natlartist The National Artist Award
Despite the uproar over President Arroyo’s selection of additional four new National Artists, Malacañang says it will push through with the conferment rites within the month. After the awarding, a hefty meal will be served to the awardees, their families, friends, and supporters. Leyte Congressman Ferdinand Martin Romualdez will foot the bill.

The National Artist Award II
Unconfirmed reports say ABS-CBN is keen on airing live the conferment rites for the seven new National Artists in Malacañang. Network executives will officially announce the planned live coverage… as soon as Willie Revillame gives them the go signal.

Willie Revillame I
Amid calls from various organizations and bloggers to sanction him over his alleged arrogance and disrespect for former President Aquino’s cortege, Wowowee host Willie Revillame “has been asked to go on leave.” As a result, Sen. Mar Roxas was forced to cancel his scheduled stag party in the noontime show.

willy Willie Revillame II
ABS-CBN corporate communications head Bong Osorio said starting Monday, August 10, Willie Revillame would go on indefinite leave… Or as scantily-clad dancers on Wowowee would call it “Sexual Harassment Free Week.”

Lapid in New York
Reports say Sen. Lito Lapid didn’t enjoy the dinner he had with President Arroyo at a popular French restaurant in New York last week. He hated the service, he never liked the food, and he couldn’t spell the name of the place.

FIBA Asia Men’s Championship
The RP Men’s basketball team posted its third win in the ongoing FIBA Asia Men’s Championship in China. In case you didn’t know, our cagers (Taulava, Thoss, Helterbrand, Pennisi, Miller, Dillinger, Norwood etc.) were initially barred from participating in the tournament… because organizers thought they were suiting up for FIBA North America.

Photo of the Weak
(Thanks to a friend for the photo. Caption mine.)
Sa inyong palagay, alin ang mas papakinggan ng Itaas:
Ang panalangin ng madasalin at cute na hayup, o ang panalangin ng aso?

Da Who?!
She has been open about it recently. But she refuses to name names. Sexy Celebrity has new a multimillion peso-house in the US. According to her, it was a gift from a politician. According to her, they’ve talked about wedding. What’s wrong with the picture? One, he’s not a politician although he’s an influential figure in politics. Second, how could they possibly talk about a wedding when he’s very much married? Does his common-law-wife know about the illicit relationship? If someone would leak the info to her, she would be clued-up on the affair! And there goes your clue!

Da Who 2
Deepak Chopra calls it synchronicity. We often referred to it as coincidence. The Professional Heckler happened to be at the right place at the right time with the right persons who proved his suspicion that a government official has been using his post and probably, taxpayers’ money to advance his political interest.

Here’s what happened during a recent meeting. People from the creative and media agencies handling the PR campaign of a government official were “buying portions” in several television programs. Their client has been rumored to be seeking a very high elective post in 2010. Advertising guy 1 said and roughly, I quote, “We want the portion to highlight all the achievements of ______.” Advertising guy 2 was more blunt and I thank him for exposing the real motive of his client. He explained, “We have to air the portions ASAP because there’s an scheduled political survey and we want _________ to figure prominently in that survey.”

Da Who is the famous client? Hint: “Initially,” we’re all here!

Did Karen Davila and her show commit plagiarism? After reading an email from freelance writer and book author Angela Stuart Santiago, I am inclined to believe they did. Tsk… tsk… tsk… A brewing controversy involving another ABS-CBN talent. And they all loathe Gloria Arroyo for dishonesty? Please click this link for the complete story.
“Everything in excess is opposed to nature.”
~ Hippocrates

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64 thoughts on “FUROR”



  2. Ang mali sa ginawa ni Willie ay ‘yung manner ng explanation n’ya. Sa totoo lang, maganda (sana) ‘yung intention at ‘yung reason (‘yung climate ng noontime-show versus the mood ng burial’s live feed, and all the crap),
    pero the WAY Willie has conveyed HIS message, was awful and wrongful
    (well, as abominable as he invariably is).

    Pagpapatunay lang na wala talagang “K” sa pagho-host si Willie, kahit dati pa. ‘Yung paraan nga ng pagsasalita n’ya sa WOwowee ay jerky at mali-mali pa ang choice of Tagalog words (notwithstanding the fact that he speaks very poor English).

    Hindi na sana s’ya naglakas-lakasan pa ng loob at nagpasikat na ipahayag ang saloobin n;ya nung mga oras na ‘yun. He should have not done it in impromptu; he should have had someone written a script for his intentions that time — a script for him to read on-air.

    All in all, what Willie had done was foul, as he always is.


  3. Ay! Ayokong mawindang sa mga Da Whos. 🙂 Mahirap mag-isip kung wala kang isip. Wait na lang ako sa revelations who da whos are na lalabas dito. hehe.

    Basta ang akin lang, in fairness to Idol LL, the gross dinner incident at NYC brought his education a notch higher. Kung dati singular lang ang definition na alam nya sa word na SUCK, naging plural na ito when an inquirer headline read :

    ” For Lapid, service sucks at Le Cirque ”



  4. LAPID IN NEW YORK: Eto ang chika ni Mirriam Defensor

    “Sabi niya, grabe naman itong restaurant na eto, katagal tagal dumating ng order (He said this restaurant is terrible, the orders take so long),” Santiago said.

    According to her, Lapid pointed out to protocol officers that it took time to serve the meals because the waiters would change plates and silverware with every course.
    “That’s why he did not like the French restaurant,” she said.


    Ano’ng course pinagsasabi nI Mirriam? Di naman eskwelahan yung pinuntahan namin. Restoran yun!


  5. Off the topic. Just heard from the news that President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s wealth shoot up at a whooping 2,000% in 8 EFFING YEARS of presindency. And she was saying that this was because of her STOCKS! Stocks that are continually dying???!!! COME ON!!! Even a seven-year-old kid can understand that this “tyanak” is brutally grasping the nations wealth and power. Sad news is, ang mag iimbestiga eh ang OMBUDSMAN na hawak din nya and even if mapunta sa senate ito, do you think pupunta si Gloria sa hearing? hhmmm…. paki baon na nga ng buhay tong tyanak na to lalo na ang palamunin nyang asawa. Sama nyo na si Mikey Mouse.


  6. sexual harassment free week..mukhang di pa posible dahil andun pa yung maniak niyang floor director yung mataba na laging sumasayaw kasama ang mga babae. Na tulad ni willie, halata sa hilatsa ng mukha ang kamamyakan. haha

    napanuod ko si mariel sa tv sabi niya…we miss you will…tang ina ang plastik hahaha

    bagay lang yun kay willie sana di na siya bumalik para naman magkaruon ng quality at sense ang mga non-time shows.

    ngapala, tawang tawa ako kay Sen. Lapid. haha panalo ka boy.


    1. KAREN DAVILA ON PLAGIARISM : According to my source in ABS-CBN, 3 and hosts ng Current Affairs docu, Korina Sanchez, Karen Davila, Julius Babao. Bawat isa sa kanila may naka-assign na segment writer, segment producer, and researcher. Unfair kay Karen dahil hindi naman siya ang sumulat ng segment niya, not unlike sa Correspondent siya talaga ang sumusulat, interview and shoot. Siempre sasabihin natin, TAGABASA LANG SI KAREN YAN ANG ALIBI NIYA…totoo TAGABASA LANG SI KAREN sa docu na Laban ni Cory pero, dapat naisip din natin na napakaraming libro na na-published about Cory Aquino, hindi naman lahat yan NABASA NI KAREN DAVILA para sabihin niya sa writer, habang nagvo-voice siya na “PARANG NABASA KO NA ITO SA ISANG BOOK”? Trabaho ng writer na isulat sa script niya ang source ng information niya, trabaho ng researcher at TRABAHO NG EXECUTIVE PRODUCER na linisin ang script, busisiin, bago ipa-VO sa host. Siguro kung investigative report ito or crime etc…kung bawat line ng script may sinasabing PINATAY NI GOVERNOR SA PAMAMAGITAN NG…OR NI-RAPE NG ARTISTANG SI…i’m sure magtatanong si Karen ano ang naging basehan ng report. Medyo magdududa ka pa. Sa ilang years na nakasama ko si Karen Davila sa Brigada Siete, HINDI SIYA GANYANG KADUMING MAGTRABAHO. Malinis, magaling, matalino, mabusisi. Command responsibility, from the Production Manager to the Executive Producer ito, hindi ito DAPAT IBATO KAY KAREN DAVILA. TOYM Awardee, award winning broadcast journalist, malaki na rin ang pinuhunan niya para makarating siya kung nasaan siya ngayon na walang tinatapakan kahit sino, hindi naman siguro TANGA AT BOBO si Karen na mangopya para maging BIDA siya. Sana bago natin husgahan ang isang tao, alamin muna natin at SANA MAGLABAS NG STATEMENT ANG ABS-CBN PARA NAMAN MALINIS ANG PANGALAN NI KAREN DAVILA. Unfair, sana tinigilan na natin ang mga taong NAGTA-TRABAHO LANG AT WALANG PINEPERSONAL.


      1. wala pong nagsabing maduming magtrabaho si karen davila.
        at hindi rin po sapat na katwiran na kung marami kang inaning parangal at pagkilala ay hindi ka maaaring magkamali.

        natatandaan ko pa ang kaso ng mga barbers laban sa episode ng imbestigador. ano ang katwiran ni mr mike enriquez kung bakit maling siya ay kasuhan? here’s a portion of a gma news onlinereport:

        “In their petition for review, Enriquez and Jimeno averred that they should not be held liable for libel since they are merely the host and executive producer, respectively.”

        MERELY THE HOST & EP? Merely?

        So as host and EP pala, wala kang responsibilidad sa mga iniuulat mo?

        Ganun ba?

        Tama po kayo. Sana ay maglabas ng statement ang ABS-CBN tungkol dito. May pananagutan din si Ms Davila rito pero higit ang pagkakamali o pagkakasala (kung mapapatunayan man) ang writers ng programa.

        So ano na ulit si Karen? Tagabasa?


      2. kung sa ganong takbo ng pagdadahilan, eh dapat pala ay maglagay ng disclaimer ang mga hosts like Karen Davila at the beginning of the show. Something like: “Ako po ay nagbabasa lamang ng mga sinasabi ko dito at wala akong kinalaman sa mga sasabihin ko.”


        Pwede rin hehehe!


    1. i would have to disagree with you too… plagiarism isnt just about copying sentence… it’s also about appropriating a person’s ideas and/or train of thought by couching it in different words (paraphrasing)… which karen seems to have done in this case… my two cents (or pesos)…


  7. Plagiarism? Paraphrasing?

    When is it simply paraphrasing? Does changing every fourth word in a sentence good enough?

    Also, just because the book dealt with “common knowledge”, it doesn’t mean that Ms. Davila (or her writers) didn’t plagiarize Ms. Santiago’s work. (And it isn’t common knowledge, by the way. Ms. Davila’s writers — which I’m guessing weren’t even born during said era and, ergo, didn’t have the benefit of walking down memory lane when they wrote this script — had to have done research. They should have cited their sources, whether that source was Ms. Santiago or otherwise.)

    If Ms. Santiago has the resources, then she should look into plagiarism and copyright infringement.


    1. hi, there’s a legal definition for common knowledge. publicly known information of factual events and for that all you really have to do is just look at old news stories at the time, which im pretty sure ABS-CBN would have on file, or the writers/researchers could have been already cognizant during the time of EDSA 1.

      forgive me for the lecture: plagiarism is a serious charge and at the same time it is now pretty simple (particularly through the internet) to announce to the whole wide world, that so and so plagiarized your work. that kind of claim could easily ruin a persons work reputation without going through a proper judicial process. Additionally, if the researcher/writer wrote the report using his own creative juices (which is extremely possible – considering the factual events were sequential) you can not charge them with plagiarism.

      that being said, should ms. santiago want to prove that she was plagiarized and her copyrighted book was infringed, i would suggest she get a legal opinion from a law office or even better the Intellectual Property Office located at Makati (their legal officers could easily explain how copyright infringement works), then on that basis approach a Prosecutor to help her prepare her complaint affidavit and file it against Ms. Davila et al. – this need not even cost much. im sure LL can even easily put up the cash necessary for expenses. :o)


  8. @bugoy: “common knowledge”? really? not since EDSA has any details of the civil disobedience campaign become common knowledge — nobody talks about it, almost as if to make sure it doesn’t happen again. and what about the part about ver and marcos ordering an all-out assault on the rebel military? hanggang ngayon sinasabi ng mga pro-marcos camps na marcos was so noble, he refused to give the order to bomb crame. and what about that visit of cory to EDSA. the last time i heard, enrile was saying na ni hind nakarating si cory sa EDSA.


    1. hmmm… but it is common knowledge, cory never did get to edsa (at the time she was staying and praying in the convent). her call for civil disobedience was heard and pronounced repeatedly by the Church. As to marcos he did refuse to order ver to bomb crame, though ver had already informed marcos about that option – as to his nobility that is something that i would not be in a position to comment on.

      with all due respect, i would suggest to take time to read all the books on EDSA 1 if you did not live through it… i repeat, it’s common knowledge.

      Now as to why you percieve people dont talk about it – well, perhaps you should ask your educators why they dont tell you about it.


  9. Yan ang hirap sa ibang taong nagtatrabaho sa tv eh, sa pagmamadaling makabuo ng istorya, nag reresort na sa dirty tactics…

    actually, may kopya ako nung libro, (thanks to butch hernandez of ffwwpp)…maayos ang pagkakasulat at mukha namang well-researched kaya hindi ko masisisi ang author kung magalit siya sa nangyari…

    sana lang eh hindi mapunta sa wala yung isyu na to, may mga taong dapat mabugyan ng sanctions para maturuan ng leksyon…

    as for karen davila, kung yan ang paliwanag niya, dapat mag-issue man lang siya ng public apology…kung si tina monzon palma eh nasibak sa isang bagay na hindi naman siya ang nagsulat, dapat eh mahiya naman si karen sa nangyari..


  10. i never liked Karen. Masyadong pa intelehente ang dating. As for Da who 1: Si Rufa Mae saka si Chavit Singson yan. Friends with benefits din ni Rufa Mae yung anak ni Chavit eh. Oh well wag lang sana mauwi sa mga eskandalo at kadramahan alam niyo naman si rufa mae magimik yan. She was the one who leaked Gretchen and John’s kissing photo.

    just to share:

    kinontak ako ng assistant daw ni mar roxas regarding my blog dapat daw eh kinulit ko sila about the scholarship. Dapat din eh di na ako naglabas ng blog about it. thanks sa influence ng blog mo Heckler. Mabuhay ka.


  11. LOL @ Cora Dacong the Davila apologist…

    SO what she’s saying is Karen Davila is a mindless talking head. She just read whats shoved up her face and so she is immune to accusations of plagiarism because someone else does the thinking for her.

    Perhaps then Karen Davila should STOP dishing out OPINIONS in her radio show, since mindless news readers should not poison the public with their convoluted opinions anyway. Besides, who knows where she stole her ‘opinions’ from anyway. hahaha


    1. from wiki, re: Dan Rather’s “Killian Report” on 60 Minutes:

      On September 8, 2004, Rather reported on 60 Minutes Wednesday that a series of memos critical of President George W. Bush’s Texas Air National Guard service record had been discovered in the personal files of Lt. Bush’s former commanding officer, Lt. Col. Jerry B. Killian.[19] The authenticity of these documents was quickly called into question by a small group of bloggers, initially based on their being proportionally printed and displaying other modern typographic conventions with limited availability on military typewriters of the time. This led to claims that the memos were forgeries.[20] The accusations then spread over the following days into mainstream media outlets including The Washington Post,[21] The New York Times,[22] and the Chicago Sun-Times.[23]

      Rather and CBS initially defended the story, insisting that the documents had been authenticated by experts.[24] CBS was contradicted by some of the experts it originally cited,[25]. CBS later reported that their source for the documents, former Texas Army National Guard officer Lt. Col. Bill Burkett, had misled the network about how he had obtained them.[26]
      On September 20, CBS retracted the story. Rather stated, “If I knew then what I know now, I would not have gone ahead with the story as it was aired, and I certainly would not have used the documents in question.”[27] The controversy has been referred to by some as “Memogate” and “Rathergate.”[28]

      Following an investigation commissioned by CBS,[29][30][31] CBS fired story producer Mary Mapes and asked three other producers connected with the story to resign. Many believe Rather’s retirement was hastened by this incident.[32] On Thursday, September 20, 2007, Rather was interviewed on Larry King Live commenting “Nobody has proved that they were fraudulent, much less a forgery. … The truth of this story stands up to this day.”[


  12. totoo bang public funds ang ginagamit ni villar at nagba-buy out siya ng teevee spots!? hindi pa ba sapat yang yaman niya! isn’t he supposed to be rich by his own personal right?

    kung hindi si villar yung blind item, e sino? maganda siguro linawan mo ang clue jester. the voters have a right to know. 😉


  13. hello! its noa secret in the industry what ruffa mae really does for a living…aside fr0m being an artista I’m pretty sure may hanky panky sideline yan.

    Also willie is an effective host. He makes the televiewers feel happy and important. With what happend he just delivered it in bad taste but obviously he didnt mean 2 disrespect cory.

    On karen davila it is her responsibility 2 knw what she is reporting and kung san galing. So unbec0ming of a g0od journalist. Sayang ka naman. Tainted. Mas gusto pa naman kita kesa kay mega biased korina.


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