Jalosjos Is Free
Romeo Jalosjos has been released from jail. From ex-congressman to ex-convict.

Convicted rapist and former Zamboanga Del Norte representative Romeo Jalosjos has been released from prison. In another news dismissed as totally irrelevant and unrelated by Jalosjos, ABS-CBN has activated another Bantay Bata hotline.

Freed child rapist Romeo Jalosjos says he will not apologize to his victim. The former solon adds he is no longer interested to meet her again… because at 24, he finds the girl too old.

jalos1 Former congressman and convicted child rapist Romeo Jalosjos spent 13 years in prison. Upon his release, he immediately checked out his neighbor’s daughter who was only a year old when he was imprisoned.

Did you hear the latest update? Released child rapist Romeo Jalosjos is seeking a retrial of his rape case. This time though, he demands a full reenactment.

In 1997, the court ordered Romeo Jalosjos to pay his victim 400,000 pesos in moral damages. Suzette Nicolas or “Nicole” received 50,000. See the difference between the two victims’ morality value?

The Department of Justice ordered the release of convicted child rapist and former congressman Romeo Jalosjos. Jalosjos’ release is part of the DOJ’s campaign to decongest the New Bilibid Prisons… in preparation for Panfilo Lacson and Joseph Estrada’s looming “arrival.”

The Dacer-Corbito Case
As we all know, former police Senior Supt. Cezar Mancao II, in a sworn affidavit, said that Panfilo Lacson had a hand in the murder of PR man Bubby Dacer and his driver Emmanuel Corbito. But Lacson insisted, “I have absolutely nothing to do with the Dacer-Corbito case.” And his former boss Joseph Estrada said, “I have no motive whatsoever.” O s’ya, s’ya, sige na. Suicide na kung suicide.

In several media interviews, former president Joseph Estrada denied he was the “Bigote” being referred to in the Mancao affidavit. And Jinggoy Estrada added, “Eh, ba’t nakatingin kayo sa akin?”

dumlao Remember former police Senior Supt. Glenn Dumlao? To fight his extradition, the penniless fugitive has posted a cash bond of 100 thousand dollars! When Loi Ejercito heard this, she told Erap, “Hay naku! Kanino ka na naman nangutang?”

Did you hear about the planned “senaculo” in San Juan? Both Erap and Lacson volunteered to play Pontius Pilate. They couldn’t wait to wash their hands.

lax Top 5 Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask Sen. Panfilo Lacson These Days But Couldn’t (Or the Top 5 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask Panfilo Lacson Today … Or Else, You’re Dead)

5: You must be losing sleep these days. Do you feel any pressure right now?

4: Who among the members of the local media have agreed to join your Damage Control Department? (‘Coz it’s gonna be one heck of a job)

3: Do you think Filipinos are this stupid to believe that you are innocent of the twin murders?

2: In your illustrious and notorious career both as a police officer and a politician, have you killed an adversary for political gains, or ordered a subordinate to kill a perceived enemy? If not, how could you lie?

And the No. 1 question you’ve always wanted to ask Sen. Panfilo Lacson these days but couldn’t…

1: Have you seen Karma lately? We heard she’s been looking for you.

Bonus Question:
Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Ramon Tulfo has repeatedly implied in his previous columns that you were gay. Why not?

Caught on Tape:
Designer Berating Lowly Employee?

Who is Boyet Fajardo? Is he the male version of the infamous lifestyle columnist slash OFW-basher Malu Fernandez? You be the judge. Watch this.

Survey Says
Was “Nicole” raped?
No: 42%
Who cares?: 40%
Maybe: 6%
Others: 6%

We have a new survey. Please vote now.
“You will find peace not by trying to escape your problems, but by confronting them courageously. You will find peace not in denial, but in victory.”
~J. Donald Walters

Have a great weekend!

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21 thoughts on “HEINOUS CRIMES”

  1. What did Jalosjos promise GMA in exchange for his release? I just hate the elections…

    I hate GMA, but thank God Erap and Ping can no longer run in 2010…And I hope Pinoys will learn from their mistakes. ‘Pag mataas pa rin si Erap sa surveys, ewan ko na lang.

    Who is next for another Malacanang-sponsored demolition job?


  2. tsk tsk, a nation held hostess erm hostage by Nicole… i kind of pity her though.. her move has just earned her the title “Pambansang Biatch”… her re”puta”tion is definitely going to be one for the history books 😀

    Anyway, isang malutong na TANGINAMO!!! dun sa Boyet Fajardo. Ang sarap mong sapakin.


  3. Dumlao – Journalistic Ethics / Accuracy / Professionalism

    Will the PRESS, the MEDIA and BLOGGERS kindly be RESPONSIBLE and complete the name of the subject in question?

    The COMPLETE NAME of the former Police Senior Superintendent is “GLENN GALAPON DUMLAO”. Even simply stating “GLENN G. DUMLAO” would be sufficient to disambiguate the person from others, like myself, who are similarly named.

    This ambiguity has caused SEVERE difficulties for me and it has been and still is an absolute nightmare having to live and deal with this– all the way back from the Kuratong Baleleng case then this, the Dacer/Corbito case.

    Thank you for maintaining the high standards of PROFESSIONALISM and FAIRNESS I have come to expect from you through all these years.

    Yours truly,

    Glenn M Dumlao

    see the following:


  4. jalosjos finally went home to zamboanga. warmly (and godly) welcomed by his supporters in full military (or similar, i saw uniformed men on the news – saluting him with their firearms) honors.

    he was warmly welcomed like a long lost martyr, ala ninoy, by a crowd of supporters.

    tsk, tsk, tsk. only in the philippines.


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