noli_dc De Castro and the Palace
Did you hear the news? Malacañang has given Vice President Noli De Castro a deadline to join Lakas-CMD-Kampi. Kabayan vowed to make a final decision after Manny Villar has made a final offer.

Top 10 Questions Vice President Noli De Castro Should Ask Himself Before Accepting the Invitation of Malacañang to Join the Administration Party

No. 10: Deadline? Eh sino bang 1 percent lang sa survey, ako o si Gibo?

No. 9: Am I this desperate to become president?

No. 8: Since my home studio, ABS-CBN is expected to back Noynoy Aquino, who will then support me – NBN 4?!?

No. 7: Is my future running mate, Ronnie Puno – capable of pulling off another “Sulo Hotel Operation” to secure our party’s victory?

No. 6: If yes, why am I tempted to allow it?

No. 5: Can Lakas CMD-Kampi match the multimillion-peso offer of my Wednesday Club buddy Manny Villar?

No. 4: Teka, saan ko na nga ba inilagay ‘yong tseke?

No. 3: If I would be drafted as Lakas Party’s standard bearer and ANC invites me to a series of presidential debate (to be moderated by UP professor Cheche Lazaro in English), can I just send someone on my behalf?

No. 2: How prepared am I to lose?

And the No.1 question Vice President Noli De Castro should ask himself before accepting the invitation of Malacañang to join the administration party…

Saan ako pupulutin pagkatapos ng halalan sa 2010?

Briefly Noted
Apparently, Manila Standard Today gossip columnist Victor Agustin a.ka. “Philippine Daily Inquirer’s pain in the ass” is misinformed. That post about the ex-Future First Lady was not written as a “chain mail” as he just claimed. People who read the post just started re-posting and circulating the article. Aba! Malay ko bang pati mga taga-Asian Development Bank eh nakiisa na rin pala sa pagpapakalat ng artikulo. Here’s Mr. Agustin’s gossip item on that blog post.

“There’s nothing more dangerous than a resourceful idiot.”
~Scott Adam

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31 thoughts on “KABAYAN”

    1. cannot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

      Idol LL knows his limitations. He’s going back to run as gov in Pampanga. 🙂

      Scoop scoop scoop. 50% si Noynoy sa latest SWS survey pero sa Luzon nga lang. Good news is, the survey area comprises 40% of the total voting population sa buong bansa.

      No wonder nagkakandarapa na sila lahat para sirain si Noynoy.

      Sabihin na nila lahat pero eto lang masasabi ko. I don’t know the man personally. I don’t give a heck if his josh-like tongue shows in his pix. What amazes me though is despite of his perceived inadequacies as leader, why is is that people have so much faith in him?

      Made an informal survey in our subdivision here and 75% are all for Noynoy.


  1. Heckler, why is it you are not always getting the credit?

    I call all heckler’s regular readers to please react or call the attention of someone who claims or reproduces (in bad faith or otherwise) any post of our heckler without the proper credit.

    Mahirap kaya mag-heckle and open yourself to libel hehehe…

    (Don’t worry you can have my services hahaha)

    Mabuhay ka!


  2. Hi! I’m afraid I’m one of the guilty ones who shared your post about The Ex Future First Lady. I really found it hilarious so I shared it with my friends via e-mail… believe me… di lang sa ADB umabot yun… and siempre full credit goes to you as the source… Good day.


  3. chiwee

    amazed ka? nakalimutan mo na ba na anak sya ni ninoy

    at cory? na kahit siguro si kris ang nandoon or anyone of

    the siblings ay mag top din sa survey?

    ang malaking problema lang, noynoy is not ninoy, iyon

    ang dapat maging presidente, por dios por santo, hindi

    si noynoy, paikutin lang yon ng mga trapos ng liberal

    party who are as desperate na talagang taga liberal party

    ang manalo and not just from any other opposition party..


  4. Is it true Manny Villar paid Noli de Castro P1Billion para hindi na tumakbo. Kaya pansinin nyo, tahimik na. Aba, advantage ke Noli yan dahil P1B derecho na sa bulsa nya. E kung tatakbo nga naman sya sa administration, bibigyan nga sya ng budget na P1B pero mababawasan dahil sa campaign, e di dun na sya sa pera ni Villar! Grabe itong mga politikong ito, pinaglalaruan lang ang pagiging presidente, at pinaglalaruan lang ang mga tao!! Yehey yayaman nanaman kuno si Willie Revillame!


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