nicole2 The day’s biggest news? Suzette Nicolas or “Nicole” is now saying she may have not been raped by Lance Corporal Daniel Smith. She has recunted.

In her sworn statement, Suzette Nicolas a.k.a. Nicole stated that she wasn’t sure if she was indeed raped by the American Marine. (Kami rin.)

Suzette Nicolas a.k.a. Nicole has recanted her testimony. And Mike Defensor has just appeared on TV saying, “Don’t look at me!”

I have yet to verify this but I just got word that Suzette Nicolas’ middle name is “Mahusay.” Pinsan daw niya si Udong.

dansmith So it all boils down to this. Suzette Nicolas a.k.a. Nicole has recanted her testimony against American marine Lance Corporal Daniel Smith. Smith has reportedly paid 50,000 pesos in exemplary damages and another 50,000 in moral damages. After the recantation though, the court might just reduce the amount paid for moral damages to 50 pesos.

In her sworn statement, Suzette Nicolas or Nicole recanted her testimony against American marine Lance Corporal Daniel Smith. But isn’t that what US President Barack Obama had promised? Change!

Sought for a comment, Nicole told the Professional Heckler, “Change? Yes, I can!”

Susan Nicolas, Nicole’s mother told the press that they have “suffered for so long,” they have “gotten so tired,” and despite joining a number of anti-US rallies, they still don’t know what the letters V, F, and A stand for.

dansmith2 In her sworn statement, Nicole stated that “I may have in fact been so friendly and intimate with Daniel Smith,” and that “we simply just got carried away.” In other words, before Smith went on top of her, they had a “visiting force agreement.”

As you all know, Suzette Nicolas a.k.a. Nicole has recanted her testimony against Lance Corporal Daniel Smith. Her mom says she has left for the US to be with her American boyfriend, a Marine soldier she met in Zamboanga City. Tomorrow, Mrs. Nicolas will release another statement expressing their support for the VFA.

nicole Have you read Nicole’s sworn statement? Before some people accuse me of picking on their school, it’s stated there guys. She’s Atenean!

Nope, there’s no truth to the rumor that the story of “Nicole” will be featured in “Maalaala Mo Kaya’s” special episode called… “Ang Birhen.”

ursua And finally, the economy is so bad… Attorney Evalyn Ursua has just lost her job!

Top 6 Messages Left on Suzette Nicolas’ a.k.a. Nicole’s Voice Mailbox

6: “Hello Suzette! Nanay mo ‘to! Ano ngang number ni Daniel? Nagtatanong ang ate mo!”

5: “Si Attorney ‘to! Naknamput… alam mo ba kung anong kahihiyan ang ginawa mo?”

4: “Danny here. I know you’ve missed me. Wanna visit me tonight?”

3: “Nanay mo ulit ito. May matanda bang kapatid ‘yang boyfriend mo d’yan? Pengeng number!”

2: “Hi Nicole. Sa Inquirer ‘to. Did you see your front page photo today? In fairness, kami lang ang naglakas-loob na iladlad ang pagmumukha mo. Kainis ka na kasi!”

And the No. 1 message left on Nicole’s voice mailbox…

1: “Hello? Shi Shuzette Nicolash ba ito? O iha, pashalamat ka kay Preshedente Obama ‘noh? At leassht, nasha Yu-Esh ka na. Ang shaya-shaya ‘di ba?”

This Just In!
Sketchy reports say former Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye is calling for a press con to present the real Nicole. Apparently, there were two.

jalos In Other News…
Last Sunday, convicted murderer Rolito Go was allowed to leave the maximum security complex of the New Bilibid Prisons. That was less than a month after the release of Ninoy Aquino’s 10 killers. Today, reports say, convicted rapist and former Zamboanga del Norte congressman Romeo Jalosjos was ordered released from the National Bilibid Prisons by Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez. When they read the news, North Koreans, Burmese, Cubans, and Uzbeks became green with envy. The Philippines is a “free” country indeed!

pacquiao Serious Stuff: Money on Manny’s Mind
A reliable source told The Professional Heckler that Solar Sports will file a suit against Manny Pacquiao for breach of contract. This, after Pacquiao reportedly signed a deal with ABS-CBN despite his existing contract with Solar Sports. My source said, “Inilaglag ni Manny ang Solar at GMA 7.” A sports columnist has written earlier that Pacquiao chose the network because it offered him full media support to ensure victory in the next year’s congressional elections.” Sigh.

Survey Says…
What is the most “jologs” FM station?
Barangay LS: 50%
101.9 For Life: 30%
Love Radio: 9%
YES FM: 3%
Energy: 3%
Mellow Touch: 2%
Others: 3%

We have a new survey. Please vote now.

“A single lie destroys a whole reputation for integrity.”
~ Baltasar Gracia

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82 thoughts on “NICOLE”

  1. heckler! si raul gonzales ba, peyups? am hoping he is to tilt the balance of disappointing alumni— i’m from arneo, but i like your blog. baka naman ‘di mo lang nabalitaan: there’s still a lot of us left who are not stealing from this country.

    rape survivors usually swing from righteous indignation (“binaboy niya ang pagkatao ko!”) to paralyzing self-doubt (“lumandi ba ako at nagbigay ng motibo?”).

    i would have understood this kind of disorientation from nicole, but even at the outset, if memory serves me, she was not like this. so her recanting is so suspect.

    i do understand that she wants to move on, but that she fired evalyn ursua and then revises her previous sworn statement just makes everything fishy.


  2. here’s a good piece that came out in the Philippine Star. According to her former counsel, it wasn’t Suzette who wrote the affidavit. Why? According to Ursua, “[y]ung language na ‘yun sa level of articulation ni Nicole, hindi kanya yan (Nicole is not capable of that language and level of articulation).”

    Draw your own conclusions. 🙂


  3. I never believed her right from the start. I also would like to ask why a lot of people reacted why the U.S. government is doing all they can to set their countryman free. E tayo di naman a, kung may Pinoy na nahatulan or nakulong sa ibang bansa gumagawa rin tayo ng paraan, and amidst all that furor, when China sent a highly sophisticated war ship which makes OUR war ships look like bancas, humingi tayo ng tulong sa U.S..,kapal….


  4. @ pilosopong tasyo

    hahaha dun sa level of articulation ni “Nicole” na pinagdudahan ni Ursua. UP Diliman (College of Law) vs Ateneo (Davao) na naman ba ‘to? Kung inglisan at articulateness na kasi ang pinag-uusapan, magkikilos protesta tiyak ang mga taga Gesu nyan.

    Sa kaso naman ni Nicole, much as I hated the strong criticisms: “she had it coming”, I long have doubted the “rape” from the very beginning. Nakaka dismaya lang that after all the trouble she, her lawyer and supporters went through, ang recantation nya is a perfect example of a dog eating its own puke.

    Of all countries na pwede nyang puntahan, ba’t US pa?


  5. Nicole….I never believed she was raped! …Gabriela? They always use people…born of hatred…never want anyone to be happy. . .look at their faces…

    By the way, not all Filipinos are like you…not all Filipinos like you…

    I am Filipino…I can go to the US if I want to…but I didn’t…been to other countries…

    Nicole…enjoy yourself in Disney Land…or Las Vegas…earn dollars…write a book…hehehe…tell all…madam! They’ll pay you about the torrid experiences you have…then send a ticket to Daniel Smith…so he can see you in the US earning more than he does… and he’ll hire your services…this time he’ll pay you…that is if he doesn’t puke looking at your face before you get him drunk…


  6. What else is new? It’s just so embarrassing that we are being labeled liars and cheap whores.

    What irks me is the fact that this poor guy who was convicted of rape may actually be innocent. She has ruined his life.

    I do not believe in Karma, but if there is justice in this world, I hope she gets what she deserves.


  7. to: daraga, Raul Gonzales finished law in UST, im sorry to disappoint you lol.

    Well what can you do? If you can’t beat the government then join them, right nicole?

    Try to think of it, nicole got the best of both worlds: 1) she got the conviction and mr. smith’s life got fucked-up; 2) she got the money and the US visa…she’s really a crafty atenean.

    Not a surprise, Manny has done this before with Golden Boy and Top Rank and when he was negotiating with Hatton’s camp. Manny is very impulsive and gullible. What kind of congressman will he be if he is always like this?

    Why the hell he was awarded with a doctorate degree in the first place?


  8. hello Mr. H…musta ang health? 🙂

    eniweiz, kakainis nga yang si ‘Nicole’, iyak-iyak, drama-drama tas pinagod nya pa yung mga ‘supporters’ nya tas ang ending lang pala pupunta lang din syang US! susmio! sa lahat ng nilapastangan ng US citizen, sya pa lang ata ang narinigan kong di nagalit sa US?! lola ko nga ginalit lang ng kapampangan, ayun ayaw na sa lahat ng kapampangan bwahahahahahah..siguro inofferan sya ng citizenship ng US para ‘makapagbagong-buhay’ and US nga naman yun so go ang lola nyo..tsk! typical!

    lahat na lang ng convicted pinakawalan na ng gobyerno..cost cutting din ba ang mga kulungan natin kaya nagle-lay off ng residente dun? bwahahahahah..di kaya unahin ni GMA palayain yun mga 70+ na mga residente nun para kahit man lang sa huling ilang taon ng buhay nila naramdaman nila ang ‘freedom’…hmf!

    honestly speaking, kaengotan ang tumakbo si manny for 2010 election…paramis…kaengotan lang talaga :p


  9. There must be a poll with this question, “Do you believe Nicole was raped by Cpl. Daniel Smith?” Let us see the voice of the people and through this we can inform Nicole of our sentiments. Gabriela and Liza Maza should be informed too that they were not able to fool the entire Filipino nation.

    Justice was granted to Nicole when the lower court convicted Smith guilty of rape. How can her mother even say that they were tired of the justice system here in the Philippines? It is very highly probable that Nicole was used by anti-government political groups to express their anger to both the US and Philippine governments. These groups lost when the VFA was twice declared as constitutional by the Supreme Court. Clearly, this recent development will have deeper implications to the VFA than to the rape case.


  10. About Nicole : Kung may Isang Tanong akong ibabato sa kaniya,That would be…

    “Nicole,MAGKANO…….Ang Ticket Papuntang US?


    Scene : Parehong may interbyu kahapon ang Unang Hirit at Umagang Kay Ganda sa ina ng rape victim ni US Lance Corporal Daniel Smith.

    Ipinakita sa UKG ang mukha ng nanay ni Nicole ngunit pixilized ang image nito sa interbyu ng UH.

    About Manny : Siya po ang Taong Magaling Mang-uto….Pero Madali ring Ma-uto! 😆


  11. masyado naman kaseng nagkaron ng media hype kay nicole, andami pang rally rally jan…. ganito lang naman nangyare jan eh:

    magkasama sila sa bar, uminom, tinamaan… nag flirt flirt etong si nicole dahil mukang mahilig sa tisoy, pero dahil wala sa isip na mag one night stand…ito naman si smith by american standards akala e game itong si nicole dahil flirt , nang mabangenge itong si nicole yun na..di na nakatanggi si babae dahil mejo gusto din…kinabukasan na realize ni nicole na na one night stand sya at baka di na magpakita tong si tisoy, e na attach na sya kay tisoy dahil sa nangyare kaya ayun, na depress kinuwento ang nagyare at kinumbinse ang sarili at ang pamilya na ni-rape sya…

    enter GABRIELA and the rest is history

    ayos ba? hihi


  12. on Serious Stuff: Money on Manny’s Mind:

    True. What was he thinking but money? Some radio commentators believed the price to be given by ABS CBN is P20M in every fight. I would be hypocrite if I say P20M is just small compared to the principles that I uphold but Manny wallows in luxury already. Why not be contented with what he’s got and why did he forget the contract with Solar Sports? Not only is the decision an act of greed but a reaffirmation of ignorance.

    As I’ve said before, I wished for Pacman to be defeated in favor of the Golden Boy only for ‘fangirlism’ reason but now I have to repeat that wish for a lot of reasons. tsk! tsk!


  13. Nicole’s is another case of hypocrisy and deceit. This comes at a time that we are celebrating “Women’s MOnth,” ironically. And here we are, women or different (political) shades attempting to re-assess our womanhood, as Filipinas and how our moral conduct (both publicly and privately) figure in a larger context — national security, justice system, foreign policy, and international relations. This woman’s case must be a lesson for us Filipinas. And for the American servicemen: think before u f—!


  14. IM a manny p fan but it seems manny’s head got a little bigger this time around and i hope that law suit against him is gonna take a big chunk of money out of him hahhaha. HOPE MANNY GETS KNOCK OUT BY HATTON (i hope May weather Sr can walk his talk same goes to hatton too). OR MAYWEATHER jr…. HEHEHEHE and oh, boy dont be too happy that manny p. is in abscbn.. hes gonna get sued =) what an idiot he is….


  15. hay naku, trip lang ni heckler ang mga atenista kasi nagre-react yung mga yun. atsaka sa mga hindi naman atenista, magandang consolation di ba, hindi naman pala ganun kahanga-hanga ang maging atenista. parang ganito lang yan:

    hindi ako nakapasa sa ateneo, pero ok lang yan at least hindi ako naging magnanakaw
    (but wait there’s more!)
    hindi ako nakapasa sa UP, pero ok lang yan at least hindi ako naging tibak na namundok at napatay ng militar…
    hindi ako nakapasa sa la salle, pero ok lang yan, hindi naman ako tatalino doon…
    hindi ako nakapasa sa PMA, pero ok lang yan at least hindi ako gumagawa ng kudeta o nagnanakaw sa pondo ng militar…
    hindi ako nakapasa sa AMA, pero ok lang yan, hindi naman ako jologs…
    …bobo lang talaga ako.


  16. hai… bugo jud ka manny! pakauwaw ra ka sa taga-gensan!

    mukhang pera talaga ‘tong si manny! can’t he just be satisfied with what he already have??

    at umaasa pa talaga siya na mananalo siya sa susunod na election! oh well, maybe he’s just using the law of attraction..


  17. sashafierce, can you please expound your “law of attraction”. Sa 3 Newton’s law of motion kasi, ang alam ko lang is law of action and reaction (or also called reciprocal reaction). Parang wla akong narinig na ganyan kahit kay Heisenberg, Feynman, etc. etc. Or Atenista ka rin ba? Bwahahaha!


  18. i have state a few points that I have been saying all through these years:

    1) I have been and still am doing business in Subic for the past 12 years.
    2) No descent Filipina will hang out in Neptune.
    3) The term for going with foreigners in Neptune is “hataw”.
    4) Nicole is a pokpok. She did not even do sex for money. She was looking for a good time.
    5) Even the SMBA police say that she was not even raped. Everyone in SBMA, Olongapo , etc. know this. Pinakialam lang ng mga Gabriela na utak talangka rin.
    6) Suzette Nicolas, maabilidad ako. hahanap ako ng picture mo and I will plaster this to the internet so the whole world may know the face of a lying pokpok.


  19. Hi Heckler, Please allow this post albeit a long one, by veteran journalist Inday Varona. Definitely food for thought for some of us who are lost on what to make of the turn of events…

    Nicole: A sister’s tough choice
    By Inday Espina-Varona

    It was, in the parlance of negotiators, a lose-lose situation. Nicole, the woman raped by American serviceman Daniel Smith, the woman whose face the Inquirer bared cruelly on its front pages today, knew what awaited her.

    And she was right. The insults, the slurs, the indignation rained as heavy as they did when PR hacks hired for the defense of Smith (and the government he serves) tried to justify a crime by painting Nicole as a woman of loose morals.

    A woman of loose morals can be raped. Indeed, a woman seen by society as one with loose morals is most vulnerable to rape. A society that fumes at a woman’s attempt to live by her own rules will turn its eyes away and close its ears when men decide to impose the most humiliating punishment they can on this singular, defiant woman.


    There is no more self-serving, selfish comment than to wail we’ve been had because Nicole issued an affidavit virtually clearing Smith.

    So she crumbled. So she groveled before might and the power of the American dream. So what? A close reading of the affidavit shows she doesn’t say the rape NEVER happened. She just spouts what the defense wants her to say.

    Many raped women have crumbled in the face of much, much less – say, the tears of an apologetic husband or boyfriend, or the pleas of a family tired of braving the sneers and leers, or just the mounting bills of a legal battle; or maybe just the pleas of one man’s mother, and/or the promise of marriage to make an “honest” woman of her — with all the subtext of she-was-asking- for-it.


    The truth is, Nicole has walked a long, long way in this ordeal; longer than most women who have suffered rape.

    Just a little over a week ago, I had to double check some documents from the Bacolod police because they initially seemed exaggeratedly negative. Of 36 cases of acts of lasciviousness report last year, only six were filed with the fiscal. Of 943 cases of violence against women, only 13 were filed in court. Of 26 rape cases, only six were filed. In the case minors, the ratio was nine of 34 rape cases ending up in court.

    Nicole, at least, braved cross-examination and the harsh glare of the media spotlight, including the baring of her real identity name.

    She mustered the strength for this because many of us supported her – whether because rape alone was enough to stir us to outrage or because she was a vehicle to reach a higher goal.

    And now she has crumbled. Why are we so irate? How many friends do we know who voluntarily joined this or that cause but dropped out after sometime? Do we sneer and call them traitors? Don’t we even share meals with those who now serve the government, no matter if the thought of this government makes us puke?


    Well, Nicole never volunteered for the cause. She had to be raped to join it. She never asked to be poster girl for nationalists; she was made one by virtue of rape.

    There are a million and one reasons for despair and hopelessness. A noble cause cannot always hold one above the waters. Nor will a lynching make our cause more right.

    Nicole is not the enemy. Let’s not treat her like one.


  20. if she indeed was not raped, and had sinister motives for going out, she deserves all the villification, vitriol, vandalism, vehemence etc etc for being such a biatch.

    if she was indeed raped, she should have stuck by her guns and saw this one to the bitter end. when this came out in the media, the issue has transcended Nicole and has garnered bigger implications in terms of women’s rights and national sovereignty issues. Whether she wanted or not, the whole thing has gotten bigger than just a rape. She wanted peace of mind? Now isnt going to get any – not from her kababayans at least who were so indignant for her but now just got their indignation balloons pricked.


  21. Her and her BS lawyers and friends and supporters should go to jail. She should lose her US visa. These people just want problems for the US PI relations. Let the US pull their money and support and see how the PI does alone.We have helped this country for over 60 years and if they wish it continued they should deal with this.


  22. Ilan years na ako pabalik balik sa subic. Maraming kaibigan ako instik. tumatambay sila sa neptune. Walang matinong babae na tatambay sa Neptune Bar (Besides Legenda). POKPOK si nicole. Pinakialam ng Gabriela kaya nagkaganyan ganya.

    Pokpok is Nicole!!!Pokpok is Nicole!!!Pokpok is Nicole!!!Pokpok is Nicole!!!Pokpok is Nicole!!!Pokpok is Nicole!!!Pokpok is Nicole!!!Pokpok is Nicole!!!Pokpok is Nicole!!!Pokpok is Nicole!!!Pokpok is Nicole!!!Pokpok is Nicole!!!Pokpok is Nicole!!!Pokpok is Nicole!!!Pokpok is Nicole!!!Pokpok is Nicole!!!



    I think that this is his vindication.
    Nicole has proven that the Filipino is a sell-out, someone who will set aside morals and ethics to further their own ambitions.
    I think the next time someone criticizes the Philippines for so and so
    We should ask ourselves if they have a point
    instead of getting personally offended.

    Because time and again, the image of the Filipina has been tarnished by the likes of Nicole


  24. OK, first of all as my mom would say, “Nice girls don’t hangout in bars and the defiantly don’t leave with strangers”. And this was a group of strangers from the US.
    Who would do that unless they were USE TO IT?
    And being USE TO IT means little Ms.Nichole was a working girl.
    Worker in the oldest profession.
    She went with the Marines and somewhere along the way the deal went sour.
    Or, she didn’t get a big enough tip and did like so many other working girls, screamed rape to get even with Mr. Cheap Charlie.
    At any rate, she finally showed her true colors and couldn’t hide the lie no longer.
    She RUINED a young man’s career and life.
    Good Job Nichole, hope Karma gets you.


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