MANNY PACQUIAO has won his seventh title in seven weight divisions. With his latest victory, Pacquiao is expected to reclaim the “Most Popular Guy in the Philippines” title from Noynoy Aquino.

New Champ, New Fight
Minutes after Manny Pacquiao outclassed Puerto Rican champ Miguel Cotto, the crowd chanted, ‘We want Floyd! We want Floyd!” Pacquiao answered, “I want Chiongbian! I want Chiongbian!”

Manny Pacquiao won his bout against Miguel Cotto as a welterweight. His next “fight” will be in May 2010 where he’ll try his luck as a ‘lightweight.’

Miguel Cotto himself has hinted during the fight that he was willing to try politics soon. In fact, even before declaring his candidacy, he had tried to run several times.

pac_belts Pacman Fanatics
Dozens of Filipino politicians have joined the bandwagon and declared themselves members of Team Pacquiao… except for Sen. Chiz Escudero who refused to join any group and declared himself member of Team Pilipinas.

Pacquiao’s 7th Title
Manny Pacquiao became the first boxer to win seven world titles in seven different divisions. The only other Filipino to achieve an almost similar feat was Ronaldo Puno – operating for three different presidential bets and winning all three elections.

Pacquiao’s 7th Title II
Sen. Loren Legarda congratulated Manny Pacquiao for winning his seventh world title in seven weight divisions. Legarda said she could actually relate to Pacquiao because “2010 will mark my fourth candidacy under my fifth political party.”

pac_cot More Reactions
Sen. Manuel Villar Jr. congratulated Manny Pacquiao for his win saying, “You inspired our people to keep trying to make the impossible happen…” something that Villar himself hopes to duplicate in 2010.

In a text message to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, House Speaker Prospero Nograles said, “At least for one brief shining moment, we in the Philippines forgot all our problems.” Until Chavit Singson climbed into the ring.

Nacionalista Party’s Pia Cayetano said the win “brings hope to a people badly in need of inspiration.” More importantly, it brings hope to a presidential aspirant badly in need of a running mate.

Muntinlupa Rep. Ruffy Biazon described Manny’s feat as “One win by one man, but a victory for millions of Filipinos.” He then looked at the moon and smiled.

At press time though, presidential frontrunner Noynoy Aquino of the Liberal Party has not issued a statement on Manny Pacquiao’s victory… mainly because the draft of his congratulatory message has yet to be approved by the Pink Sisters.

QUESTION: Sino o ano ang inyong nakikita sa larawan?
A) Makikita sa foreground ‘yong winner; makikita sa background ‘yong loser!
B) ‘Yong nasa unahan, mukha ng bayani. ‘Yong nasa likuran, mukhang babalato.
C) Ahhh, madali lang! ‘Yong nasa unahan, kampeon. ‘Yong nasa likuran, kampon.
D) Anong problema n’yo?!? Close silang dalawa eh, mahirap bang tanggapin ‘yun? Manigas kayo sa inggit!

pac-cotface Cotto’s Millions
Despite losing his welterweight title to Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto still pocketed 7 million dollars – half of which will be spent to reconstruct his face.

pac-Jinkee Jinkee Was There
Pacquiao’s wife Jinkee, considers herself lucky because she was able to watch the fight at ringside. Starlet Krista Ranillo considers herself luckier because the night before the fight, she was at Manny’s bedside.

Big Punches
Manny Pacquiao landed 276 punches out of 560 attempts or 49 percent while Cotto connected on just 93 of 300 power punches thrown or 31 percent… five percent lower than Jinkee Pacquiao’s monthly average.

Mayweather Jr. Is Next?
Fans and supporters of Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand Garden Arena wanted him to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. next. But fans and supporters of Jinkee Pacquiao are more excited to see her beat up Krista Ranillo first.

pac_roach Roach is the Best
When Pacquiao demolished Cotto, boxing analysts finally understood the genius of Freddie Roach. Now, if they could only understand what he’s saying.

Crime-Free RP
Authorities say the Philippines registered near-zero crime during the Pacquiao-Cotto fight. Robbers stayed home, NPA rebels and Army soldiers observed an undeclared truce, and the More Islamic Liberation Front delayed the kidnapping of another priest.

pac_stars Celebrities in Attendance
Spotted during the fight were Hollywood celebrities like Denzel Washington, Will Ferrell, Joe Pesci, Jeremy Piven, Mark Wahlberg, Mickey Rourke, P. Diddy, Paris Hilton, rapper/DJ Jermaine Dupri, Magic Johnson, Shane Mosley and several other prominent figures. For a brief moment, promoter Bob Arum considered playing the song, “Hindi Ka Nag-iisa.”

But an awkward thing happened before the fight began. When TV cameras focused on starlet Krista Ranillo, Manny started humming, ‘Sometimes When We Touch.’

Twelve Rounds
Friends who failed to watch the fight texted me and asked how long did the fight last. I replied: On radio, 12 rounds; on GMA-7, 12 years. [Punyetang mga commercials ‘yan!]

pac-Ladiva La Diva
La Diva – a trio of virtually unknown Filipino singers was applauded for their rendition of the Philippine National Anthem before the Pacquiao-Cotto bout. I heard they were paid in dollars. They’re now on their way back to the country to buy a career.
“I was actually pretending it didn’t hurt, but it really hurt, you know.”
~Manny Pacquiao during a post-fight press conference

CNN Sports Illustrated’s Bryan Graham enumerates the “Five things we learned from the Pacquiao-Cotto fight”

Survey Says
Who is your vice president?
JEJOMAR Binay :7%
LOREN Legarda :5%
EDU Manzano :12%
Wala na lang. :30%

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85 thoughts on “THE LORD OF THE RING”

    1. Pass muna ata ‘ko this time sa survey! PH dagdagan mo naman choices, parang di enough na “Popular Guys” sila eh… weheheh

      GMA really went for the gold during the fight, way OTT ang commercials buti there’s live streaming. And one thing about Cotto, it’s how classy an opponent he was; bruised, bloody and all, he still managed to come up to Pacquiao, and congratulate him after the fight. 🙂


      1. abs nga sa miss universe tinawag na ang 15 finalists sa star world, sa kanila hindi pa nag-umpisa…dhil nag-emote pa sina boy abunda at kris aquino.

        tinawag na ang ten finalists sa miss universe sa star world, pero sa abs kaumpisa pa lang…to think hindi nga marami ang comml load!


    2. Its a choice between one man who is taking care of her mother since he was 14 and another man who was taken care of by her mother until he was 49 (and ger death). The first made the best of himself and his chosen field and the second made nothing of himself and whatever field he is in.


  1. Talagang punyeta ang mga commercials na yan sa delayed telecast ng GMA-7. Delayed na nga, pinahaba haba pa ng paulit ulit ng ads. Nakatulog ako in front of the teevee after the 4th round mga 2:30pm yata. By the time I woke up at around 4pm, Round 10 pa lang.

    I was keeping track of the fight simultaneously via radio, blow by blow account tweets and foreign blogs. Palpak ang live streaming na pirated (hehe). Or baka palpak lang si smartbro at only 10 Mbps.

    When I watched the delayed telecast na, for a while, I thought the Pacman has filed for a legal change of surname. Mas prominent pa kasi si RICOA sa trunks nya keysa apelyido nya.

    Re Cotto, thanks for teaching me a new dance step, the pa-atras atras jogging step ng isang talunan. He also personified a tomato from the beating he got. Na-moved ako when he embraced the Pacman after the fight. Parang cue sa pelikula yung sabay ng pag-flow ng blood sa mata nya parang luha.

    Boxing is brutal and bloody. Ah whatever, basta panalo ang pinoy. 🙂


  2. Langya…natawa ako dun sa pagkatpos makuhan ng video si Krisa napakanta si Manny ng “Samtayms wen wi tats” LOL. Anyway tulad ng sinabi ko dati, wala ako paki kung sino gustong sundutin ni pacman…basta manalo sya…eh nanalo..

    hala sige..sundot pa ng sundot!!! LOL


  3. hayup talaga yang si chavit. dapat sa susunod pagbawalan na ang mga ganyang klaseng tao sa ring.

    cotto is such a mature fighter. he accepted his defeat graciously and that gained my respect. the best fighter manny has ever faced. it was hard seeing him all bloodied up.

    La Diva may be “virtually unknown”, but one cannot deny the fact that they did much, much better than the other singers pacquiao previously hired to sing *ahem*geneva & that baustista girl


  4. Survey: I chose Manny… I’d rather go out with someone who has personality rather than someone who looks like he has down syndrome!

    On Krista Ranillo: Shame on you girl if Pacman is really your boyfriend! Ibang level ang kapal ng face mo if you’d actually show up in his fight knowing that his wife is there. If you have a relationship go hide and don’t show your face on public! You are a disgrace!


  5. commercials on channel 7 run from 6min – 8 min per gap, while the fight took only about 3 min per round. mas mahaba pa ang commercials. sobrang takaw ng kapuso, its been like that since the hatton fight. buti nga e after the national anthem pinasok agad ung round 1. kay hatton nag commercial gap ulit after kumanta si nievera. bad trip. pero masaya kasi panalo si pacman 🙂


      1. I second the motion. 🙂

        Kasi, ba’t ko sasayangin boto ko sa isang kagaya nyang mistulang asong eating its own puke?

        Nung impeachment ni Erap, nag-cry cry pa siya when the 2nd envelop was voted upon not to be opened. Came 2004 elections, yung pa cry cry nya ay napunta sa wala when she ran as VP ni Erap.

        Now comes Manny Villar whom she voted to be ousted as Senate President. Mag ve-VP na naman sya under him.

        Anong akala nya sa botante, iisipin na lang na yung mga drama nya ay lovers’ quarrel lang?



  6. Gentleman talaga si Cotto. Kahit magang-maga at duguan yung dalawang mata niya, nakuha niya pang kindatan si Manny after the fight and congratulate him. He fought like a man, took defeat like a man, no excuses at all. A truly class act. Which is more than I can say for Floyd Gayweather (Sr. and Jr.) Magsama pa kayong dalawa, matinding bugbog din aabutin nyo kay Manny.

    Topdog and Senior60 meron lang akong request. Pwede bang mag-EB tayo, gusto ko lang makita kayong dalawa mag-besobeso, hehehe! At gusto ko lang masiguro na hindi ka nga bading, Senior60. Sa sobrang pagna-nasa mo kay Gibo, tingin ko ka-kosa ka ni Facifica Falayfay, hehehe!


  7. The ladies who sang the national anthem were good. Too bad GMA can’t market there stars well kaya parang wala lang sila! LOL!

    @NHI… hay, nothing is good for those people. I hope their office gets abolished na. Making issues that are not worth talking about! Waste of funds.


    Hay Noynoy! Bullied/ forced/ pressured to run for president! Wala ka bang sariling pag iisip? Nagpagamit pa kay Mar and Korina.


  8. any woman would chose macho man manny anytime
    over machonorin noynoy…

    mister heckler naman napakalupit mo, hindi naman
    virtually unknown filipino singers ang la diva, known
    naman sila for us mga tagasubaybay sa gma, the network….

    @ t.tinio
    ayoko makig bese-beso, ano ako bading?…
    but seriously, its hard to be friends with topdog, hindi maka-
    intindi, simple english, ma tagalog, wala, zero comprehension…


  9. this is for jinky, don’t pay attention to the rumors about manny and krista or any other women. i think people don’t have other good things to say. just pray and try your very best to ignore the ugly rumors. pay more attention to youself and manny and your children. we are pretty sure the only reason why women will go after manny is the money. women who go after married men are loosers and came from disfunctional family. stay as you are, take care of yourself and make it a point to always look pretty in front of manny. take care and good luck.


  10. Oo, nakita ko si Willie Revillame na sinamahan si Pacquiao papuntang dressing room bago ang laban. Pabasa-basa pa ng labi pag napo-focus sa camera para magmukhang kissable lips. Kadiri! Nasa left ni Manny si Willie habang nasa right naman si Jinkee. Pero parang si Willie ang asawa, mas nauuna pa kay Jinkee. Buti na lang hindi pinapasok ni Alex Ariza (Manny’s conditioning coach) sa dressing room. Ang kapal! Ang kupal!


  11. I have always found your post witty and relevant, until the Freddie Roach piece. The guy has a degenerative medical condition, which is Parkinson’s disease. Speaking is a great feat for him but he tries, the least we could do for a guy who is in so much pain but refuses to show it or be defeated by it to is give him the respect that he is due.


  12. Napansin nyo ba humagulgol sa iyak si Jinkee during Sunday Mass when the priest said sa Peace Be With You portion, “Mga mag-asawa, magyakapan kayo.” Halata na meron talagang “problem”. Well, Manny is now a billionaire and in the prime of his life so it’s but natural for women to be attracted and gravitate toward him, and Jinkee has to accept this cruel fact of life. Pa-beauty na ling siya and hope for the best.

    Senior60, wag ka na ma-HB kay Topdog, naglalambing lang sa matanda yun.


    1. I don’t think the ladies weren’t that bad… in fact it was harmonically tune ika nga… don’t know if there is such word like that … but i find it quite awesome that their voices blended well… it wasn’t an easy task to harmonized those voices and still making sure those freaking people from NHI won’t make any reklamo…

      I also want to make ‘comment’ kay Sabit-Chavit na yan… ewan ko ba, kumukulo ang dugo tuwing nakikita ko yang mukha’ng yan sa tv or anywhere else… ang kapal talaga…


  13. Hi PH, Have you seen the video of Manny with Krista at the passenger seat in you tube? Shame on you Krista! Wonder what Matt Ranillo the Turd’s role in this affair is….as he is said to be part of the entourage as well.

    Team Jinkee!

    RE: Survey
    It would be hard to choose Noy, as it’ll be hard for him to leave JOshua and marry me.


      1. My sympathy goes to Jinkee and the kids. The nerve of Krista’s manager to say that they are just close friends. I don’t think Krista will even talk with Pacman if it were’nt for his dollars and blings.
        Truly disappointed with a well educated lady who studied in Poveda and Ateneo. I think she is an exception.


  14. usually, ang mga taong may slurred speech na katulad
    ng kay roach ay nagkaroon na ng heart/high blood attack….

    si jinkee naman nagpaka oa, share manny’s blessings naman,
    kung ang mga tsuper nga na mga kapus sa buhay ay nang
    tsichicks, si manny pa?

    @ t.tinio
    tawagin mo na lang akong bading huwag lang matanda hahaha

    @ topdog
    ok, friends na tayo…


  15. As to this controversial on KRISTA – MANNY… I will give Krista the benefit of a doubt… There’s a movie coming up for the Metro Manila Film Fest. Being in that said festival, you need a lot of noise, publicity gimiks, etal… The producers riding on this movie, need to get back or have at least return back of their puhunan ika nga… having to have flop movie and not get back their investment is a big disaster on their part.

    Although I have this in mind, if ever this movie is indeed a flop, they can always send it to some Int’l Film Festival as an Indie Film category… who knows for whatever reason, it may even get an award…… o diba! parang ‘HIMALA’…


  16. manny and jinkee’s marriage is undeniably going thru rough times.they need to work out their would help if they shield their personal lives from the limelight.congratulations manny!don’t make your victory hollow by letting cheap starlets lure you away from your beautiful family.


  17. PH, hindi mo yata napansin yung isang useless ad after the end of each round sa GMA-7… yun bang part na:

    “Firepower: Pacquiao vs Cotto is brought to you by San Miguel Beer, Alaxan FR, … and also brought to you by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.”

    Ano naman kayang kinalaman ng DENR sa boxing fights? Sigurado, tax na naman ng mga pinoy ang pinambayad ni Atienza para lang i-advertise yun!


      1. sabagay..
        ako kasi nasa harap ng computer game habang commercial pa para lang hindi mainip sa panonood..
        nung una, hindi ko pinansin.. pero nung napansin ko na after every round e may ad ang DENR, di ko na nagawang di pansinin yun.. buti kung mura lang ang pa-advertise sa tv kahit ganun lang kabilis..


  18. …..pwede ba? tantanan na ang Krista-Manny-Jinkee issue? matatanda na sila at alam nila ang tama at mali. it only cheapens Manny’s victory. pero hindi maipagkakaila na mahusay ang pagsanib himig ng La Diva sa Lupang Hinirang kahit pa sabihin ng NHI mali ang tempo.

    ….. dapat ‘yung jingle na Loren Loren Sinta palitan na ng Paru-Parong Bukid para mas makatotohanan.


  19. the La Diva (wat the heck is up with that name?) sounded like they made a christmas song out of our national anthem. listen again.

    eto naman kasing NHI, kung alam naman nilang may laban si Pambansang Womanizer, THEY SHOULD COLLABORATE with the assigned singer ng Lupang Hinirang. gumalaw kayo, HOY!!!!! kakabwist.


  20. mas justifiable seguro yon kung instead of just mentioning the angecy’s name, nagbigay sila ng message that encourage us to protect the environment: like plant trees, etc. or anything to that effect…but just advertising angency’s name (DENR), for what???

    but i don’t see the commercial..i’m here in angola, i just base this comment on your comments also.


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