FIFTY-SEVEN PEOPLE MURDERED. It’s hard to write a funny blog entry when the week’s biggest issue involves not just a family of political warlords but a clan of savage beasts.

Photos of the Weak

Ano ang angkop na caption, pamagat, o deskripsyon para sa mga larawang ito?
A) “Zoo Warning: Huwag lumapit sa hayop. Pumapatay.”

B) “Hindi ako natatakot! Si Siegfred Fortun ang abogado ko! Abogado yata ni Erap ‘yun!”

C) “Humanda kayong lahat paglabas ko rito!”

D) “So, ganyan pala ang hitsura n’yong mga journalists kapag buhay kayo. ‘Sensya na huh! ‘Yung huling grupo kasi ng mga journalists na nakita ko, nakapikit lahat eh.”

E) “Hindi po totoong pinatalsik kami sa Lakas-Kampi-CMD. Plano talaga naming lumipat sa Liberal Party!”

F) “Breaking News: Zoologists baffled at captured beast with human-like features”
“Violence in any form is evil and to kill innocents is tantamount to blatant savagery.”
~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Survey Says
Note: This poll was posted before the Supreme Court ruled that political advertisements may be aired/shown outside the campaign period.
Should the Comelec allow the showing of the movies of celebrities seeking elective posts in 2010?
YES. 10%
NO. 65%
Whatever. I don’t care. 24%

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Have a SAFE weekend.

In Memoriam
(Thanks to Julius Babao for the link to this image)

Newsbreak Online says ‘Cory Aquino gave Ampatuan patriarch his break’ Interesting. Ano kaya ang reaksyon ni Noynoy Aquino tungkol dito? Let’s see. Baka kailangan munang mag-retreat.


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96 thoughts on “SAVAGE II”

  1. Lorelei Fajardo’s comments yesterday that “Arroyo still ‘friends’ with Ampatuans, and
    “Just because they’re in this situation doesn’t mean we will already turn our backs on them,” reveals a callousness and lack of moral outrage that is totally sickening!

    Oo nga naman Madam President, what’s one massacre to get in the way of friendship, right? Malaki ang naitulong sa ‘yo ng mga Ampatuans and you must be there for them thru thick and thin, ganun ba yon?

    Being the country’s leader, Gloria should display moral ascendancy and express outrage by not openly expressing her friendship and loyalty to the Ampatuans.

    Sa bagay, corrupt politicians and warlords are “magka-berks” and belong to one big happy family.


  2. to lorelei fajardo…no idea if you are married or single…i do hope your kids won’t live to see video clips of you delivering callous statements in behalf of your Madam…i pray that they won’t grow to be insensitive and inconsiderate as you…trabaho lang diba?…walang personalan! am sure your children will understand you miserable stupid little shit!


  3. Under the leadership of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, we have completed our journey to become a FAILED SOCIETY. At least, noong panahon ni Erap, kaya pa nating mag-impeach ng presidenteng gago. Ngayon, wala na talaga. Dinayukdok na ni Gloria ang ating lipunan.

    Case in point: It was in Gloria’s term that the following criminals were pardoned: Teehankee, Jalosjos, Erap, the Avsecom soldiers who killed Ninoy. It was in her term that the following criminals were extradited: that rapist who killed the Chiong sisters, Lance Corporal Smith. It was during her term that the following criminals were taken care of: Garcillano, Joc joc Bolante, Nani Perez, Lintang Bedol, Miguel Arroyo, Abalos. I’m sure the Ampatuans will be an easy case for her to handle. The most criminal-friendly administration this country has ever had is fully capable of absolving the Ampatuans; she had plenty of practice. That criminal GMA!!!!


  4. What an election it will be.
    Gloria, be the decisive person that “you are”.
    How come you are so slow in giving justice?
    Are you still weighing options?
    Thinking of way to give justice while not severing your ties with the animals, I mean the Ampatuan species?
    Then what are you?
    Ignoring this would mean, you are far worse than the Ampatuans, as you can endure the sickening scenario of letting go of a criminal.


    1. Oo nga naman….How could you? How could you convince him to fight a political warlord? How could you urge him to go against the status quo? Hindi dapat kinakalaban ang mga taong gahaman sa pera at inaabuso ang kapangyarihan. How could you, Noynoy?!

      Teka, hindi ba nasa Lakas-Kampi-CMD pa rin si Mangudadatu dahil pinatalsik ni Gibo ang mga Ampatuans?


  5. Natawa ako sa footage ng abs cbn nung nasa kukungan na si Ampatuan Jr., may nakalagay courtesy of rpn 9. Nung nanood naman ako ng gma 7 nakita ko ang video kumpleto. Tinanggal pa nga ng channel 2 ang boses ni Susan Enriquez. Hehehe… Malamang nag cr ang reporter ng abs kaya wala silang nakuha na video…


  6. Yah, agree. It’s really hard to find humor in what the Ampatuans have done. What I found was absurdity in its highest form – his claim that a certain MILF commander did the massacre.

    Haller?????? Baka naman ang ibig mong sabihin ay hindi ikaw kundi mga Taleban, Khmer Rouge at Einsatzkommando ang mey kagagawan ng mga ‘to!

    Ayaw nyo ng baboy kasi marumi. Makakapatay kayo ng tao kung napa-kain kayo ng baboy ng hindi nyo alam. Pero punyemas naman oo, mas masahol pa kayo sa baboy sa ginawa nyo.


  7. did you guys see that jailed ampatuan looking so smug as if saying nobody can touch him. nakakakulo ng dugo!
    and he is blaming umbra kato? Does he think we are that stupid to believe him?
    and I do not believe that he was the only one involved… ang buong pamilya nya ang mukhang may pakana nyan.


  8. I don’t know if anyone noticed the news where the guy who arrested Ampatuan claimed they were being “shot at from the ground” and to prove his point, showed them a basyo they recovered on the helly as they touched down in Manila.

    So lemme get this straight, they were in the helicopter, felt they were being shot at from the ground and coincidentally, they got the bullet shell while inside the goddamned helly, does that even make sense?

    Sana kung gagawa naman sila ng kwento yung tipong di nila ginagawang tanga lahat ng manunuod. Kahit papano naman most Filipinos know how a gun works.

    P.S. I think Arroyo is just as guilty as Ampatuan. She fueled the fire that led to the massacre. The saddest part about the whole tragedy is that as long as she is in power, the families of the victims will never get the justice they really deserve.


  9. Si Ampatuan, hindi hinand cuff, and yet they say “he is properly restrained”, kung ipasok sa sasakyan talgang dahan dahan, naalala ko tuloy yung mga katulong ni ted Failon nung they were brought in for questioning, mas harsh pa ang treatment kesa kay ampatuan! I think magiging cold case lang to, look how calm and confident he is, he knows he is untouchable. Baka nman puro death threats ang aabotin ng mge legal counsel ng kasong eto! Inaantay lang siguro nila ang listahan kung sino maging abogado at hurado at sa kaso nila at pagbabarilin na din nila! Fuck syeeett talga si GMA!


    1. That’s how it is in the Philippines, if you don’t have cash, they’ll kick you in the ass! So sad, but true…. But, it’s not just the gov’t though…the whole country has a “caste” system, where there are families/celebrities afforded preferential treatment. I bet you if Kris Aquino, or Bongbong Marcos, or even Richard Gomez, or anybody of certain elevated stature, gets arrested, they’ll be handled with special care. More so if they are buddy buddies with the cops. ‘Mind you the Ampatuans, from what I gather, are pretty well-off in Maguindanao. They won’t be called DATUs if they are (monetarily) the dregs of society. Such is life in the Philippines. On the other hand, if it somebody irrelevant, like you, Ranjit, for example…oh man, your ass is grass!


  10. Hmm… The suspect’s life is still subject for review…. but he did well in harboring souls in just one day. I was overwhelmed indeed. For the love of that so called government position(of the poor power leeching/ alm begging Philippines) he forgot everything, his past, present, and future life.

    He is a rare of his kind nowadays. He can be compared to Nero, Hitler, and Bin Laden whose fond of killing spree because they all are undoutbtedly antiChrist and BLOOD THIRSTY villains of their era. But he is sure unlucky because his spree was discovered VERY EARLIER THAN HE EXPECTED. Ha ha ha!
    What a foolish brat. Ordering a hundred civillian agent to accompany him in his sinister activities without even thinking that some of them believed that they still have a conscience. He should have summoned some cold hearted formidable killing mercenaries to do the job, but it was expensive indeed, I don’t think he can afford it.

    How I wish this man could live longer enough for him to contemplate and suffer for what he done before he descend to the ground. But I think it will take time. My assumption would be, there are many of his clan members might go to our world first before he does. Anyway that is expected in that hellish/chaotic province in Philippines.

    What can I say? Well pray if you still know how to pray. But man admit your mistakes, you are an Ampatuan, one of the formidable WARLord of Mindanao, erect your ego in the court. BE PROUD OF WHAT YOU”VE DONE SO YOUR CLAN MEMBERS/EMISSARIES CAN BE PROUD OF YOU!


  11. Hindi ako makapagcomment ng maayos, hindi malinaw ang isip ko… namumula ang paningin ko sa ANIMALLLLLLL….. na nasa picture! Nakakasuka, natatae ako, na lo loose lahat ng normal control ko sa katawan. PAra bang ang gusto ko lang gawin eh hablutin yang punyemas na yan, sabay iuntog untog ang BABA sa rehas… tapos hayaan kong mag crack na ang ulo nya na parang pakwan sa ganung paraan….
    NAKAKAPANGGIGIL.. yun lang ang masasabi ko!


  12. junior ampatuan! si junior nanaman! has everyone forgotten junior ecleo? dapat pinatay na yan ng mga pnp ng isa sa mga pulis namaay pag huli sa kanya pero inescortan pa siya ni sen barbers kanya binuhay pa. e kasi kingmaker sa surigao mga ecleo. ganyan din mangyayari kay junior ampatuan.


  13. Ayan, may bagong isasapelikula na si National Artist Carlo J. Caparas!

    ‘Di naman siguro naging estudyante ni Milosevic ‘yan dahil galit si Slobodan sa mga Muslim. Baka kaya sa Rwanda nag-aral ng HS si Junior?

    Nakakalungkot at nangyari ang masaker. Pero, marahil, ang mas nakakalungkot, kayraming taong sumunod sa ipinag-utos na pumatay, lalo na’t mga babae’t inosenteng tao ang mga biktima.

    Madam President, ano ba ang itinuturo natin sa mga tao at napapapayag silang gawin ang ganitong krimen?


  14. What P.H. means that it was Cory who gave the break to the Ampatuans was that she appointed as OIC in 1986 one of the Ampatuans to change all Marcos appointed local executives. She did not spoil them or use them the way Gloria did. P.H. is so unfair to Noynoy, I hope you were not paid either by Villar or Gibo or Ebdane or Fernando . I AM BEGINNING TO HATE P.H.


    1. if all readers would think the way you do; na binabayaran ako ng mga presidentiables: MAYAMAN na siguro ako. i rarely comment on personal reactions but i need to at least defend the TRUTH. the difference between me and the columnists/reporters who defend/attack presidential aspirants like NOYNOY, GIBO, VILLAR, or ERAP? I don’t earn from my articles. Hindi ko pinagkakakitaan ang mga sinusulat ko rito. Kaya walang sinuman sa kanila o sa mga supporters nila ang makakapagsabing BINAYARAN nila ako. just because i wrote something UNFAVORABLE to your bet doesn’t mean na i am someone else’s paid hack. Sure, you can hate me if you want. But ang pagdudahang binabayaran ako? Hindi ko matatanggap. I’ve been writing political humor for 4 years. Ni isang sentimo, hindi ako kumita rito.

      as for that article on CORY AQUINO and the AMPATUANS, please check the link. It wasn’t me who wrote the article but the esteemed and veteran journalists of Newsbreak magazine. Just so you know.


    1. this just shows how crazy these Noynoy fanatics are. kairita. anywhere you go they just behave this way (most, if not all). manggegera ng personalan dahil lang niyari ang pambato nila.
      nakaka-turn off lalo.

      come on. this is a humor blog for goodness sakes. wala ka ba non?? kung wala then this site isn’t for you. you’re killing the fun.

      and oh, it’s Mangandadatu. 🙂

      nagseryoso tuloy bigla si PH lol. haha yaan mo na pre :p


  15. yehey kainan na!!!!

    topdog salamat sa site ha….

    ako din, aside na napa smile ako kay gilbert doon sa pagsama
    niya kay mangundadatu, parang naawa rin ako, medyo nahiyahiya
    pa sya sa kanyang ginawa hahaha kasi sabi nya ang kailangan
    daw ay exposure, exposure at exposure…

    mabalikan nga ang facebook, sana hindi lang sila ang mamulat,
    sana si mister heckler at chiwee din hahaha at ang pinaka importante
    sana ang mga fans ni kris dahil totoo naman eh, kung ang personal
    appearance ni noynoy kaya emakeover, not his brain, yun na yun,
    hanggang doon lang ang kakayahan ng kanyang utak and therefore
    can be easily manipulated by all the alipores around…

    ano ba ang gusto nating magiging presidente, dapat hindi lang may
    puso kundi may galing at talino at dapat hindi susceptible to corruption….

    sana nga hindi si gilbert…


    1. Naku Senior60. Napa-smile mo naman ako sa post mo. Smile po na totoo ha. Hindi yung smile na mey ibang meaning.

      I like the way you uphold your candidate. How you explain the qualities in him you find worthy above all.

      Kaso, sorry, I also have my own set of reasons why I am for Noynoy. It’s my personal belief. I don’t give a damn about Kris. Mukhang basahan lang daw pala in personal sabi ng kid sister ko nung nag-training siya sa Heart Center noon. Kakamatay lang ni Manny Valera na manager nya yata. Andoon si Kris. Hindi nila nakilala. Wahahaha.

      Anyway, here’s hoping that our upcoming elections will be fair and square from the casting of votes to automated tallying and eventual proclamation of winners. And while the campaign period is now in full swing, pabayaan na natin silang magkatunggali na maghagisan ng putik. Pakialam ko sa siraan nila. Ayokong mangampanya sa manok ko. Hindi ko pagkakakitaan yan. Hindi makakatulong sa work and schooling ko ang mangampanya kay Noynoy. As a matter of fact, nagdonate pa nga ako sa lata ni Noynoy na bukal sa kalooban.

      Basta ako, boboto tiyak sa May, kasama ang mga botanteng pamangkin ko.

      Btw, napag-tripan ko lang magsurvey thru tanong tanong kahapon sa school. Sa sampung people including two of my profs, 8 ang for the Aquino-Roxas tandem.

      Yung dalawang classmates ko lang na mga empleyado ni Binay sa Makati ang hindi. Wehehehe.


  16. PANSININ: ang mga taga-suporta ni Noynoy ay puro nabubuhay sa nakaraan at pilit na binubuhay ang mga yumao para sa sariling kapakinabangan, walang maibigay na malinaw na paraan para ma-solusyunan ang problema ng bansa, naliligo sa batikos at higit sa lahat puro kababawan — hindi ba nakakasuka na si Kris? at di ba puro kahihiyan at eskandalo ang binigay nyan sa pamilya nila? Mabuti pa si Shalani mas may dignidad ang pagkatao at tiyak na hindi nya bibigyan ng STD ang kuya nya!


  17. Ano ang angkop na caption? lahat bagay sa kanya but letter F for the win! I have to agree with some who commented that the Ampatuans shouldn’t be compared to a animal. I haven’t heard of an animal that killed people as many in just a matter of hours except for the 1898 incident where two lions killed and ate people in Kenya.

    The Ampatuans are evils. That pic of Ampatuan Jr. is disgusting. His arrogance still shows emanating from his being a product of a warlord family.


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