The King of Pop – Michael Jackson is dead at 50. As of 7am today, no one could confirm the cause of his death but sketchy reports reaching the Professional Heckler say he died of glutathione overdose.

The “glutha overdose” theory was fueled by Michael Jackson’s alleged last words: “I’m glad I’ve met… the Lord.”

A devastated Janet Jackson told the press: “She’s out of my life.”

Michael Jackson is dead. As of 7 am today, nobody could confirm the real cause of his passing but another sketchy report reaching the Professional Heckler says he died of prolonged embarrassment.

As of 7am today, the real cause of Michael Jackson’s death is still unknown. But that wouldn’t last long as the Philippine Senate and the House of Representatives embark on a joint probe of his death.

This just in! God has released a one-line statement confirming that Michael Jackson has already reached heaven. It says: “The girl is mine.”

Separated At Birth?
Sen. Migz Zubiri’s mom, socialite Vicky Zubiri and Michael Jackson

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Wait a minute…
Farrah Fawcett has also died.
Her final words? “Good morning Charlie.”

Seriously speaking, MJ’s a legendary entertainment icon who’ll be greatly missed. The Professional Heckler’s favorite Michael Jackson song? Find out here.

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  1. I was expecting poor Farrah Faucett dead any moment since yeaterday. Michael’s death bannered in mobile tv on my way to the office came as a shock.

    Kinda melancholic now as I listen and peek once in a while at his youtube videos – his music I grew up with. I’m reminded of the times back then when all I was eager for was: When will MJ’s next MTV come out? His was revolutionary. Hanggang ngayon, nagagandahan pa rin ako sa Thriller, Remember The Time and my fave of all Black and White.

    MJ will always be the artist whose fast songs and dance moves I can only imitate in my illusions. Stardom has stunted his maturity I guess based on news we have read about his quirkiness. Well, he got his wish – dying at 50, as he never really did grew up.


  2. i was an MJ fanatic since i was 13. words fail me.

    “”…the legacy he leaves behind is so rich, so deep, that no scandal can torpedo it.”

    Farah’s death has been imminent for days. Sad day. Can’t help but chuckle at the “Good morning, Charlie” bit. Heheh. Too bad her and Ryan did not have time to “marry” kahit papano.


  3. most of us grew listening to his songs and being blown away by his revolutionary and unforgettable music videos… he really was an icon

    although he was beset with lots of controversies and is actually “weird” by
    society’s standards, I would like to remember all that was good in MJ

    I will miss him….


  4. i was excitedly waiting for the comeback tour and jackson 5 reunion.. want to see him perform because i was not from his generation.. the michael jackson i’ve known was not the king of pop..

    i want to see if he can make a comeback.. but i guess it wasnt needed anymore as people remember the younger MJ.. (he isn’t forgotten nor hatefully remembered.. haha swak ung survey)


    1. Why not? Where does it say that the dead need to be revered, simply because they are dead? Why not treat them the same way as when they were alive? Seriously, what is this cultural phenomenon? MJ was a star but he was a sinner, too; he was a musical genius but a strange character, as well. I will always love his music but, with all due respect, pagtatawanan ko pa rin sya. Gusto ko eh.


      1. @leoneli
        but that was precisely my point. nobody is perfect. therefore, we should be able to accept ourselves and others, despite the imperfections. and more importantly, we should be able to laugh, inspite of ourselves. even in death. peace.


  5. as a child I always liked seeing the intro of “Charlie’s angels” because of Farrah Fawcett’s hair.

    i think dying from end stage cancer is the most painful way to go and no human being deserves such suffering…

    i look forward to a time where all kinds of malignancies are completely preventable and treatable.


  6. Gah I’ll pass up on the heckling. The world is less entertaining without MJ. He was one messed up dude but he could rock your world.

    Rest in peace Michael Jackson.

    All your embarassing moments will be forgotten in time, but your songs will always be there for as long as the human spirit appreciates good music.


  7. Funny,

    Kung kelan patay ang tao doon naaalala ng iba ang greatness niya.

    Pero nung buhay siya wala lang. Masnauuna yung mga issues like molestation, etc.

    I wish nabasa niya ang mga comment ng mga tao ngayon tungkol sa kanya nung buhay pa siya. Maybe it made his life a bit better and more inspired & motivated to do Music and Perform passionately.

    Rest in Peace Legend..


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