boyet_f The Boyet Fajardo Story
By now, you must be all familiar with Angelino “Boyet” Fajardo. But in case you’re not… let me tell you who he is. Boyet Fajardo is the week’s second most unpopular newsmaker – next only to Manny Pacquiao.

The Boyet Fajardo Story II
Boyet Fajardo, the fashion designer who humiliated two Duty Free employees by shouting invectives & expletives at them has apologized. But Fajardo insisted – hurling invectives and expletives at the employees was actually an idea of ABS-CBN lawyers.

Did you hear the news? Boyet Fajardo has apologized to the employees of Duty Free Philippines. GMA 7 is now offering him a TV show.

boyet_f2 The Boyet Fajardo Story III
Controversial fashion designer Boyet Fajardo has apologized. Asked why it took him 12 days to say sorry, he replied, “Heller! Pasalamat nga kayo at nag-apologize pa ako! Si Jalosjos nga, 13 years na ‘di pa nag-so-sorry ‘noh!”

Embattled fashion designer Boyet Fajardo has apologized for humiliating Duty Free Philippines employees last March 13. Asked why it took him 12 days to say sorry when he could have done it after two or three days, Fajardo replied, “Two days??? Who do you think I am? Pacquiao?!?”

The Boyet Fajardo Story IV boyet_f5
The employees union of Duty Free Philippines has filed a complaint before the Commission on Human Rights against designer Angelino “Boyet” Fajardo for his outburst inside the store’s outlet in Parañaque City last March 13. Trembling with fear and thinking of the worst scenario, Fajardo has started conceptualizing clothes designs – for inmates.

The Boyet Fajardo Story V
Fashion designer Boyet Fajardo, who humiliated two Duty Free employees has issued a public apology. But his lawyer insisted that the incident was just a “product of creative outburst.” Therefore I conclude, the lawyer is more gay than the client.

boyet_f3 The Boyet Fajardo Story VI
Did you know that Boyet Fajardo’s’ “creative outburst” at a Duty Free Philippines outlet in Parañaque City dragged on for nearly four hours? To give you an idea how long the “outburst” was, before Fajardo could even finish his “scene,” Manny Pacquiao has already signed three different contracts with two different networks!

Boyet Fajardo’s “creative outburst” at a Duty Free Philippines outlet in Parañaque City dragged on for several hours. To give you an idea how unusually long it was, “Nicole” was still a Filipina “rape victim” when it started. By the time Fajardo was done, “Nicole” was already an American bride.

The Boyet Fajardo Story VII
Duty Free Philippines rejected the apology of Boyet Fajardo. Embarrassed, the fashion designer will just apologize to Solar Sports and GMA 7.

This just in! The Professional Heckler has just received a call from Boyet Fajardo. The infamous fashion designer clarified that he was not a product of Ateneo. He’s actually a graduate of UST.

“Mga leche kayo! Hindi n’yo ako kilala? Ako si Boyet Fajardo! At itong put*ng-inang babaeng ito at ang baklang ito ay mga walang kuwentang tao! I want them fired!”
~ Fashion designer Boyet Fajardo’s reaction when, – after presenting an unsigned credit card at the cashier – two Duty Free employees asked for another ID

ganewses In Other News…
President Arroyo said that 41,000 people in the Philippines have lost their jobs due to the global recession. The economy is so bad Boyet Fajardo’s boutiques have zero customers for three days now.

parad Searching for Parad
Aldaber Parad is reportedly wounded. You don’t know Aldaber Parad? Mga leche kayo! Hindi n’yo siya kilala? Si Aldaber Parad ang bagong lider ng Abu Sayyaf! At ‘yang mga put*ng inang supporters ng Abu Sayyaf at ng mga teroristang bumihag sa Red Cross volunteers ay mga walang kwentang tao! I want them fired (at)!

reccross Abu Sayyaf abductors of three International Committee of the Red Cross members gave authorities until Saturday, March 28, to order the pullout of all government forces in Sulu. Otherwise, they’ll either behead one of the hostages or worse, they’ll be compelled to make “sumbong” to Dick Gordon.

Abu Sayyaf leader Aldaber Parad appealed to fellow Muslims not to condemn their decision to kidnap three Red Cross volunteers. Parad explained that the incident was just a product of their “terroristic outburst.”

WB Road Projects Mess
The Office of the Ombudsman recommended the filing of charges against 17 past and present DPWH officials in connection with the World Bank-funded projects mess. The First Gentleman was not included in the rap sheet but the Ombudsman insisted that some members of the investigating body wanted to actually charge him. Asked how many members went against the First Gentleman, the Ombudsman answered, “Five percent.”

Another Recognition for Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao has been voted fighter of the year by the Boxing Writers Association of America. The group recognized Pacquiao for successfully fighting Solar Sports and GMA 7 resulting in his winning a contract with ABS-CBN, and then successfully fighting against ABS-CBN and winning back Solar Sports and GMA 7.

“Bullies are always cowards at heart and may be credited with a pretty safe instinct in scenting their prey.”
~ Anna Julia Cooper

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45 thoughts on “FASHION VICTIM”

  1. Well, hindi talaga nag-sorry si Boyet Fajardo sa cashier ng Duty Free. Sa TV Patrol World, humingi sya ng sorry kay Marvin Hernandez. Sa 24 Oras, humingi sya ng sorry kay Marvin Gonzales. ehem, Marvin Fernandez ang name ng employee na kanyang nilait-lait at kinawawa. Baka mga family names yun ng mga dati rin nyang ininsulto.


  2. l8…neweiz, cant help myself not to react bout this “fashion victim”

    jz want to share the two ironies i’ve learned in life from what had happened these past few days:

    1. You can only have the guts to humiliate other person if and only if you are more horizontally challenged. In short, ugliness is next to insecurities. hahaha

    2. Just like the owner of M/V Princess of the Stars, Arroyo’s admin, the opposition and the Pangandamans (not to mention Pacquiao and Mr. Angelino Fajardo), anybody can blame the weather or the sudden outburst of emotions or even the contract just to acquit your self from fraud.


  3. Did you know that Boyet Fajardo’s’ “creative outburst” at a Duty Free Philippines outlet in Parañaque City dragged on for nearly four hours? To give you an idea how unsually long the “outburst” was, before Fajardo could even finish his “scene,” GMA 7 has finished airing all the commercials in Pacquiao’s fight!


  4. We fully understand and support the issues brought forth vs Mr. Fajardo and his products.

    Just to clarify however, there is another SUBSTANCE brand name (sells shoes, bags and accessories at Rustans Makati, Rustans Shangri-La, Rustans Alabang, Podium and Trinoma). This is different from Mr. Fajardo’s brand. We are NOT connected with Mr. Fajardo in any way. We have the rights registered for the name SUBSTANCE but Mr. Fajardo is also using it… A pending case is being filed against him.


  5. Ahahaha this post is hilarious. Those who left their comments are also hilarious so congratz you guys!


    dapat sunugin na ang baklang yan bago pa kumalat ang epedemya nya at dumami pa sila. Isama naring sunugin ang mga Abu Sayyaf. Mga siraulong mga yan! Dapat kinahihiya sila ng mga kapwa nila Muslim dahil nasisira lalo ang mga pangngalan ng mga Muslim dahil sa kanila.


  6. I truly admire your blog, Prof Heck! The wit and intelligence and the humour, (which can be wry at times) of your blog , are beyond…well…words.

    But this Boyet Fajardo episode is giving me verbal diarhhea. it is personal because I was a BF fan until that Duty Free scandal episode.

    I used to admire the brand Boyet Fajardo. I told myself back then that his clothes have nice floral prints and are easy on the budget. I would pair my durable trousers with my gaudy floral BF blouse and bask in all its jologs!! I secretly enjoy it and did not mind the comments of how “floral” I can be. Hey, it’s just flowery me.:-)

    Now I am anti Boyet Fajardo. I look at my flower garden that is my wardrobe and I bow my head in shame. Now i see my Boyet Fajardo blouses as florid horrid embarrassments. Magastos rin mag palit ng wardrobe pero mas mabuti na rin yun kaysa “kunsiyensiya ko suot ko”. Shame on me for liking BF then. Shame on you Boyet Fajardo for the way you treat people you deem beneath your caliber. I was horrified when that poor man kneeled before you in your ” creative outburst”. “Creative outburst” is a lame excuse by the way. Shame on you Boyet Fajardo for not giving a sincere apology. A sincere apology will not have “ifs” and “buts”.

    I wonder if the department stores will continue to carry your brand. Do the mall taipans know your true nature? I think they should. Maybe you can change your brand name to hide this sorry past.But people will know when you change your name or your label or your face. Do not underestimate the power of the blog. No longer Boyet Fajardo that is associated with the Duty Free scandal ? The problem is ,in this age of the internet, news travel faster before you can say ” Boyet Fajardo”. It will even reach Mt. Matterhorn, Boyet. Not that it mattered ….:-P Your clothes will sell in Switzerland , you say?


  7. hmm… I’m not gay nor a lesbian, but wouldn’t it be better if we rose above barbs regarding a person’s sexual orientation? it’s exactly what boyet fajardo did when he unleashed his “creative outburst” on duty free employees, marvin fernandez in particular. just saying…


  8. hahaha my anger faded away thanks to this post!hilarious especially when you said he “started conceptualizing clothes for the inmates”! he must be scared to death now!

    para wala na siya maipanakot na”di nyo ba ako kilala???madami ako koneksyon!!!
    Ah letse ka!LOL



    “Mga leche kayo! Hindi n’yo ako kilala? Ako si Boyet Fajardo! At itong put*ng-inang babaeng ito at ang baklang ito ay mga walang kuwentang tao! I want them fired!”

    GMA Pic
    PARAD Pic



  10. boycott his “designer” product and re-design his face first and then his attitude..dont put him in jail cause that will be like rewarding him for his “kayabangan” mag e-enjoy lang yan dami ng lalaking bilango..ang dapat sisihin dyan ang mga taong nagpalaki sa kanya ..hindi siya tinuruan ng tamang ugali at tamang pag-galang sa kapwa tao.siguro si padre damaso ang nagpalaki sa bading na boyet na ito. Bas*tos at UST graduate pa raw………………..
    Ugaling Sutil sa Tao.


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