt though the ability of bishops to win a revolution since they couldn’t even score a victory against Health Sec. Esperanza Cabral.

Gordon On Video
Presidential bet Richard Gordon who once declared, “I don’t need celebrity endorsers,” has appeared on a music video on YouTube with his celebrity endorsers, Moymoy Palaboy. Gordon even danced on that video. When Manny Villar saw Gordon’s video, he asked him to perform live at a Nacionalista Party rally for a fee.

Have you seen the latest Moymoy Palaboy video featuring presidential bet Richard Gordon? They were so lovably cute I thought I was watching the Oompa-Loompas.

Photo of the Weak:
Ganito Kami sa Makati
Outgoing Makati City Rep. Teddyboy Locsin will be succeeded by his wife Louie, if she’d be lucky in the coming elections.

Ano ang akmang deskripsyon, caption, o pamagat sa larawan?
A: Ang noo’y mahigpit na kalaban ng tambalang Sharon at Gabby: ang kilig na loveteam nina Teddyboy at Louie.
B: Gamit na gamit na naman ang mga graduates
C: Kung tapos na ang termino ni lalaki, patakbuhin si babae
D: Parang mag-ina lang.
“I’ve had a tough time learning how to act like a congressman. Today I accidentally spent some of my own money.”
~Joseph P. Kennedy

Survey Says
Batay sa resulta ng recent senatorial surveys, ano kaya ang nangungunang batayan ng pagpili ng mga botante?
KASIKATAN. Kilalang mga pangalan. 62%
KAHUSAYAN. Track record. 16%

We have a new survey. Please vote now.


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32 thoughts on “MARGINALIZED”

  1. masyado nang napagsasamantalahan ang party-list groups ng mga taong nagmamagaling at gusto lang magkapwesto kahit paano. soooooo desperate! dapat wala ng party-list party-list eh. hindi naman din sila well represented kahit may groups pa sila .. mahilig lang sila magprotesta. well, swerte pa nga kung nagpoprotesta, kahit paano, visible. *sigh*


    1. well, sayang din naman ang party-list system, lalo’t inuulan ng mga trapo ang Lower House. Sa halip na totally alisin ito, dapat higpitan ang rules para sa mga tumatakbong party-list so that yung mga tunay na marginalized sector ang narerepresent at hindi (a) pulitikong na-disenfranchise kasi tumakbo ang isa pa sa partido niya (b) trip lang (c) mga trip maging congressman pero talagang di mananalo sa geographical district system…

      nabasa ko yung mga bills filed ng isang partylist group na leftist (as in yung kinakareer mag-rally) at maraming sense naman ang mga finafile nila. makakatulong naman sa bayan.

      dapat malaman ng mga tao, may dalawang breed ng party-list ngayon: ang rallyista at ang oportunista


  2. suggest to skip the party-list section in your ballots, its not worth putting in supposed “representatives of the marginalized” but are actually buwaya’s and puppets by GMA.

    ang biruan nga ngayon, papayag daw ang opposisyon na maging representative ng Ang Galing Pinoy party List si Mikey Arroyo provided na sa buong 3 taon dapat naka suot sya parati ng uniporme ng guardia..with the matching PADPAO patch LOL tigas talaga ng mukha mo ulol, wala ka naman alam leche ka!

    Angelo Reyes….di sya bagay sa 1-UTAK…he should represent WA-UTAK coz he personifies that party list name…WA-UTAK, gunggong!


  3. Why should we waste taxes on these party-list groups? They seem to have not done a significant thing for the betterment of the groups they’re representing. Their usual protesting on the streets isn’t setting a good example either. They’re like children who cry in protests once they can’t have things their ways.

    Oh well… even the supposed-to-be intelligent, educated politicians are also cry babies; so no wonder, this bad influence had easly trickled down even to the most clueless…


  4. Unconfirmed report lang yung support daw ng INC kay Villar, hula-hula lang yan, hindi ganyan ang style ng INC mga 2 weeks before election pa yan nagko-confirm saka naman gagayahin ni Bro. Mike. Tingin ko medyo malabo ngang suportahan si Noynoy dahil alam natin na mga INC members yung unang nabiktima sa Hacienda Luisita.


  5. The CBCP should respond first to its weaknesses before putting its finger on the affairs of the state. One serious issue is the sexual abuses committed by its priests. A priest in Cotabato for instance sexually abused over a hundred indigenous women in the span 30 years and CBCP had been looking the other way. Mga walang hiya.


  6. Mikey’s tv ad with the jingle – “Nakatulog ka na ba ng nakatayo sa entrada, Nagpasko ka na ba ng nakatirik ang mga mata, tanong ni kumander, tunay ka bang isa sa amin?”

    Kapal ng mukha mo utoy! Bantayan mo na lang tatay mo sa ospital. Baka may makapasok sa kwarto nya na walang ID. Nyeta!


  7. CBCP should focus on helping people
    and also collaborate with the government regarding our population
    It seems some of our people have less education regarding sexual habits, views, consequences and risks it may bring. The church is somewhat blind that even 13 years are getting pregnant because of less education on both parties and some families have ballooned in numbers in terms of shildren to that they can no longer support and feed properly. I hope that the church will realize that they should consider all options in regards to this problem of ours


  8. @PH: Ask ko lang. If I remember it right, last year, sinabi mo sa blog mo na you’ll let us know kung sino talaga ang presidente na sinusuportahan mo. Ang sabi mo, we will know kapag campaign period na… Pero parang wala eh… Patama ka pa rin sa lahat… If you’d voice out who’s the one you’ve been supporting, eh at least, madami kaming mae-enlighten. 🙂

    Sino ba talaga presidente mo, PH at bakit?
    (Alam kong madami din ang gustong tanungin ka ng ganitong tanong)


  9. sa mga nagsasabing iboycott ang partylist dahil wala silbi. you should know na meron na mangilanngilan na matino talaga at may tamang advocacy for the REAL marginalized minorities.

    you should just try to do your own research (ano pa ang silbi ng google noh, nasa harap nyo na nga). just find the group with the advocacy your most supportive of.

    the thing with the party list vote as said many times before is those with the highest percentage of votes gets elected. so if we do nothing we are just helping a-holes like mikey get elected while depriving needed votes for the deserving ones.


  10. that is the second wife of teddyboy locsin. his first wife is vivien yuchengco. yan si teddyboy master ng reversal of fortune. Kung noon, sa condo unit lang na halos di magkasya sila ng present wife niya sila nakatira, now lahat first class all the way. good luck teddyboy, hinay hinay lang sa pangungurakot, tirahan mo naman ang residents of makati.


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