Bong, Hayden, & Sex Videos

In a privilege speech Tuesday, Sen. Bong Revilla hit Dr. Hayden Kho for recording his kinky sexual encounters with actress Katrina Halili and several other women. People who have seen the videos say they were really shocked by the sexual acts – although they were more shocked to hear Bong Revilla lecturing Hayden Kho on morality.

HAY-OP Lawmakers, feminists, and even his colleagues in the medical profession slammed Dr. Hayden Kho for the spread of his explicit sex videos. But here’s the strange thing: Sen. Bong Revilla, in a privilege speech Tuesday castigated Hayden Kho for his alleged immoral act. Now that’s like Jose Miguel Arroyo criticizing Ferdinand Marcos for being corrupt.

Sen. Bong Revilla had written the Professional Regulation Commission to revoke the license of Dr. Hayden Kho saying his recent acts were insulting to women. In retaliation, Hayden’s parents wrote the Commission on Elections to do a recount of Revilla’s votes saying his victory was insulting to Filipinos.

After Sen. Bong Revilla’s privilege speech, other senators expressed interest on the issue, and even suggested that a probe be conducted on the “Hayden files”. Panfilo Lacson and Jamby Madrigal, in particular, wanted to know if there was “double insertion.”

HAYDEN_KAT The sizzling videos of Dr. Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili so outraged Sen. Bong Revilla he was compelled to bring the issue to the Senate. He was really angry. But if you think you’ve seen Bong at his angriest, wait ‘til he sees the video of Hayden Kho banging Rufa Mae Quinto.

In a privilege speech, Sen. Bong Revilla denounced Dr. Hayden Kho for being a “maniac” – to which the embattled Hayden replied, “Bakit? Sino ba ang may walumpu’t walong anak sa iba’t ibang babae? Ako ba?”

This just in! A cause-oriented group promoting the welfare of senior citizens has begun to draft a statement against Hayden Kho. This is in preparation for the anticipated spread of the Hayden Kho-Vicki Belo sex videos.

Reports say militant group Gabriela will support Katrina Halili if she decides to file a case against Hayden Kho… prompting the celebrity doctor to issue statement clarifying that he’s not an American serviceman.

vicki_belo Vicki Belo was reportedly watching a newscast with a group of highend clients when a portion of Bong Revilla’s speech lambasting her beloved boy toy was shown. The utter humiliation melted her face.

Rumors say Katrina Halili and other women who had sex with Dr. Hayden Kho will surface to tell their side of the story. Yes, they are now ready, and are no longer afraid. To give you an idea how prepared they are, they all agreed to appear in a TV ad called “Ako Mismo… Ang Nasa Video!”

hay_files Have you seen the explicit videos of Hayden Kho with his victims? That was like the ghastliest thing Filipinos have ever seen… since the TV debut of Mar Roxas’ “Padyak” ads.

Remember when Jun Lozada was hailed by the UST community when he spoke against the ZTE-NBN deal? They trumpeted the values learned by Lozada from the priests of UST in full-page print ads. I’m wonderin’: was UST alum Hayden Kho absent when the priests taught the same set of values?

Bong & Alec Baldwin

Even before he spoke about, and against Hayden Kho, Bong Revilla was already in the news slamming Emmy Award-winning actor Alec Baldwin for his alleged “racial slur” against Filipinas when he guested on the “Late Show with David Letterman.” Baldwin joked about Filipinas as mail-order-brides. Can you believe it? Neither do I. Bong Revilla watching Letterman?!? ‘Di nga?!

Super Lotto

Nobody has won Super Lotto’s jackpot prize of 116 million pesos… although every lotto bettor who’s seen the Hayden-Katrina videos felt like a winner.

Survey Says…

On the Martin Nievera national anthem brouhaha…

Impose the law: 49%

Law? What law!?: 29%

Deadma: 22%

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“Pornography is the attempt to insult sex, to do dirt on it.”

~D.H. Lawrence

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74 thoughts on “LOOK WHO’S TALKING”

  1. Panfilo Lacson and Jamby Madrigal, in particular, wanted to know if there was “double insertion.” …. bwahahaha!

    Can you believe it? Neither do I. Bong Revilla watching Letterman?!? ‘Di nga?! – Kaw naman Loi … di sya nanood nun narinig lang nya yun sa ibang tao. Bwahahaha ulit!

    AT ang pinaka bwahahahaha sa lahat is Bong Revilla “sermonizing” on morality. Ho-hum!


  2. Patawa sila ha. ‘ika nga, ang magnanakaw ay galit sa kapuwa magnanakaw.

    As what I have emailed my friend yesterday, anong prob ni “honorable”? Aging or Insecurity?

    All things being equal, if they are of the same age today, sinong mas “papa-ble, si Kho or si Honorable?

    What big deal will those youtube videos bring to the country’s economy thus the need to make a privilege speech for it?

    Just now, inquirer’s breaking news reports Halili has seek NBI’s help re these videos. Again, patawa, dahil wasn’t it just recently when she was interviewed and was even kind proud, ang sexy-sexy daw ng katawan nya dun?

    Alew sila, kasi celebrity sila.

    What is not is the “honarable’s” wasting taxpayer’s money on rubbish things he can’t resist kasi he is one of them.

    Dish ish wash we get when our voters elect showbiz people.


  3. poor hayden… but he deserves whatever punishment he gets.
    he is a disgrace to not only to his colleagues in the medical profession but to all men in general.

    but I was truly stunned that the fiery comments came from another womanizer like Bong Revilla.

    kung ganito lang ang laman ng privilege speeches nya, sana naman wala nang bumoto sa kanya sa 2010

    we have lots of more important things to settle… next topic please


      1. alagad ka ba ni bong? hehehe…

        alam mo, maraming mas mahalagang bagay ang dapat nilang bigyang pansin sa senado. ang malinaw, sinasakyan ni bong ang issue na ito para makakuha ng media mileage. yun lang ang dahilan. at kung meron pa man…. yun ay para masabi na may ginagawa siya.

        hindi NBI ang senado… tsk.tsk.tsk. at nde na kailangan ng bagong “senate investigation in aide of legislation” dahil nagkaroon na ng ganito dati sa kapanahunan nung brunayuki issue (remember ruffa?). so, sobra-sobra na yun para makagawa ng batas laban dito.


  4. thank you for saying out loud what i wanted to say,, bong revilla has no moral ascendancy to lecture Dr.Hayden Kho on morality ( who is a real jerk ,by the way ).Maniac din sya !! and there are bigger issues than this sex video ..Kakahiya talaga senado natin at kala niya ang galing galing nya ? bONG REVILLA.. EWWW!!!


  5. Though a womanizer, wala naman siyang compilation nang sexual tyrsts with his alleged “trophies”, unlike that “sexual predator” Hayden Kho. Gago siya.

    True, Senator Revilla does not have moral ascendancy but Hayden Kho is the one who should be castigated.

    At ano ba naman itong si Vicki Belo? Is she that desperate para pagtakpan yong boylet? Grabe!!!


  6. super hilarious naman to me is:

    – the “honorable” senator, condemning Dr. Kho’s disrespect for women when he himself has 80 other siblings from his old man, an ex-senator himself.

    E kung i-claim ni Hayden na idol nya si Revilla, Sr., mey maisasagot kaya sya?

    What about his son, Jolo, who had a kid born out of wedlock with Osang’s daughter. Hindi ba nya na-lecturan ang anak nya about “respect” for women?

    What is “respect” in the real sense?

    Okay lang na anakan at anakan mo ang mga babae, as long as hindi mo siya nakuhaan ng video?


  7. Hey Heckler,

    How come there’s no post about American Idol? Anyway, as usual, love today’s post. But I wanna address something since I know you have a lot of readers and some might even be connected to QTV. I just wanna say, you guys suck big time! I think it’s very disrespectful to those who watch your programs to bombard them with advertisements just because you are showing American Idol. I counted the commercials and you guys showed 15 30second commercials per break and it’s really really stupid. Do this again tomorrow while the finale of idol is on and I promise I will have all my friends and family boycott the products that you will show. I swear to God I will frakking lose it! I have StarWorld but QTV airs AI earlier (like 5 mins earlier). You suck QTV!!!


    1. HI THERE!

      If you would notice, in QTV’s 6 to 7PM telecast of American Idol, there’s no commercial break from 6 to 6:30. So be thankful. Ang saya ng panonood ‘di ba?

      But from 6:30 to 7, umuulan na ng patalastas at bumabaha na ang galit ng manonood.

      I have yet to ask QTV peeps why. I could only surmise na ‘yong ad placement, dun talaga gusto ng advertisers.

      I watch American Idol on Star World at 8PM kaya wala akong problema sa truckload of commercials.

      Btw, i am rooting for Adam. DIAL IDOL however, predicts a Kris Allen win.


      1. Yeah! I’m following you on Twitter and I was rooting for Adam too. Too bad he didn’t win though so right now I’m just loathing. I guess people who don’t know anything about music overpowered those who did hence, the Kris Allen win. Anybody with good looks can win Idol now. Oh I know! Why don’t we just not let them sing. So long as you can make panties drop then you’re good to go! hehe

        Btw, I’ve seen a few of Hayden’s sex videos last night that was sent to me by a friend and seriously I think the guy’s sick. Did he video all (as in all) of his conquest?! Geez! The ladies are so gonna freak out. After all this, Hayden might finish his failed attempt at his own life.


      2. @Smile:
        That’s confusing. You have brilliant and Kris Allen in one sentence. Silent and unassuming- Yes! But brilliant? Sooo NOT!!! There are far more Filipinos who sing better than him. Do you know anything about music? Have them both sing the scale and let’s see which one could sing it correctly. I take it you have a crush on the guy, huh?


      3. @darkcheron: anyone who can re-arrange music on piano and on guitar, is brilliant in my book. anyone who attempts to convert a Donna Summer song (She Works Hard for the Money) in to a reggae-ish rearrangement and pulls it off, is brilliant in my book, and a the same time, can re-arrange a contemporary hip-hop song by Kanye West into an acoustic piece, and again, pulls it off, is brilliant my book.

        u happen to be one of the people who thinks that if one is good, the other one MUST not be. can’t you see good music from two different types of artists? There are Freddie Mercuries in our midst as much as there are Bob Dylans. Axl Rose (who i happen to worhsip) and Josh-Groban-ish types. All black and white in contrasts but good artists, nevertheless.

        you should be the one expanding your idea of what a good artist is. isip muna pare, bago humirit. kairita.


      4. @SMILE:
        I’m sorry. I guess you’re right. I guess we all have a right to call anyone our “idols.” Purely a matter of point of view. Being a “student” of music I guess I just see (or hear) the technicality of Adam Lambert versus Kris Allen. It takes years to develop Adam’s technique and not a lot of people can master the head and mix voice like Adam has. I guess what I’m saying is, basing on pure musicality, Kris Allen appears to be ordinary. Having said that, You’re so wrong when you said I only see one side of the coin. My opinion comes purely from experience which gives me the right to voice out. It also doesn’t help being a judgmental SOB that I am.

        Btw, just so you know, Idol contestants don’t arrange their own songs. They have someone to do it for them to suit their “packaging.’ Those guys are the brilliant ones. Also, you didn’t answer any of my previous questions. No offense intended, I’m just trying to prove a point.


      5. do i smell saber-rattling to the tune of, `being a “student” of music`? sorry dude. ur not gonna drag me into a `pataasan ng ihi`. i do not care for those. one of my favorite songwriter and a banshee wailer singer to boot, (just like ur Adam), rose from the dumps in Indiana to become one the greatest songwriters and frontmen of all time. he can break every little rule in your four-cornered music classrooms for all i care.

        crush? what are you, an eight-year old “student of music”?


      6. Are you friggin’ drunk?! You’re not making any sense! What’s the deal with this “favorite singer” of yours and what does it have to do with what we’re talking about. You are just reinforcing my point! Didn’t I already say on my previous post that it really boils down to an individual’s point of view?! You were the one who started throwing words such as silent, unassuming, and brilliant. The post was originally a discussion by me and the author about QTV and how we were both rooting for Adam Lambert. Since you obviously care enough to defend your “manok” (otherwise, you wouldn’t have replied at all), all I’m asking is, what do you have to back it up?

        You started deflecting so I guess this is now pointless.


  8. kalat na kalat na dito sa opis ang video!! blue tooth kaliwat kanan! woohoo!

    ang lupet trumabaho ni hayden, di ko kaya yun, nagpa tumbling tumbling at nag SUSHI pa!

    you gotta give em credit for that, hindi na kaya tsak ni bong revilla yung pa tumbling tumbling na yun haha


  9. uwi na ko, hirap ng graveyardshift pero ok lang lalo na’t nasa celfone ko na ang 21 minute video ni hayden kho at katrina halili aka HK & KH ..wahaha

    question ano ba mas masama?

    yung videos na yan o yung otsenta mahigit na anak ni ex sen ramon revilla?
    galing ng mga public officials naten!! role models!!


  10. be kind to senbong, will ya fellas!?

    let us instead thank him for casting the first stone!

    look at how many stones are coming back at him! wahahaha! ‘di rin naturuan ng lolo niya ito. eh pano ‘kanyo, sa ama nag-mana!

    tsk tsk, ‘di kakayanin ni nardong putik ng maragondon, cavite ito. me bato ka na, me putik ka pa!

    and this hay-den kho? baka hindi lang siya hay-on katrina, hay-on maricar, hay-on dra. belo at marami pa yatang iba? diyosmiyo, bka hay-den sa droga!

    eh mantakin mong kalimutan na ang instrumentong heringilya niya ay dapat itinuturok sa braso o sa puwet! at hindi sa what is now turning to be the vortex of the women of his controversies. doctor pa pan ding naturingan.

    hoiiiiiiiii, hay-den magtira ka naman! at dinilaan pa matapos turukan! tubuan ka sana ng kalyo sa dila.

    dalhin sa emergency room ng NBI at PRC ito! give him multiple doses of his own medicine. ma-OD ka sana.

    “ubusin ba naman ang yumyum! patay gutom!”- – senbong

    galet. hehe.


    1. aba eh kung makaganun, kalyo festival sa buwan ng mayo ang masisilayan nating lahat! en espanol, FLORES de KALYO! o CALLOS de FLORES!


      wahahahaha! buenas diaz caballeros y caballeras de las isla filipinas!


  11. WTF, Bong Revilla talking about morality!!! Are you f_ck_ng serious!!!!? Teka, just recently nabuntis niya si Josephine Canonizado ha! Plus he’s been screwing Ruffa Mae for the longest time. Now he’s telling Hayden Kho is a maniac, perv, etc. Wow, look who’s talking. Well we all know it’s just for media mileage, reelectionist senator sya e and 2010 is fast approaching. I just hope people are wiser this time. Please, no more stupid actors in the Senate. We all deserve better.


    1. No, it doesn’t mean that womanizers et al don’t have the right to criticize and comment but obviously Bong Revilla is just using this particular issue to pretend that he’s actually doing his job as a senator (barf!) and to get publicity mileage. THAT”S what’s despicable about him and the other politicos who are all jumping on the morality bandwagon. There are so many other important issues that they should be focusing on.


  12. PLAIN STUPID. Last May 19 2009, a Filipino senator by the name of BONG REVILLA who has no knowledge in parliamentary proceedings whatsoever suddenly stands up the podium and throws some flak regarding the proliferation of the Hayden-gate videos. Definitely waste of time and resource for the Filipino people!!!
    An insider has said the “good” senator did this to preempt the person (whoever he/she is) from uploading the video of the RUFFAMAE-HAYDEN scandal. The senator’s grandstanding was to the request of Ruffa Mae to do whatever he can in his power to stop the video from consummating into cyberspace. As you can see, Ruffa and Bong Revilla had an affair according to none other than Lolit Solis herself. (Check this URL for reference) http://www.sunstar.com.ph/manila/lolit-bares-ruffa-mae-hayden-secret-affair
    So, the “good” senator being the knight in shining armor that he is, comes to the rescue of her wailing princess. For some reason (here’s the good part) after the senator delivered his speech, he began revealing his true IQ by threatening the whole cyberspace that whosoever internet service providers (ISP) would cater the uploaded video of her ex-lover would be dealt with the extreme force of the law. Haha!!! For crying out loud senator! Did they ever capture the person who stole and leaked the WOLVERINE movie over TORRENT??! Are you telling all of us you can shut down peer-to-peer sites just because an ex-lover-of-yours video is about to hover over cyberspace? What made you think you can do anything to prevent the RUFFAMAE-HAYDEN video from leaking into the internet??? Nobody can help Ruffa Mae now. It’s all in the hands of the video-uploader now whether he decides to put it up over the web or not. Not unless of course you get yourself a deal with the video-uploader and pay him with all your pork barrel… which of course we doubt you’re going do.
    I think the “good” senator should definitely put his brain for auction. It would definitely command a high price in the market … that’s because it is “SLIGHTLY USED”.


  13. I agree to those posts against your honor. What the heck! At the midst of financial crisis, swine pandemic, corruptions, yet here comes the most intelligent speeches i’ve ever heard sa Senate. Did he even have a bachelor degree?

    Gosh, wala na talaga ang pilipinas. We, professionals are working tedious hours just to compensate the tax that the government enforced yet it all goes to government officials who are fucking famous who doesn’t even know when to speak on issues concerning the well of the country or to just self-interest, publicly booster issues.

    Besides, the issue should not be dealt that much kasi, for Christ sake, mga matatanda na yong mga yon. Wala na tayo pakialam kung sa ano man ang gusto nilang gawin sa mga videos nila. Nagkataon lang na may internet. Baka naman balak ni Revilla na iparangal ang internet sa buong Pilipinas!

    Please grow up! Nakakahiya na kayo!

    You are barking yourhonor at the wrong place. Punta ka sa the Buzz or SNN or even Startalk, doon mo sabihin ang privilege speech mo.

    The senate is so not the right place for this kind of issues.

    Hanga’t merong kagaya ni yourhonor na naturingang senador, ikihihiya ko ang Lahi ko.

    dba nga A senator must have a broader outlook of the problems of the country, instead of being restricted by narrow viewpoints and interests. With such perspective, the Senate is likely to be more circumspect, or at least less impulsive.

    so so so disappointing.. wala nang matino sa bayan na ito.


  14. this is really poor choices of people about voting for celebrities because they look good and have money. Hayden Kho should not have attended this probe because he is not summoned by the proper court. He is not a government employee and the Senate has to protect each of these people from public humiliation. the thing is the Senators themselves magnified these issue. They have condemned Dr. Kho without proper trial. To Katrina, grow up and be responsible. If you were hurt , do you think Dr. Kho has no feelings too?. It takes two to tango. So women, do not be pakawala at huwag magbigay ng sex sa hindi ka sigurado na pakakasalan ka. Most of the young women gives a wrong signal to men.


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