Villar & Wowowee
In case you were tuned in to Wowowee last Saturday, you would have caught the guesting of presidential aspirant Manny Villar. The program began as a game show at 11:45. By 2:30PM, it has become Damayan minus Rosa Rosal.

Appearing on the noontime perya that was Wowowee, presidential aspirant Manny Villar gave away six houses and lots to returning OFWs who joined the game show. Villar, who was present at the studio, was almost in tears… mainly because he received text messages from Eat Bulaga contestants asking for the same.

Six houses and lots were given away by Manny Villar to Wowowee contestants last Saturday. When Mar Roxas saw this, he requested for another Wowowee guesting so he could give away… Korina Sanchez.

Manny Villar gave away six houses and lots to returning OFWs who joined the noontime game show Wowowee. When presidential wannabe Eddie Villanueva saw this, he said, “Wala ‘yan! Kapag ako ang nag-guest sa Wowowee… papakainin ko ang limang milyon!”

camella Six houses and lots were given away by Manny Villar to Wowowee contestants last Saturday. When ex-president Joseph Estrada saw this, he requested for a Wowowee guesting to give away six of his extra mistresses.

Earlier this year, Mar Roxas gave away a pedicab (padyak) to a Wowowee contestant. Last Saturday, Manny Villar gave away six houses and lots to six more contestants. Unfazed by the competition, presidential aspirant Father Ed Panlilio is guesting on Eat Bulaga… to give away his virginity.

Six houses and lots were given away by presidential hopeful Manny Villar on Wowowee. Breaking News: The Department of Foreign Affairs has just confirmed that thousands of OFWs have quit their job overseas to join Wowowee instead.

Willie Revillame said there was no politics involved in Villar’s decision to give away six houses and lots to six Wowowee contestants. Ulol!

Noli and the Presidency
Vice President Noli De Castro denied persistent rumors that he would run as vice president of Sen. Manuel Villar. But De Castro explained he might change his decision if Villar would give him six houses and lots.

gibo Teodoro to Lakas
Another presidentiable, Defense Sec. Gilbert Teodoro has officially and formally joined the administration party. The move has formally and officially sealed… his defeat.

inq False Alarm
Do you remember the Inquirer’s banner headline last week about a “kidnapped, drugged, and raped” teenage daughter of a narcotics agent? That story turned out to be false. Now, do you remember former Supreme Court justice Adolf Azcuna’s announcement last Friday during a mass at the Manila City Hall that Cory Aquino has died? Here’s the latest: Azcuna has been offered a job at the Philippine Daily Inquirer!

Light Bites
Q: What’s the difference between the Inquirer and Azcuna?
A: Azcuna apologized.

China Asia Eclipse
Solar Eclipse
Last Wednesday, a total solar eclipse plunged China into darkness for like seven minutes… or as the Inquirer’s banner headline said, “Seven hours.”

Hayden Kho
The Philippine Medical Association (PMA) has decided to punish cosmetic surgery intern Hayden Kho over his role in his sex video scandal. As a punishment, he will be forced to fix the president’s leaking boobs – without pay.

gmasona2 State of the Nation Address
President Arroyo will deliver her 9th State of the Nation Address on Monday, July 27. That will be Mrs. Arroyo’s last SONA… the very reason why the Iglesia ni Cristo is having a huge feast on Monday.
“It’s true sensationalism sells, but that’s as far as that goes.”
~ Felipe Duran

Check out The Professional Heckler’s SONA-related post last year.

Here’s the list of the Best and Worst Food for Your Libido.

Da Who?
An EP of a show received an order from an executive to include in their line up of stories the “ballroom dancing session” some network executives spent with a (new) celebrity. Got no problem with that. But with an additional instruction to “enumerate through Voice Over” the names of the executives as they showcase their Terpsichore-on-Valium skills?! Now, that’s just cheap!

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54 thoughts on “THE VILLAR SHOW”

  1. why are the politicians going to Wowowee only and not Eat Bulaga? i always thought gma7 is more popular ratings-wise, well atleast in mega manila.

    villar is soo rich, the rest need catching up with his numerous media exposure. interesting that he doesn’t engage in debates, current issues, just on the general theme of himself, ofw and helping the poor. call about branding yourself. i say good strategy.

    gabo is too ambitious for his own good, which will be his downfall.


  2. ulol to wrevillames’ no politics involved, that says it all ….

    mukhang malaking kurakot ang gagawin ni villar pag

    nanalo, huwag naman sana, the notion that he cannot be

    corrupted anymore because he is the richest of them all

    is wrong, it is human nature that, the more you have, the

    more you want…


  3. another funny article..

    i used to like manny villar over mar roxas.. (comparing the two lang ha).. pero when villar appeared in wowowee, that’s when i’ve decided na pareho lang sila..

    ei.. you’ve missed some words on ALING DIONISIA.. haha.. she’s been in the buzz this week..

    nice.. ; )


  4. So Wowowee is becoming the presidentiables’ fave show? Kelan kaya lalabas yung iba? At ano kaya drama nila? These people are as cheap as the show’s host.

    On VILLAR – if that’s not politicizing, i dunno what is.

    On Hayden Kho, I wonder how he’s gonna “fix” GMA’s leaking boobs? (teka nakakasukang isipin. hahahaha wala lang.)


  5. six houses and lots were given away by Senator Villar?

    now i’m wondering what this guy is really after.
    what does he expect to get out of the presidency should he be elected?

    it is very difficult for me to believe that he is a person who would willingly throw away millions of pesos to charity and would sincerely want to serve as a head of state of a third world country neck deep in foreign debt and all sorts of very serious problems. what’s in it for him?


  6. i’m sick and tired of all this politicking… when you watch free tv nowadays you get inundated with commercials of wannabes like nograles, that pagcor and tesda guy. at this point, i can’t think of anyone ‘worthy’ of being the next president. credentials alone won’t do it, good morals alone won’t do it either, and we’re hardpressed to find one that has enough of both. so where does that leave us.

    but then again, anyone but the incumbent!


  7. wahaha…and pidol also joined in

    May i quote “iiyak ka lang dito, may house and lot ka na?”

    wahaha again for Mar, laos xa kay Villar, mas mahaba ang exposure..

    for sure, Mar is thinking of another gimik…

    and lastly, wahaha for hayden…

    and also for gma

    i am wondering if bunye will again appear in a presscon holding two cds

    saying “this one is the original ‘video’ of the president while dr. hayden kho is fixing her leaking boobs.”


      1. ano ba ‘to?

        brunix is the nickname of my “bullied” pitbull, bruno. I am a hundred percent sure, I am the only one using that name in a mafia wars facebook account.

        the chances na i’ll log in here using my pseudonym “brunix” is nil.

        zino kaya ang bagong brunix? hmmmmmm…..


  8. wowowee, exploitation of the poor, TRAPOS showing up and “make GOOD DEEDS” especially that 2010 elections are coming, stating that no politics involved? oh come on we aint stupid.. making Lovey dovey all in the same show =D

    akala mo trapo, trapo nga pala!!!
    wala kinaiba!!!


  9. hindi maganda ang asal na pinapakita sa wowowee.

    gusto nila, sambahin ng mga tao ang pera kagaya nang pagsamba ni willie sa pera. kaya nga nagkaroon ng ultra stampede ehh. akala ng mga tao dun sa ultra, yon na lang ang tanging solusyon para umangat sila sa buhay. yun pala, buhay ang taya.

    for all i know, kung sakaling manalo yang si villar, babawiin nya lahat ng mga nagastos nya sa ‘pagtulong’ sa mga tao during his campaign. i saw the video of that wowowee episode. he didn’t look sincere at all. parang masama pa nga sa loob nya na mamigay ng mga house and lot…


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