IT WAS a ghastly noontime fare that made thousands, if not millions of thinking people ask: what were Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez thinking?

I just saw a clip of the couple’s Wowowee guesting (last Saturday) on YouTube – and I must say, being told about it was far less excruciating than actually watching it myself. The cheesy exchange. The public display of affection. The apparently staged announcement of their engagement. I mean, can anything be more insulting than that? A portmanteau sums it all up: Trapo.

mar1 And since we’re on this hot topic, here are the Top 5 “revised copy” for Mar Roxas’ premature political ad “Padyak”:

No. 5
Anak itabi mo.
Ako na.
Sobrang sikip dito sa loob,
Sumasakit ang batok ko.

No. 4
Anak, itabi mo.
Ako na.
Hindi ako ‘kita ng mga tao sa labas.
Palit tayo ng puwesto.

No. 3
Anak, itabi mo.
Kasi naman, kuwento ka nang kuwento, ayan, lumagpas tuloy ako.
Ako na nga!

No. 2
Anak, itabi mo.
Ako na.
Sa sobrang bagal mo, ‘inip na si Korina sa kakahintay sa kabila.
Baka nangangati na ‘yon sa dumi ng hangin dito sa lugar n’yo.

And the No. 1 revised copy for Mar Roxas’ premature political ad “Padyak”:

Anak itabi mo.

Hindi n’yo ‘ko anak!
At lalong hindi ko kayo ama!

Anak, sabi nang itabi mo eh!
Ako na!

Sinabi nang hindi n’yo ako anak eh!
At ‘wag n’yo kaming abalahin. Wala pa kaming kita!

Put*ng inaaaaa! Sinabi nang ako na eh! Bababa ka ba o hindi?!

Postscript: Shocked, the boy and his sister rushed home. The man in blue maneuvered the pedicab across the street, fetched her girlfriend, and together, headed straight to Wowowee studios where the same pedicab was raffled off to a lucky viewer. Maagang pamasko mula kay senador.

Going back to my question: what were Mar and Korina thinking when they guested on Wowowee?

Four numbers:
2 0 1 0.

What else?

“One insult pocketed soon produces another.”
~Thomas Jefferson

Author: professionalheckler

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87 thoughts on “PADYAK PA! PADYAK!”

  1. Maybe nga Mar had swine flu at that time…too much time spent with Miss Piggy! I agree with earlier post (yesterday) that the similarities are unmistakable, both physical and ugali— Ms Piggy’s and Ms Koring- self-obsession, superstar complex, parating nanghahampas (wala lang maid si Ms Piggy) and parating gustong pakasalan at entrap si Kermit!


    1. mahirap NG magsalita NG ilonggo ngayon NG panahon NG ganito.

      bka mahalata NG maraming tao NG kababayan nio si FG NG iloilo, NG!! awayin pa tayo NG iba.

      mas mainam na lang NG ganito NG tahimik NG kayo.

      magandang gabi NG or NONG, whatever time NG day sa inyo or NG gender nio!!


    1. wetaminit kapeng mainit.

      “if millions of people are buying, there must be some great demand, noh?”–PGMA (THE ECONOMIST)

      “if there’s great demand, let’s fast track everything. anak alissssss. ako na para mas mabilisssss”– MAR II (THE ECONOMISTY II)

      ” track?? oi tabi tabi kayo mga apo!! hoi manny/jinkee, baka masagaan mga anak nio!!! — aling dionesia (GRANDMOTHER OF MGA APONG ‘DI MAGKAMUKHA)


  2. kagabi ko lang napagtanto, ng manood ako ng bandila, na kamukhang-kamukha nga ni korina si ms piggy. as in, magkapareho sila sa hugis ng mukha, pungay ng mata at laki ng butas ng ilong.

    buti nalang maliit lang ang pitoy ni mar. dahil kung hindi, baka mala 12-gauge shotgun na ang butas ng ilong ni korina. hahaha!


  3. You sure do have a lot of axes to grind with Mar Roxas, don’t you, Heckler?

    But then again, I really commend you for doing so. Mar Roxas is probably the most annoying personality right now for me. The sight of him on TV prompts me to get the remote either to switch the channel or throw it onto the TV right smack into his face.

    And the saddest irony of this is that the masa are actually buying this. Mar Roxas could care less about what people say about his recent gimmicks, but he probably thinks that a majority of Filipinos are stupid, and he still does the obvious.

    If anything, watching that padyak ad and the Wowowee proposal can be used as torture material. I can’t believe I sat through both vids on YouTube.


    1. I am sure YOU are the expert at what people find acceptable or not. How long was the video in youtube… about 10mins? Now that’s a good investment of a THINKING MAN, force yourself to watch an “excruciating” 10 minutes of a couple who cheesely profess their love on national TV.

      I can understand YOU want to make a difference in the world by heckling politicians but the others who commented how they puked? Why were you watching wowowee in the first place? I did not realize that Willie Revillame is the epitome of the thinking man’s man….

      and don’t say you were FORCED to go out of your way to search it in youtube so that MAR and KORINA can force you to puke at their absurd gimmick.

      C’mon guys. If it were that bad… just IGNORE it. Sometimes I wonder if MAR paid you guys to make it controversial so that people will talk about it.



    1. if you cant see who else is better than mar then you are probably not looking very hard.
      how about panlilio and padaca? if they run they have my vote. they may not be perfect candidates but anybody who is not beholden to both estrada and arroyo is better than the trapos that we are now seeing on tv.


      1. What? “Not looking very hard”? So after looking very hard I have to realize that Ping is the best?! Utang na loob at utang na labas! Ping is not even an option, please. And yes, sadly, the Mar and the Villar are both in the making of being a TraPo…but at least still “in the making”, kesa naman kay Ping na di pa politiko, pulis pa lang siya, TraPo na siya! And dont even bring up Padaca…please.


  4. Mar mentioned “lalaban tayo!”, yeah right. Look closely at the padyak cabin (close to end of the infomercial)…empty. At the end of the padyak race, it was just him; alone. Where are the kids??? Now really, does he really care? Scripted na nga, and he still can’t hide the truth.


  5. What were they thinking?

    Simple, they weren’t thinking at all, hehehe…

    Nah… they thought it out all right.. ABS backing Mar Roxas? Sharon tagging along the campaign for her husband.

    So, with deluded fans believing in the so-called substance of Ms. Korina Sanchez, die-hard Sharonians, blinded loyal followers of the cult of Willie, and the millions of Kapamilyas who will believe whatever ABS feed them,

    ladies and gentlemen, meet our new President and Vice President:

    Mar and Kiko.

    Haaaay… well, i don’t like it, but i rather have mar over the iron-fist, pro-salvage ping lacson..

    villar may not be that bad..

    God bless the Philippines.


  6. Joke of the Day

    Sen. Mar Roxas and his fiancée, popular TV and radio broadcaster Korina Sanchez, have revealed what their gift for each other will be on their wedding night: their virginity.

    In an exclusive interview with Good Times Manila, the couple admitted that they are saving themselves for the day they tie the knot in May next year (on Election Day). Roxas is reportedly eyeing the presidency in 2010.

    “You know, I believe that purity is the best gift a woman can give to her husband. There is no gift that is more special than that,” Sanchez said.

    Funny isn’t it?


  7. Di Kaya maging dahilan ang Ginawa ng Dalawang payaso na ito para Masuspinde si Korina?

    You know,Parang may Nalabag siyang Ethics bilang isang Journalist.

    Naalala ko lang nung Nasuspinde si Karen Davilla kasi nga Naghubad siya for a Magazine,Nakalimutan ko na yung Pangalan ng Magazine,Pero basta Nasuspinde siya.


  8. C’mon guys, don’t you think Mar doesn’t know that he’s being cheesy and crass in his
    ads and this thingy with Korina! He probably feels like puking himself but
    a guy’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. The poor guy wants to become President
    so badly that he knows he’s got to connect with the “masa”. To hell with
    the “ABC” crowd, right Mar! For his next ad, I heard that he’s going to
    be a “taong grasa” and eat ‘pagpag’ (chickenjoy sa basura) with some
    scavengers in an undisclosed dumpsite. Abangan!


    1. people should be given more credit for thinking. malamang hindi nagresearch at nagtest yung pr/ad agency before they released the ad. they might be in for a surprise, if they actually ask the so-called masa kung ano ang gusto nilang makita. i doubt kung ito yun.


    2. I agree. Mar had to go down to the bakya level to get the masa votes just like the Erap phenomenon.

      Kahit anong heckling pa ang gawin natin, di naman ito makakaapekto sa boto ng masa. I would rather suggest that some NGOs (e.g. PPCRV) make use of Wowowee (or similar) to start voter education on the “DEF” crowed.

      Mar is now on the presidential campaign bus and it will ram anything that gets on it way…even if it takes eating ‘pagpag’ as TTnio suggested.


  9. @ lecheflan

    you must have misread my post. i never even mentioned ping lacson as an option. i wouldn’t vote for him even if he is the only candidate running. a mar roxas win would be a trapo presidency but a ping lacson one…. i shudder with fear at that thought, martial law would seem like cakewalk compared to that.

    btw mind sharing with us whats your beef against padaca?


  10. obvious naman na para sa 2010 ang mga ginagawa ni Mar Roxas. yun pagpapabinyag sa quintuplets, parang heller, i am not questioning the gesture, only the timing and kelangan ba may press?!

    sabagay sino nga ba naman ang boboto sa isang binatang presidente tas di pa kagwapuhan hahahaha…syempre kelangan married sya para responsible na responsible ang dating..tsk tsk!


  11. Blog visitor Eduard Cabrera (16:11:04) : WROTE ABOVE:

    “How long was the video in youtube… about 10mins? Now that’s a good investment of a THINKING MAN, force yourself to watch an “excruciating” 10 minutes of a couple who cheesely profess their love on national TV.”

    HECKLER SAYS: On the contrary, i DID not watch the entire video. I have a very low threshold for pain. I stopped before the 3rd minute.

    Blog visitor Eduard Cabrera (16:11:04) : WROTE ABOVE:

    “C’mon guys. If it were that bad… just IGNORE it. ”

    HECKLER SAYS: Now that’s the problem with so many Filipinos. We just IGNORE the bad side of this government.


    Blog visitor Eduard Cabrera (16:11:04) : WROTE ABOVE:

    “Sometimes I wonder if MAR paid you guys to make it controversial so that people will talk about it.


    Keep on coming back Mr. Cabrera. We sure enjoyed your comments.


  12. yeah I too am wondering whether Korina took a vacation or she got a suspension cos what she’s doing with Mar on tv wasn’t public service but politicking already.

    K. I didn’t watch Wowowee cos it’s working time and I’m not a mainstream channel fan but some peep who watched them guesting told me about it. it’s enough for me to shred the idea of searching the vid on yt. lols!


  13. i believe that mar roxas could make a good president..especially with his educational background..bloodline and his track record in public service..korina will be an excellent partner and a pillar of support because of her popularity and legions of fans..together they could probably make it happen..mar has been doing the right moves marketing himself..the legacy mess..the noodles controversy..nbn deal..padyak video..BUT DANG! WOWWOWEE? how low can you get? pa crying-crying pa!believe na sana ako sa iyo mr. senator ..but i dont want a crying president in the palace plus going to that level just to get the votes.


  14. hello, i so love your blog. of course, am a biased blogger because i have just signed up as a member of the liberal party. but since i have NOT yet taken my oath of allegiance, so i am still a free agent.

    In one pow-wow of the friends of mar, i casually suggested to some people that we should ask kris aquino to run for president. the room was stunned into silence.

    if surveys are to be believed, kris aquino is the only one who can beat jinggoy estrada, who is poised to become the next vice president of the philippines.

    so chiz is not running for vp after all? of course not. he will run for president, with jinggoy as his vp.

    and it will be a mighty crazy campaign for us all — politicians, kibitzers, and voters.

    Pres & Vice-Pres:

    Mar and Kris
    Chiz and Jinggoy
    Villar and Noli
    Ping and Jamby

    Now, from that list, you’ve gotta pick the next leaders of the land. Good, great, luck to us all 😉


    1. kris aquino for vice pres.? JEJOMAR! (HESUSMARIAHOSEP!) “ugok!” this is just the right kind of mentality our filipino countrymen should get rid off! picking somebody like kris aquino who can’t even express herself without over acting her TAGLISH/ACCENT/POSTURE..ETC..hay naku! pow wowing with mars friends? yeah right!


  15. Senator Mar Roxas to conduct probe on “Hello Pappy” controversy

    Senator Manuel “Mar” Roxas II, chair of the Senate trade and commerce committee said that he would propose an investigation on the alleged game rigging of ABS-CBN’s noontime variety show Wowowee.In a report by GMA News, Roxas also said that the investigation will commence once the information have been collected from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and other concerned parties. Roxas claimed that the probe was in aid of legislation. The DTI holds the authority when it comes to supervising the conduct of consumer promos, including game show segments.

    “We will look into this by first asking the DTI what are the complaints, who are the complainants, and what it has done and intends to do about this matter,” Roxas said.

    Roxas also added that he would file an appropriate resolution for a Senate inquiry with the end-goal of strengthening the consumer welfare code.

    In his statement, Roxas read: “It was important to understand the nature of the alleged rigging involved, and the proper manner and venue in which to address this.”

    The said proposal came hours after Eat Bulaga! host Joey de Leon called upon the Senate to investigate on what he called the “Hello, Pappy” incident.

    “Inuuna n’yo ‘yang ‘Hello, Garci.’ Bakit hindi n’yo muna unahin itong ‘Hello Pappy’?” Joey was quoted as saying.

    “Pappy”, by the way, is Willie’s nickname on his noontime show.

    Airing a response minutes after Joey’s statement on Eat Bulaga!, Willie said, “Hindi ko kailangan ng Senado. Kailangan ko mga totoong tao. Ang taong-bayan ang kailangan ko.”

    Philippine Entertainment Portal


  16. @danton remoto:

    Sir, inasmuch as the idea of maneuvering within this system is commendable enough, the problem is precisely that: WE ONLY LABOR TO MANEUVER AND SAVE OUR SKINS WITHIN THIS DESTRUCTIVE SYSTEM. Why not get down with this system in a methodical manner? Let’s face it: hecklers, Marxists and Bonifacistas may kill me at this statement, but Rizal at least has the clear-cut vision of how to carry out a revolution. The problem is Bonifacio et al were “atat na atat”, which we cannot fault them. But thanks to Bonifacio’s botches and Aguinaldo’s dumb luck which eventually ran out, where were we? Americanized, brutalized, fragmented, a verily IDIOTIC NATION. I could commend Kiko Pangilinan for saying this country still has hope, but that’s the problem with him: HE ONLY SAYS THINGS.

    I may be wrong with my statements, so counterpoints are welcome.


  17. Isa pa lang so far ang kapantay sa kapal ng mukha ng 2 karakter na ito…ang GMA 7 at iba pang nasa likod ng super-delayed coverage ng Pacquiao-Hatton fight! My God, ala Imelda cum Gloria cum Pidal cum Erap cum de Venecia cum Ombudsman cum FG cum Iggy cum GSIS cum Joc Joc…ad nauseam…ang pambabastos nyo sa intelligence and sensibilities ng mga Pinoy! Kung magsalita kayo nuon pag medyo delayed coverage ng ABS CBN! Dumi lang ng kuko pala kumpara sa inyo…sobra namang gutom nyo sa revenue. SPLAAAAAAAAT!


  18. hello isagani, whoever you are, at least i have my real name here 😉 when i said a pow-wow with the friends of mar, i meant it. i only attended once, and never came back. it is held at the balay ni mar in farmers’ market. you can be invited, too, if you want. but i am not sure if you would want to come back, too;-)

    as for kris, she was our english lit graduate at ateneo. although not excellent, she got good grades. even if always shooting a film, she managed to read all the required texts. i meant she is the only one who could beat jinggoy for vice president.

    i think the thing to do is embark on voters’ education. the profile of the filipino voter is that almsot 70 percent of them did NOT finish Grade Six. This is the fact we have to deal with.

    And blogs like these are helpful, if only the bloggers would be less bitter and more wise 😉

    Have a good weekend.


    1. hey dan, having your real name printed for self promotion and posssible gift/cash donations for for favorable comments is not really my cup of tea.. entering the big cream colored gates..past the apartment like servant/guard quarters thru the long driveway leading to mar’s house and pow wowing with his friends is not the highlight of any of my particular day.

      bitter? how can you not be bitter knowing (if your facts is right) that 70% of the filipino voters did not finish grade 6? can you not be bitter with an asinine suggestion of KRIS AQUINO as vice president for the reason being ,that she is the only one who can beat jinggoy.


  19. Ahm, is that right danton? 70% Didn’t finish Grade 6? I never knew that.. If that’s true, that’s too harsh. That’s really an eye opener. What’s happening to the Filipino quality education?

    Maybe if that’s exact, my guess is that 40% of those doesn’t know how to surf the internet. This blog is really helpful, but I think it’s still short of reaching others.

    The fact that the use of the internet for others today is becoming more of a self-advertisement and communication, making themselves popular or for entertainment, still does a huge blow for them to be stuck from their current knowledge.


  20. buti na lang at di po ako nanonood ng wowowee.. di ko kasi kaya ang kabaduyan ng show na yun. sa news ko lang nalaman tungkol sa engagement charing nila.. pati tungkol sa quintuplets. kawawang mga bata, ginagamit lang sila.. so so obvious ang pamumolitika at paggamit ni mr mar ms korina. imagine.. five years na daw sila (mag-on), kala ko hiwalay na sila pano ang last publicity nila about their pagiging magjowa ay last election pa.. kawawa naman si korina, pag may election lang sya naaalala ni mar. hhmm.. ang panalangin ko lang ay sana hindi manalo ang ganitong klaseng mga politiko.

    @mr heckler – ang galing nyo po! love your bog and it’s nice that we have something like this where we can talk and argue things about our country.

    @for all – let’s just hope for the best.. may pag-asa pa. Sabi nga sa isang commercial: WAG KANG AAYAW, THINK POSITIVE!! 😀


  21. ahhh… sa tingin ko… ok naman sila ahh… mali nga lang nila ay sa wowowee pa sila bumalandra… pwede naman sa TV Patrol db??? para mukhang Pacman tayo jan… joke…

    hay naku… wag nalang tayo makialam sa mga buhay na may buhay…. hindi rin tayo aasenso jan… sakit ng ulo lang hatid nyan… hay naku!


  22. hi isagani,

    the gate of mar roxas’s house is brown, not cream-colored. there is no long curving driveway. there is only one housemaid. you enter the gate and 25 meters away, straight, is the door. i know because i used to be in his staff, last year, but i have left.

    i have been making comments in pf’s blog for centuries and have not received any cash donation; i do not think i would. when i said kris is the only one who can beat jinggoy, i was talking of surveys that said so.

    like all of you, i am concerned that almost 70 percent of filipinos did not finish grade six. Stats from DepEd show that out of 10 who enter Grade 1, only three would finish grade 6. Seven out of ten are neither numerate or literate.

    that, i think, should be one focus of somebody running for president or any other national position in 2010.

    and since i am writing this on june 21, happy father’s day to all 😉

    danton remoto


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