Tita Cory: A Postscript
Former presidents Fidel Ramos and Joseph Estrada as well as Vice President Noli De Castro, members of both Houses of Congress and government officials attended the requiem mass for former President Corazon Aquino at the Manila Cathedral. There was a heavy downpour in Manila that morning. No wonder, President Arroyo was so isolated.

Top 5 Things Overheard At the Wake of Tita Cory When President Arroyo Arrived

No. 5: “Huwag natin siyang iheckle friends. May breeding tayo. Ganito, sabay-sabay… inhale, exhale!”

No. 4: “Akala ko ba Cup D na. Bakit parang Cup A lang naman?”

No. 3: ““Wala ba shi Krish? Gushto ko shanang mag-explain at mag-shorry nang pershonal.”

No. 2: “Leche naman, oo! Six hours na kami sa pila, nauna pa siya!”

And the No. 1 thing overheard at the wake of Tita Cory when President Arroyo arrived….

[Whispering] “Ano ang tinitingin-tingin mo d’yan? Umalis ka sa harapan ko dahil ‘pag di ako nakapigil, babangon ako rito!”

Former President Cory Aquino is gone. Like her family, politicians are in mourning: Mayor Jejomar Binay lost a friend. Cong. Teddyboy Locsin lost a boss. Sen. Mar Roxas lost an endorsement.

A resolution to declare President Cory Aquino a “national hero” has been filed in Congress. Malacañang is reportedly supporting the resolution… but aside from Cory, President Arroyo is requesting Congress to also declare as national heroes Carlo J. Caparas and Cecile Guidote-Alvarez.

Philippines Aquino
A resolution to declare President Cory Aquino a “national hero” has been filed in Congress. Another resolution will also be filed to officially declare Kris Aquino our “national pastime.”

Kris Aquino revealed that her eldest son Josh told his Tito Noynoy “to please never get married.” Newspaper articles were right. The torch has been passed… Noynoy shall continue the suffering.

At Tuesday’s necrological services, Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay praised Mrs. Aquino for not clinging to power after her term. When Tita Cory heard this, she told God: ‘Yan po ang aking appointee noong 1986 na si Jojo Binay. Mayor pa rin siya hanggang ngayon. Patawarin po ninyo ako.”

Philippines Aquino
There were conflicting reports as to the crowd estimate during the Cory Aquino funeral. According to ABS-CBN News Online, there were 250,000 people. Congressman Rodolfo Plaza believes the number reached 500,000. The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported 150,000. Bro. Eddie Villanueva says 5 million.

Cory’s sister-in-law, former senator Tessie Aquino-Oreta was supposed to take part in the necrological services last Tuesday. Organizers had to decline though because she offered to do a dance number.

Caption of the Weak
Manila Bulletin, August 6, 2009

Briefly Noted Under the Arroyo administration, several journalists were killed. The last five days, it was the journalists’ turn to “kill” Mrs. Arroyo.

Who is more powerful than Gabby Lopez and Charo Santos-Concio? Who else but Willie Revillame! Check out this video.

Alyansa ng Filipinong Mamamahayag on Willie Revillame: “For him to demand the removal of the little window screen showing the funeral march of the woman who got ABS-CBN back from Marcos is a blasphemy of democracy, an act despicable as him fucking his own mother.” Here’s the full statement.

There’s an online petition against Willie Revillame. Check it out here.

Newsbreak Online has a piece on local media’s inaccurate reporting.

Did Jamby Madrigal ‘”outmar” Mar Roxas at Cory’s funeral? Here’s a blog report on Jamby’s “shameless” campaigning. Necropolitics anyone?

Survey Says…
Is it possible to have another Cory Aquino in the Philippines?
YES, I still believe in Filipinos: 59%
NO, I’ve lost hope: 30%
Not Sure: 11%

We have a new survey. Please vote now.

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56 thoughts on “THE LAST FIVE DAYS”

  1. Jamby should have the tagline “SAWSAWAN BA? JAMBY NA!!” Pati libing ni Tita Cory hindi pinatawad. tsk tsk tsk… kung wala syang matinong magawa (which is wala naman talaga), manahimik na lang sya! LAKAS NG LOOB!! GRABE! Walang respeto! Tanga at mga bayaran na lang ang boboto sa kanya. I doubt lalabas ang issue na to sa TV. Buti na lang may PH na mapagkakatiwalaan at serbisyong totoo lamang! hehehe… Kung nakamamatay lang talaga ang bad words eh nakahandusay at duguan na tong babae na to. Teka, babae nga ba talaga?


  2. During Tuesday’s necrological services, Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay praised Mrs. Aquino for not clinging to power after her term. When Tita Cory heard this, she told God: ‘Yan po ang aking appointee noong 1986 na si Jojo Binay. Mayor pa rin siya hanggang ngayon. Patawarin po ninyo ako.”

    Natawa naman ako dito…

    Seriously… though I am not his fan, but I suspect 2 of the reasons Jejomar (short for Jesus Joseph and Mary) Binay is still Mayor are : 1) because he sends flowers to the wake of every Makati resident who dies, and 2) he sends a cake to every Senior Citizen who celebrates his/her birthday…

    Birthday + funeral = important events in people’s lives.

    “Kris Aquino teased the very single GMA 7 news exec Jessica Soho to her bachelor brother Noynoy…”

    I found this even funnier. Kris Aquino sure knows how to pick his brother’s ideal “ka-loveteam”. If Noynoy is indeed planning on running for Vice President – or even President by 2016 – he needs to start making his moves now…hehehe 😀

    “Ano ang tinitingin-tingin mo d’yan? Umalis ka sa harapan ko dahil ‘pag di ako nakapigil, babangon ako rito!”

    I was there..I was at the Manila Cathedral when GMA (and the smiling Merriam Defensor-Santiago) paid a visit to Tita Cory and I swear I heard her say this under her breath!!! ;D


  3. Me Lito Lapid sighting ba sa wake ni Cory?

    On a more serious note, shame on those who used Cory’s funeral as a platform for getting more political currency. ANG KAKAPAL NYO! Nasa mga harap ninyo kahapon ang taong naglingkod sa bayan ng buong puso. Despite her limitations and shortcomings, Cory’s sincerity and good faith is second to none. MATUTO KAYO!


      1. In turn, magpapa-schedule si Jamby ng Senate Hearing about this Bracelet-Issue. Palalabasin na sya ang kinawawa. Additional pogi points and media mileage. Walang pinagkaiba kay Katrina Halili. Hahaha…

        On the other side, may emblem ka ba PH that I can copy and use as a sticker. Pwede din bracelet. wahahaha…


  4. Now that Tita Cory has been entombed beside Ninoy, I can only summarize that indeed, despite the expected low turnout of people at the streets (because of the restored press freedom that we have now plus the internet age) compared to Ninoy’s 26 years ago, still manifests the fact that she is well-loved.

    My thoughts on what I have watched on TV:

    Kudos to the four honor guards atop the truck from the Manila Cathedral to Paranaque.
    Best Eulogy speaker – Mon del Rosario.
    Best Eulogy – De Quiros. I bet, I’d rather read him na lang rather than listening him read what he always splendidly writes. 🙂
    Father Arevalo of Gesu is as always a delight to listen in his scholarly homilies.
    Lea Salonga’s Bayan Ko is one of her best.

    Feeling a little remorseful today for not marching in yesterday’s funeral, the way I did at Ninoy’s when it passed by a flooded Echague 26 years ago. Di bale, maintindihan naman siguro ako ni Tita Cory. A nameless face who supported her from donating a PISO to her campaign, voting yes for a snap presidential election, signing her petition for a million signatures, and finally voting the Cory-Doy tandem.

    Btw, does anyone here still remembers her calling Doy a “LANGAW” in her EDSA Shrine speech after the 7th coup attempt? Ang lakas ng tawa ko don.


  5. When God gave out …

    BREEDING, Willie Revillame was in coma.

    DELICADEZA, Jamby Madrigal’s tongue was so busy she didn’t notice it. Mar Roxas, too, didn’t notice delicadeza approaching him. He was in front of the mirror rehearsing his lines for his political ads.

    SHAME, Arroyo was in the operating room having her boob job.

    BRAINS, LL was in the US talking to Bo.

    So yun …


    1. WINNER! CHAMPION! DA BEST! Galing galing ng best friend ko!

      I thought Mar was “brushing” his hair or making pahid the cotton buds with enhanced whitening agents plus vitamins A-Z on his fez after wiping away the day’s foundation and make up and lipstick. Sama ko! 🙂

      Kaya pala at home na at home si LL key BO kasi praktisado na syang kausapin ang kanyang mga kabayo sa film nyang Leon Guerrero. 🙂


    1. Wish ni Erap: sana maging mas bongga pa dito ‘yung sa akin… convoy pa lang ng families…. dapat taob na ‘to!

      Wish ni FVR: i hope that when my time comes this ceremony has become a global standard (with thumbs up sign)…

      Wish ni Noli: Basta sa akin may “K” for Kabayan sa ibabaw ng ataul.

      Wish ni Villar: My cortege should pass by C-5 extension road.

      Wish ni Mar: PUT–NG INA … pwede kaya ang de-padyak kesa flatbed truck?

      Wish ni Jamby: Palabasin sana ang mga nasa Mental Hospital para makiramay….kahit isang araw lang…. or one hour kaya.

      Wish ni Loren: Si Ed ang magbabasa sa Prayer of the Faithful…..


  6. what an arrogant prick this willie guy!!! who the hell is he? this guy seems to get away with a lot of things already! just because he brings the chi ching to the network… that doesnt give him the right to do that on air….on a commercial break would have been a little respectful…burn him to death!!!!


  7. lmao on the “overheards”.

    @willie: why is charo santos-concio ramming a “gago” and a “tarantado” down people’s throats during noontime?

    @noynoy: noy maybe realistic but he does not have his father’s fire and his mother’s guts. i think. he did say “why does it have to be our blood on the line?” when asked whether he or kris shall carry on their parents’ legacies. anyway.

    @mar: he and korina are clenching their butt cheeks at the possibility that Partido Liberal might switch gears and anoint Noy as prex candidate instead. go Noy. take on that Aquino fire!


  8. LOL!!! That Binay thing…at least he’s not running for Mayor again in 2010…anak na lang ‘nya…echus!

    Take note, it’s not only Mar who lost an endorsement. Pati sila Binay, Erap, Villar, Drilon and of course…Jun Lozada.

    O siya, pag-pasensiyahan na lang natin si Jajajajamby…nakakaawa naman kahit paano, ganyan talagang dumiskarte ang mga Baliw.


  9. i don’t really like willie revillame because of his general crassness. i think his noontime show is a waste of airtime.
    however, i sort of understand the situation since di nga naman bagay talaga lagyan ng inset ng libing ang show nya. the network should have just interrupted the show with updates of where the funeral procession was at KAYA lang di sya dapat nag-comment about that on air.


  10. willie R is right. ang mali abs-cbn. ang fiesta at libing hindi puedeng pagsabayin. what chnnel 2 did was to squeeze both shows to the max all in the name of viewership and therefore revenues. go figure. either pinaltigil nila ang show ni WR at pinili nila ang Cory coverage. ang nabulagan dito channel 2. malaki ang utang na loob kasi. kikita na, nakabayad pa ng utang na loob, kahit sintunadong kombinasyon sinigehan.


  11. Will all of you stop the political jokes about GMA coming to the cory’s wake. Tita cory’s death goes beyond partisan politics. Mind you, i’m not even a GMA fan. If she can forgive the Marcoses, i’m sure she would do the same lightheartedly to GMA and her family. The insinuation of hatred to GMA (sorry to say, made even by some of the Aquino family members) is so unbecoming of what Cory Aquino would like to have her legacy remembered!


  12. I always read your blog but this is the 1st time I posted. Great stuff you have here!

    Anyway, on GMA I don’t think her boob job or her going to the wake is a national issue.

    On Jamby, shame on you!

    On Jejomar Binay… well if he’s mad at GMA for prolonging her power he should check himself out in the mirror. Isa pa shang garapal!!!


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