red_cross_mary Hostage Freed
The government says there was no ransom paid to the Abu Sayyaf Group for the release of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) volunteer Mary Jean Lacaba. Did you know what the terrorists sought instead? Blood donation for their wounded members.

gordon_cry In a phone-patched interview over a TV newscast minutes after Lacaba’s release, Philippine National Red Cross chairman Sen. Richard Gordon said he wanted to cry… but decided to “control” it when he realized he was just on the phone, not on camera.

ICRC volunteer Mary Jean Lacaba was held hostage by terrorists for 77 days. If she were an ABS-CBN reporter, Abu Sayyaf bandits would have been counting millions of pesos by Day 9.

ladyann2 By now you must be all familiar with Sulu Vice Governor Lady Ann Sahidulla – the mediator for the government who facilitated the release of Lacaba. Here’s the strange thing. Ms Vice Governor has access to the Abu Sayyaf lair. She’s been in and out of their hideout. She mingles with them. She talks to them. She negotiates with them. And she does it with so much ease. Is she an “honorary member?”

The Abu Sayyaf terrorists still holding two foreign hostages threatened on Friday night to execute their remaining captives. Infuriated, DILG Sec. Ronaldo Puno warned the bandits that if they execute the hostages, the military would execute the Vice Governor.

ladyann Sulu Vice Governor Lady Ann Sahidulla is in the news again following the release of Mary Jean Lacaba. She’s been in the news before, when Ces Drilon and her crew were kidnapped… which makes me wonder: does Sulu province even have a governor?

Just a random thought: if the First Gentleman would be doing what Sahidullah does, would he settle for a mere five percent?

Travel Advisory
Canada is advising its citizens to avoid traveling to Mindanao. The Department of Foreign Affairs understood but subtly protested the advisory saying the Philippines is a perfectly safe place for foreign nationals… unless of course, your name is Chip Tsao.

arasison Murder Charges vs. Ka Joma
I’m sure you’ve heard the news. Dutch prosecutors have dropped the criminal charges filed against CPP-NPA founder Jose Maria Sison in connection with the murder of his two former comrades turned critics Romulo Kintanar and Arturo Tabara. Dutch prosecutors decided to junk the charges because the murder weapon was never found – a remote control.

angsee Kidnapping Cases
Anti-crime advocate Teresita Ang-See has noted a rise in kidnapping cases as the 2010 election nears, to which the Sulu Vice Governor said, “Eh ba’t nakatingin ka sa ‘kin!”

bar_topnotch Bar Exam Results
San Sebastian Law School’s Judy Lardizabal who obtained her bachelor’s degree in social work from the University of the Philippines topped the 2008 Bar Exams in which five Ateneo law graduates finished in the top 10. When a La Sallista heard this he said, “Sus! Lahat ng mga ‘yan dumaan sa La Salle! Sa’n ba ang venue ng bar exam, ‘di ba sa ‘min?!”

Briefly Noted
Have you seen Mar Roxas’ latest TV commercial where he was shown driving a pedicab? Oh I admire politicians. They never run of out of creative ways to redefine “kaplastikan.”

“RANSOM, n. The purchase of that which neither belongs to the seller, nor can belong to the buyer. The most unprofitable of investments.”
~ Ambrose Bierce

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26 thoughts on “PRESSED RELEASE”

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  2. OMG! When I saw Roxas’ advertisement I actually puked in the mouth. If he was in front of him I would have hurled all over him. Bagay talaga sila ni Korina puro sila gimik. I’m pretty sure magpapakasal na yung dalawang yan baka sa kali kasi maging presidente si Mar at matuloy ang ilusyon ni Korina maging First Lady. That and the fact na mapagtakpan ang maitim na lihim ni Mar! Put*ng Ina! Sinong Bakla ha?

    Gordon is sooo “Orocan!” Hindi pa tupperware kasi mas plastik sa kanya si Roxas. Ahahahaha!

    Yung Vice Gov ba ng Sulu kay Elvie nagpapaskin care o kay Calayan? Mukha syang bangkay eh tapos maga pa yung pisngi. Pag ikaw nga naman madami kickback, este pera, may budget ka magpa skin care.

    La Sallista ko pero I must admit you have a point. San nga naman ba sila dumaan? I’m still a big fan of the Heckler. Hilarious! ROFL


  3. yes, that premature ad campaign of mar roxas is a CHEAP SHOT and a slap on the face of his grandfather (?) (the late president), his relatives in politics, and himself. if those kids were indeed poor because the government didn’t do any better, then his grandfather himself (his relatives & mar roxas too) is a FAILURE.

    p#%&@! think of something good you faggot. i suggest you marry korina sanchez so you will make it on the headlines. or better do bb gandanghari.


  4. hi angie! please dont insulting the intelligence of the bloggers here. We get the message – that he’s trying to woo the masses this time as Mr. Padyakero, since Mr. Palengke is old news. However, that tells us that yes, Roxas is as trapo as they come when it comes to political gimmickry.

    And your comments arent making more fans of your idol. yun lang.


  5. @ angie.

    hey, matalino ka pala? taga-ateneo ka siguro.
    i agree with phreddox.

    why is roxas playing teleserye type of promoting his bid for 2010?
    di ba cheap? eh kung madami mga bata ngayon na naghihirap or nagta-trabaho, hindi ba role rin ng senado/kongreso ang magpatupad ng batas (at ipatupad ito) para nga iangat ang estado ng mga batang ito?

    kung meron pa ring mga batang ganito, ito ay dahil sa failure nga ng gobyerno (ayun sa ad nya). eh di ba nga nasa senado na sya ng matagal na?
    eh ano pala ang nagawa ng senado na kasama sya?


  6. Ya, i agree..Kung tutuusin, medyo ang taong 2010 ay 1 taon pa magmula ngayon, pero andyan na ang mga walang kakwenta kwentang ads ng mga politiko. Xempre, kelangan na naman nila ulit magpabango sa madlang people. Sa lugar na lang namin e, mga walang kwenta nanunungkulan…


  7. i don’t like Mar’s ad or any of the premature campaign ads right now and angie’s comment made her sound like a Mar Roxas fan, but this comment is kinda immature:

    “@ angie.
    hey, matalino ka pala? taga-ateneo ka siguro.”

    picking at the school because you didn’t like what was said?



  8. I don’t like the Mar ads, or any of the premature campaign ads airing right now, and angie’s comment made her sound like a Mar Roxas fan, but I think this comment is kinda immature:

    “@ angie.
    hey, matalino ka pala? taga-ateneo ka siguro.”

    picking at the school because you didn’t like what was said?



  9. angie Said :

    akala ko yung mga nagbabasa ng blogs matatalinong tao. if people who posts their comments here can’t get the message of roxas’s new TVC, it’s ok. that ad is directed for the vast majority of the electorate to give them a better choice in 2010.

    No,angie! Mali ang akala mo!

    May naintindihan kami sa Ad ni Mar,Na pag may nakita siyang bata na Nagpapasada ng pedicab,Kakausapin niya ito at Pakiki-usapan na bumaba ,Tapos si Mr. Palengke na ang bahalang Mag-pasada para sa Bata.

    Wow! How thoughtful! Di lang pala siya pala-Mura,Kahit papaano,may silbi rin siya,Malamang after ng term niya sa Senado magpe-pedicab na lang siya.


  10. if i may just react on the comment of angie

    i think you may be mistaken because the reason why people made
    such comments about sen mar roxas’ ad is because they can see
    through politicians like him who use our less fortunate kababayans
    in their bid for more power (and wealth) but don’t really care about them.

    several presidential terms went by but the urban poor are still here contributing to the pollution, criminal activity, and overpopulation in metro manila because they have limited opportunities where they came from.
    and these politicians always claim that they are looking out for the interest of masses but it seems that they are more interested in keeping the status quo so the stratospheric few can remain happy.

    but then again you maybe a supporter of sen roxas and so you are entitled to your own opinion.


  11. basta nakakainis yung mga premature exposure ng mga politiko na yan na me ambisyon sa 2010, ika nga ni patani: umi eksfowsyur! bakit? dahil ba sila mismo alam nila na kulang talaga ang ginawa nila sa trabaho nila at kelangan nila yan?? at tsaka another Philippine nightmare (after Erap’s victory in presidency bid) yung maging first lady si ngayon pa lang ang yabang na di lalo pa!


  12. mar roxas tries to portray that he’s pro-poor like erap! DUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH! do you know that right after the shoot according to one of his or her? staff, quot ” SH#T, get that alcohol , give me my perfume this place’s nasty…… ang baho dito…. let’s GO nahhh!!! it’s so HOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! What’s NOW? LET’S VOTE FOR MAR ROXAS…AFTER HIS/HER TERM, THIS COUNTRY IS HAVEN FOR PEDICAB DRIVERS……..HA…HA….


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