THANK CALENDARS IT’S FRIDAY! Manny Pacquiao arrived this morning from Los Angeles. And today marks the start of the filing of certificates of candidacy for the 2010 elections. But you know what the week’s biggest news was? The emergence of a new dominant political party: “Ang Partido Oportunista ng Pilipinas.”

Earlier this week, the Oxford University Press picked “unfriend” as the Word of the Year. To unfriend someone is to delete him or her from your social life – just like what Vilma Santos, Ralph Recto, Recom Echeverri, Mayor Sonny Belmonte, and Herbert Bautista did to Lakas-Kampi-CMD.

National Convention
The ruling Lakas-Kampi-CMD Party held its national convention yesterday at the PICC. Thousands of party members representing each of the country’s geographical regions attended the convention. The atmosphere was relaxed and lively, and attendees were in high spirits. Apparently, everyone was prepared to lose.

In her farewell speech as party chair, President Arroyo claimed that Lakas-Kampi-CMD Party members comprise 72 percent of national and local officials. The farewell speech was written when Cory Aquino was still alive.

In an apparent effort to show that his political party values substance over popularity, Atty. Gilbert Teodoro talked at length about his platform of government. To give you an idea how long Gibô’s speech was, Noynoy Aquino has consumed three packs of cigarettes before he was through.

There have been conflicting reports as to the exact number of attendees in yesterday’s Lakas-Kampi-CMD national convention. The Philippine Daily Inquirer says 3,000. ABS-CBN and GMA 7 say 2,894. Pulse Asia says 2 percent.

In yesterday’s national convention of Lakas-Kampi-CMD, 2,894 people were reportedly present at the PICC: 894 were members of the party; the rest were members of the media.

After Atty. Gilbert Teodoro was proclaimed Lakas-Kampi-CMD Party’s official candidate for president, his wife Nikki Prieto-Teodoro joined him on stage. For a brief moment, Sen. Jamby Madrigal who was watching the live event on TV considered defecting to Lakas.

Lakas-Kampi-CMD members had a show of force in yesterday’s national convention. And despite the recent defections of some prominent members, those who stayed all looked energized. In fact, before the convention started, they eagerly talked about their plans, platforms, and Pinky Webb.

Edu and Pinky
The ruling party’s vice presidential bet Edu Manzano and tv presenter Pinky Webb have called it quits. Rumors say Webb was compelled to break up with Edu when she learned that ABS-CBN was arranging the couple’s live guesting on Wowowee. [Read: Webb did not want to cheapen the romance. Ouch! May tinamaan. Sino kaya?]

Titigan ang larawan. Ano sa palagay mo ang nasa isip ni Edu Manzano nang sandaling iyon?
A) “Sige! Ipamukha n’yo pang single ako. Sige lang!”
B) “Ikaw ngayon, Nikki. Ako, mamayang gabi.”
C) “Hay naku Pinky. Wrong timing ka talaga!”
D) “OA naman ‘to kung makahalik. Parang ‘di 2 percent ang rating!”

Osmeña No Longer a Liberal
Fed up with the “infighting” and “Mafia” in the Liberal Party, former senator Sergio Osmeña III has decided to quit the party. He has also rejected the offer of Erap’s party, and Villar’s Nacionalista Party saying, “My loyalty is to the Filipino people,” to which NPC’s Danding Cojuangco said, “Narinig ko na ‘yan eh.”

Osmeña No Longer a Liberal II
Former senator Sergio Osmeña III has quit the Liberal Party. Noynoy Aquino was unfazed by Osmeña’s decision though, and despite the intrigues, Noynoy said he would never quit the Liberal Party; he would never quit the opposition, and he would never quit smoking.

Ebdane’s VP
Presidential aspirant and former DPWH secretary Hermogenes Ebdane Jr. has vowed to reveal his running mate and senatorial bets on November 29. But first, he needs to inform them that they are his running mate and senatorial bets.

Marcoses Support Villar
Ilocos Norte Rep. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. says the Marcoses have decided to support Nacionalista Party’s Manuel Villar Jr. in next year’s elections. Bongbong’s elder sister Imee, herself a former member of the Lower House has opted not to seek any elective post and will pursue instead a career in ventriloquism.

Early Bird
Marcos loyalist and controversial lawyer Oliver Lozano today filed his certificate of candidacy for president. He did it ahead of other perceived presidential frontrunners. Lozano insists he ‘plans and thinks ahead of everyone.’ To give you an idea how ‘advance’ Lozano’s mindset was, after filing his COC for president… he filed an impeachment complaint against himself.

Manny Is Back
The People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao arrived in the country today with wife, Jinkee. As if to quell rumors that their marriage is on the rocks, the couple gamely kissed during a television interview. Some described the kiss as “sweet.” Some described it as “awesome.” Others described it as ‘damage control.’
“An organization that is strong and stable and is ready to commit time, money, and patience will be more apt to reap rewards than the quick-hitting opportunist.”
~Richard Miller

Light Bites: From Somewhere
Manny Pacquiao: Pacman
Mommy Dionisia: Pacmom
Krista Ranillo: Pacbet (Pambansang Ka__)

Survey Says
Are gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders marginalized, and therefore, must have representation in Congress?
NOPE, They are not! :27%
THEY ARE but no need to be represented in Congress :40%

We have a new survey. Please vote now.

Enjoy your weekend!


Author: professionalheckler

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112 thoughts on “A SHOW OF FORCE”

      1. not so…many looks at untarnished reputation also….nadala na sila sa mga matatalino na pagna-upo inuna pa ang pangungurakot – look saan na tayo ngayon! noynoy’s untarnished reputation and even his being reluctant to run ( hindi siya atat na atat sa kapangyarihan) brings hope to them..

        don’t get me wrong, if gibo happens to be an independent candidate I would definitely vote for him. I am even considering villar!


      2. Untarnished? How about Luisita massacre. How about the miserable life of the Lusisita workers. Maybe mediocre. After getting a job in Nike and Mondragon (through family conncetion), in Luisita (as co-owner) in the Congress and Senate (through family endorsement), no accomplishment serious whatsoever.


      3. its because critics of Noynoy are looking for things which they can pin against him.

        You hit a good point there, Gibo is also part of the Cojuangco clan which pretty much owns Hacienda Luisita but he is not getting hit about it. Maybe I am wrong to assume that Gibo has stocks in Hacienda Luisita but the thing is it just shows the real motive to attack Noynoy’s credibility.

        Hind naman pagandahan at pa-gwapuhan ang election (though if you try to look at the tarps of these politicians esp. villar, lintek sa pagkaka-photoshop ang itsura) somehow nagiging ganun ang labanan.

        In reality though, the way it stands now. It’s a two way fight between Noynoy and Villar.

        No matter how you say Gibo is this and that (I personally think he will be a good leader), the reality is though he will not stand a chance in 2010. I know there is some frustration here for the Gibo followers but I believe that the feeling was the same when Estrada was elected as the President.


      4. Hacienda Luisita is bought and owned by Cory’s and Pepeng’s side of the Conjunacos using governmnet guarantees and partly governmnet loan on the condition that it will be turned over to the tenants in 1967. Danding’s side to where Gibo belongs has nothing to do with the Hacienda. Managing to evade meeting the government’s conditon speaks a lot about the Cojuancos.


      5. kung wala sya control sa Hacienda Luisita…..eh how can he control the people around him kung magkanya kanya ng kurakot……just like what happened kay mother Cory.

        To be a good leader, honesty should be coupled with a strong character and authority to lead……and wala nyan si kuya noynoy ko.


  1. “…Apparently, everyone was prepared to lose.” – what a bunch of losers, lol.

    B) “Ikaw ngayon, Nikki. Ako, mamayang gabi.” – LOL. Natauhan kaya si Pinky?

    Imee Marcos a ventriloquist – napansin ko nga, laging nakaipit ang mga ipin pag nasasalita.

    Pacman kissing his wife is absolutely damage control. Kawawang Jinkee, she had to swallow the bitter pill.


    1. Can you please elaborate which failed policies? As far as fund managers and foreign equity investors are concerned the Philippines was one of the best performing emerging markets since 2001 up to the point prior to the Global Financial Crisis? You don’t double your GDP and output, lower your debt to GDP ratio without doing something right mate! Problem is you often fall into the trap of sweeping generalisation. This mainly due to mere perception and not hard numbers.

      Anyway Prof. Hekler’s references to Immee, Edu, Pacman are side-splittingly funny; very witty too boot! Keep it up Mr. Hekler! Albeit I’m a GIBO convert I still enjoy his dig at GIBO and GMA LOL!

      One last thing if you’re a GIBO Supporter you’ll definitely going to like this:

      Why GIBO Teodoro?




  2. Attendance of 2% according to sws survey LOL!

    Honestly, of all the presidentiables, Gibo has the substance and platform. Too bad he’s attached to the administration.

    Between Mar and Noy, Mar is really more suited to run for President, too bad Noynoy became more popular with the turn of events.

    Kiss was for damage control. Agree that Jinkee need not explain as we know the truth. Won’t be even surprised if Krista quits showbiz, now that she has a rich benefactor (ala greta)


  3. mister heckler, mag OT muna ako, maikli lang..
    wilyam you enjoy, regards sa family ha…

    for me, if there is one oportunista party, second to none,
    LP is it….

    hindi damage control yung kina manny at jinkee, hindi na
    ma damage si manny, siya pa, napag isipisip lang si jinkee
    na talo siya kapag nagpa apekto lalo na ngayon na ang
    suporta ng mga tao ay nasa sa kanya….

    re: titigan ang larawan
    D) answer ko

    gandang mga first lady contenders, nikki, shahani at siempre
    si korina din sana….


  4. noynoy better kicked kris as his image consultant!

    PH, make ka naman ng blog post na ang topic ang yung mga tibak na gustong kumindidato pagka senador ngayong 2010! Natatawa ako sa kanila kasi puro putak, wala namang ginawa! anyway, they are evrywhere, naka posisyon na sila sa malalaking parties, kung sa Bisaya pa nag-ibid-ibid sa mga leading presidentiables! ang sagwa tingnan! do these people, the so-called tibaks have principles? kasin ngayon, eh kakampi na nila ang kanilang dating kalaban! Take note Satur Ocampo with Bongbong Marcos, Liza Maza with Earp! Eww! So disgusting! I want to puke!


      1. natanggal kasi yung link na gusto ko sanang ipost. basta hanapin mo sa youtube yung program ng 101 East na “After the Storm”. Sa part 2 may mahabang interview kay Gibo. Kung hindi ka mandiri eh ewan ko na lang. Panay palusto…ayaw magpahuli at ayaw linawin kung bakit kulang ang pag-responde ng gobyerno…. typical politician doublespeak.

        Hindi naman nakakagulat ang paghuhugas-kamay niya, pero hindi iyan ang katangiang hinahanap ko sa isang pangulo.

        Basta, ikaw na lang ang humusga. I tried to inform you.


      2. sorry meh, but this video, is so totally making me vote for gibo. haha.

        nakakainis yung interviewer for repeatedly putting the blame on him and on the government. he should’ve just taken out a rod and scolded him right there and then. he’s not listening to gibo’s answers he just wanted to scold and reprimand him for not being prepared.

        and i’m glad gibo had the patience to take on him. i like the spontaneity. he’s got the humility and the courage to take full responsibility, but he is also firm in explaining, what really happened. he admitted that yes, the system failed, the preparations failed. BUT these are the reasons and he’s done something to address it. doing all these with grace and professionalism.

        that’s the kind of guy i want to be president. 🙂


      3. Noong panahon ni Cory, pinrosecute nila ang mga Marcos, may nagyari ba? Hanggang ngayon, wala pang nangyayari. So, pare-pareho lang yang mga kasalukuyang pamilya ng mga politiko. Puro mga crooked yan, kahit ang iba nagbabait-baitan.
        Isa pa, ang LP, puro na mga artista!!! Artistang mga oportunista! Patay!,, kawawa na ang Pilipinas!


    1. hindi sya nagmalinis after nung Ondoy. sinabi nga nya na he takes full responsibility for the actions of NDCC pero sinabi rin nya ang mga reason kung bakit di naman dapat sisihin ng todo ang NDCC kasi very rare talaga yung nangyari na delubyong yun kaya di sila prepared sa magnitude nya. I am for Gibo at sana nga dumami pa supporters nya because we need someone like him.


      1. hindi sila prepared — period.

        kulang sa equipment especially yung rubber boats…kulang or worse, wala ring coordination. the first few hours in any disaster are crucial pero anong nagawa nila?

        at least nung si orly mercado pa ang may hawak ng post na yun, may nakahandang grupo at equipments just in case kailanganin. nasaan si gibo nung panahon na yun? nasa bahay lang ba niya?

        remember gibo’s infomercial about disaster preparedness? hanggang dun lang pala siya. leche.

        goes to show that just because you’re a bar topnotcher it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be a good leader.


      2. i think Gibo did his job well. nung time ni Orly meracdo, hindi ganun kagrabe ang ulan. remember, all time high, record breaking ang ONDOY. so dont compare.

        at si Gibo, wala sa bahay niya. nagtatrabaho. hindi niya ginamit ung opportunity para magpabango sa media.

        ask, where is Noy during that time? he’s having a party with Erap. naisip niyo ba yun???


  5. “his wife Nikki Prieto-Teodoro joined him on stage. For a brief moment, Sen. Jamby Madrigal who was watching the live event on TV considered defecting to Lakas.”

    – he he! This one instantly ran Diana Ross’s “I’m Coming Out” in my head. I want the world to know, Got to let it show, I’m coming out, I want the world to know, I got to let it show.


  6. Ay ewan. Basta kami kanina, nag show of force sa EDSA Shang. Myself, phreddox, a friend who only reads but doesn’t comment and mavakes. Ika nga ni mavakes, yay, ano ba ‘to, nag eyeball ang mga “intelligent readers” ng blog ni Heckler at sya lang ang wala. 😀

    So we discussed this blog over Claw Daddy’s seafood menu. Ang saya saya to think na ng dahil lang mga fans kami ni Lito Lapid, napunta ito sa isang pagkakaibigan.

    And guess what, we found out that four of us were for NOYNOY Aquino. Yey!

    sayangs nga lang at dalawa lang kaming botante ni mavakes.


  7. has anyone seen the al jazeera show 101 east where they interviewed sec gilbert teodoro about how the philippine goverment handled the twin catastrophies ondoy and pepeng? he was quite rude to the interviewer and didn’t really give any straightforward answers… really disappointing i must say.


    1. I have! I thought GIBO demonstrated a clear grasp of issues. He never skirted from answering any query raised by the Al Jazeera journalist. Being able to control the interview would not and should not be equated to being rude. Members of parliament at the House of Commons are far more direct to the point when answering journalist’s questions, which you may consider bordering on rudeness. Gibo being tact is far from being rude. Why don’t you try watching HardTalk, Bottomline and Question Time on BBC and you’ll see what I’m referring to.

      Was it really disappointing? Really? Admitting responsibility and taking ownership of the blame was not straightforward enough for you mate? If by any measure Gibo was not straightforward with his answers, then Chiz Escudero must be the paragon of unambiguity. LOL!

      By the way Mr.Hekler when are you doing a piece on Chiz again? He seems to have evaporated out of thin air….haven’t heard much news about him lately….after unshackling himself from his party. LOL!




  8. Here you go again being carried away by so-called “intelligent” and “good-looking” candidates like Gibo. Our two most corrupt presidents (Marcos and Arroyo) were brilliant in their fields, forceful speakers and not bad to look at either. But where did it leave our country….up shit creek without a paddle, hehehe.

    Subukan naman natin yung kandidatong mukhang “abnoy” like Noynoy, or yung mukhang “bading na bangkay” like Villar whose make-up artist works in his Golden Haven Mortuary, hehehe.

    Better yet, I’ll probabbly vote for one of those wacko candidates who filed their COC on the very 1st day at COMELEC. They are probably more sincere and purer of heart than the serious candidates.


    1. nag try na rin tayo ng low profile, not so intelligent president in the person of Cory di ba…..look what happened…..the worse than the Marcos regime.

      An honest president can be a good president if he has conviction, authority to lead….at wala nyan si kuya noynoy ko.

      He can be easily deceived, swayed, just like her mother.

      Tama na…sobra na…..iba naman……..


  9. yehey pansin ko lang, noong una parang ako lang ang gilbert
    dito, ngayon, may iilan na, sana ang interviewer ng mga taga
    survey ay magawi sa amin ng umangat kaunti ratings ….

    speaking of “untarnished reputation” ni noynoy, all of them
    started from there, even the brilliant ones, only to be carried
    away by the color of money later…

    now, of all the presidentiables, i think only gilbert and noynoy
    will not succumb to corruption, and so, the choice should be
    between the two of them…

    simple lang, si gilbert na isang magaling at matalino, and, the
    handsomest pilipino president if elected, whose only hindrance
    to the presidency is his being an administration candidate, which
    is unfair to him at simple lang din, gilbert is not arroyo…

    si noynoy na at the start was reluctant to run because i presumed
    he knows himself better than others, that he is not as brilliant and
    as passionate as his father to serve but became the most oportunista
    candidate nang makita result ng survey, and is now atat na atat na,
    na is now even ready to get rid of the hacienda just to get there


  10. wow. i’m so happy i thought there are only extremely few gibo supporters in here. i’m glad unti unti nang nakikita nga mga tao yung potential ni gibo. wee. 🙂 ako din wala akong pakialam kung parang masasayang ang boto ko. basta bilib ako sa potensyal nya. 😀 i don’t mind him being from the admin party, as the administration is also very much under-appreciated as it is.

    i have a friend in the Department of National Defense and she says wala talagang masabi sa pamamalakad nya and they were all sad that he had to resign.

    edu actually seems ok, pero no no i wont vote for him wehehe.

    AAANYWAY, peyborit ko yung PACBET.
    greatjob onthis mister heckler. 🙂


    1. Si Obama hindi humaharap sa press kapag walang teleprompter, kasi hindi alam ang mga isasagot sa mga tanong dahil bobo. kailangan pa mag review with his handlers para hindi mahalata na walang alam. Si Ngoyngoy pag iniharap sa press at tinanong sa kaniyang platform, parang kandilang matutunaw yan at sisigaw ng “I will consult with the Pink Sisters and my own sisters first. Excuse me!”


  11. lol kulet ng pacbet eh hehehehe

    mga bossing paOT, baka meron sa inyo na medyo connected sa COMELEC or Smartmatic, ayon kasi sa isang reliable source namin na medyo may pagkabias, wala daw paraan para madouble check ang votes ngayong 2010, eto ang pagkakasabi nya tungkol sa automated elections: kumbaga sa exams, estudyante ang magchecheck, kumbaga sa bilihin, wala ng resibo. sabi nga ng isang rep. sa bandang huli, ang politika ay tungkol lahat sa pera.


  12. I’ll vote for Nicanor Perlas. Mas deserving pa ang tao na hindi kilala at alam mong hindi mananalo kesa bumoto ng tao na harap harapan na sinisiraan ang kapwa. Manny, Gibo, Erap, Chiz, Noynoy, Erap at lahat sila, they know how to turn the fucked up government upside down. Lahat sila mahusay, lahat may pinag aralan. Ganyan din si Ramos at Gloria. Mahuhusay. Puro maka-masa! Eh punyetang masa yan, sila ang hindi nagbabayad ng tax! Worst, sila ang mga nangho-holdap, snatcher at nanggugulang sa aming middle class! Ngayon, sabihin nyo sakin kung iboboto ko ang maka-masa at punyetang manok mo? Wag mong sabihin na bigyan sila ng pagkakataon dahil si Gloria, Erap at Ramos ay nabigyan na ng pagkakataon habang ikaw, ilang taon ka ng nagtatrabaho pero libag at pawis pa rin lang ang naiipon mo. Punyetang pulitika talaga….


  13. ..aaah, basta…mahinang klase si Noynoy, kung applicant ‘yan sa isang managerial position sa isang kumpanya hindi ‘yan matatanggap kasi KULANG SA EXPERIENCE, WALANG SUBSTANTIAL TRACK RECORD, at kumpanya pa lang ‘yan, ha? paano na kung buong bansa ang ima-manage? Juice ko! Paiikut-ikutin lang ‘yan ng nakapaligid sa kanya, magbalik-tanaw lamang tayo noong panahon ng Nanay ‘nya….


  14. by the way sinong nakapanood ng ISANG TANONG kagabi? ang galing ni Winnie Monsod sumagot…si Villar naman todo kambyo sa sagot niya… kaasar.

    anyway, ang mga nakakatawang sagot ay kay Erap at Noy. si Noy parang pang world record kung magsalita. wala tuloy akong naintindihan. maxadong napressure sa 2minutes…pero ayun, natapos niya yung sagot niya eh ang haba pa ng natitira niyang oras…

    si Gibo, okay lang. kaso sana hindi puro militar ang nababanggit niya. in fairness kay Bayani, isa siya sa mga pinakamagaling sumagot kagabi.

    hay, kapuyat talaga. late tuloy ako sa office kanina. 9:26 ang in ko.


    1. Sayang si Villar maganda pa naman ang nakuha niya na tanong tungkol sa manggagawa, nakakabitin.

      Mas naasar ako dun sa sagot ni councilor na maluwang pa daw ang Pilipinas, 12th largest population na tayo sa mundo tas maluwang pa raw?! Pati rin ang definition niya ng bayani…so specific na feeling ko parang sarili na ang tinutukoy…haaay.

      Yung si Perlas maalam nga pero kulang sa charisma..si Erap? Masyado na siyang nagpahalata sa mga sinagot niya. Well si Gibo nasa perspective niya rin kasi yun at agree ako sa sagot nya dahil totoo naman.


  15. Edu is smarter than most people think. He’s actually very articulate and intelligent. I’d rather vote for him than:
    Loren – who’s balimbing and has no loyalty
    Binay – who’s pure evil
    Mar- who’s married to Korina=) hehe
    -who’s a “young” trapo with all his infomercials and papogi.


  16. from Philstar.com

    dennis_2980 wrote:


    Just like to ask , of what Gibo has accomplished for 11 years in Congress , and 2 years in the DND and NDCC ?

    What I can recall , is that , Gibo was the principal author to impeach Hilario Davide , and tried to corrupt the Judiciary and violates the constitution by intruding to the affairs of the co-equal brach of the gov’t . The move was malicious because the Supreme Court had ruled the Coco Levy case against his uncle Danding . There was a grand conspiracy at that time to regain control of the coco levy by Danding and GMA , however , Davide was the stumbling for their plans , and tha was the primary reason that Gibo was mobilized to neutralize the judiciary . The link between GMA and Danding was very obviious because after the resolution of the case by the SC declaring the Coco Levy as public funds , GMA immediately appoint Danding as Chairman of the SMC which is in violation to the ruling of the Supreme Court .

    Ganito bang klaseng presidente ang ating ilalagay sa pwesto ? Gibo was trying to corrupt the judiciary in revenge of his uncle and to take control the judicial system of our country . Coco Levy funds ay pera ng mga coconut farmers na umabot na ng bilyon bilyon pero kailanman man ay hindi nakatikim ang mga magsasaka dahil ginawa itong private accounts nila ni Danding at ni Gibo .


  17. I chose Roco over Estrada even if he was not popular. I would do the same by chosing Teodoro regardless what the majority says. It feels good looking back knowing that I was honest to myself on choosing the best person regardless of the outcome. I belive it is everyone’s responsibility to chose the best based on self-research of candidate’s character, competence, and leadership and not just depend on what my kumpare and kumare’s opinions. I honestly believe none on the presidentiables fits the profile well better than Teodoro. Win or lose I’m comfortable with Teodoro.

    For those who don’t like Teodoro, kahit sino basta wag lang si Erap.


  18. Manny-Jinkee kiss– damage control? it’s odd but i find it—sweet! haha! This may be another tough time for the Pacquiao couple especially for Jinkee but as long she stands by her man and he doesn’t get the other woman preggy, Jinkee will still be the happiest, most pampered woman in Manny’s life.


  19. Saan kayo dadamputin pag nanalo mga kandidato nyo at tuluyang lumubog ang Pinas. subukan naman nyo ung maka Diyos at Makatao alam nyo na kung sino sya, nadaya lang kaya natalo nung nakaraang halalan.

    yung ibang kandidatong lumipat pareho lang yan palubog na kasi barko nila, iisa lang ang budhi ng mga yan, masama.


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