The Top 12 Predicted Top 10 Topics of this Blog in May 2010

No. 12: The Top 10 Most Disgusting Political Advertisements

No. 11: The Top 10 Signs ABS-CBN Supported Presidential Bet Mar Roxas

No. 10: The Top 10 Reasons Why Dr. Vicki Belo Failed in Her Senatorial Bid

No. 9: The Top 10 Additional Benefits for Makati City Residents As Revealed By Winning Opposition Senator Jejomar Binay

No. 8: The Top 10 Real Reasons Why Every Presidential Candidate Was Present in Each of the Nine Healing Masses for Cory Aquino Two Weeks Before the Polls

No. 7: Ang Sampung Pinakabonggang Dahilan Kung Bakit Nanguna sa Halalang Pam-Party List ang Grupong “Ang Ladlad” – Promise!

No. 6: The Top 10 Alibis Given by Presidential Candidate Bro. Eddie Villanueva When His Flock of “Five Million” Voted for Someone Else… Again!

No. 5: The Top 10 A-List Celebrities Spotted at the Victory Party of Cong. Manny Pacquiao

No. 4: The Top 10 Things that Could Have Happened If Vice President Noli De Castro Rejected Sen. Manuel Villar’s Millions and Ran for President Instead

No. 3: The Top 10 Ways Korina Sanchez Reacted When Defeated Presidential Candidate Mar Roxas Reportedly Told Her: “Show’s over. And so are we.”

No. 2: The Top 10 Possible Challengers of Newly-Elected Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to the post of Prime Minister

And the No. 1 Predicted Top 10 topic of this blog in May 2010…

The Top 10 Reasons Why the Commission on Elections Declared A Failure of Automated Elections
“Never make predictions, especially about the future.”
~ Casey Stengel

This is hilarious. Just change the name in the URL to personalize your own “tribute.” Thanks to Mel for this.
Here is the link.


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17 thoughts on “2010”

  1. hahaha. Great predictions, man!

    Loved the number 7 for Ang Ladlad. You could have added Top 10 possible “Nicknames” for the party list candidates too, a la “What’s Your Gay Name” apps at Facebook, e.g. Pahtola Shumobra, Chuleyley Majolaylay, Cassandra Bumabarney, LOLS.


  2. No. 13: Top 10 reasons why Adel Tamano did not run as Senator but remain as Spokesman of Dr. Vicky Belo
    No. 14: Top 10 Televised Senate Investigations called by Mar Roxas before 2010 elections
    No. 15: Top 10 incidents when and where Mar Roxas is caught delivering Pu&#$!+@in%@!!
    No. 16: Top 10 television spots on squatter colonies on a tour with Sen. Villar


  3. Naku, thank you, ha, at number 7 talaga ang Ladla, ha! We are filing our papers before the Comelec deadline of July 31. At shempre, Comelec did not publicize the deadline for the party list filing para konti na naman uli ang maka-alam at maka-file. Eh kaso, ang mga bakla at lesbyana sa Comelec, itsinika sa amin ang deadline, eh di file na rin ang mga becky (bakla), tivoli (lesbyana), bayot (bisexual) at mga BB Gandanghari (transgender).

    At tingnan na lang natin kung sino ang manigas sa 2010.



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