mikea1 The First Gentleman
First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo finally broke his silence on his alleged involvement in the World Bank road projects controversy. In an exclusive chance interview with GMA News, Attorney Arroyo said, “Of course not. It’s not true. Hearsay lang ‘yan.” Again, that was Mr. Arroyo speaking… not Miriam Defensor-Santiago, not Juan Ponce Enrile, not Joker Arroyo. Mabuti na’ng malinaw.

In a chance interview with GMA 7’s Joseph Morong outside the St. Luke’s Medical Center, First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo categorically denied his alleged involvement in the World Bank-funded road projects controversy. The reporter tried to obtain more info from Attorney Arroyo but his doctors had to intervene because every time the First Gentleman talks, his blood pressure shoots up, his skin turns pale, and his nose grows a centimeter longer.

GMA News was able to interview First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo on his alleged involvement in the World Bank road projects mess. Attorney Arroyo admitted that he knew Eduardo De Luna of the blacklisted E.C. Construction Corporation. When the reporter asked how much he knew the guy, he replied, “Five percent.”

According to his lawyer Ruy Rondain, he is not sure whether First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo’s doctors would allow him to attend the Senate hearing, but explained that Attorney Arroyo could play golf “because this is not stressful” – unless of course he overtakes the Pangandamans in the fairway.

GMA News was able to interview First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo outside the St. Luke’s Medical Center yesterday. With all the allegations being hurled against him, Attorney Arroyo admitted that he was angry… but not as angry as ABS-CBN News boss Maria Ressa who refused to accept her reporter’s excuse why GMA 7 outscooped them.

gmadavos The Economy Is So Bad…
You’ve probably heard this. Electronics company Amkor Technology Inc. has laid off 1,500 workers from its two plants in Muntinlupa and Sta. Rosa. Also last week, Fujitsu Philippines confirmed it would lay off hundreds of workers from its disk manufacturing plants in Laguna and Batangas. The economy is so bad FedEx has closed its facility in Subic; Intel has closed its factory in Cavite, and Barack Obama has closed his doors on GMA.

The economy is so bad First Gentleman Mike Arroyo has agreed to lower his commission to 3 percent.

yusoph121 The economy is so bad newly-appointed Comelec commissioner Atty. Elias Yusoph cannot even buy a razor to shave.

The economy is so bad Celso De Los Angeles is now selling his soul to the devil just to settle his obligations.

The economy is so bad the devil declined due to bankruptcy.

The economy is so bad other DOJ prosecutors have started their own lending businesses.

alabang_boys3 The economy is so bad the Alabang Boys have switched from Ecstasy to Biogesic.

The economy is so bad Sen. Lito Lapid is riding a horse to the Senate.

The economy is so bad ABS-CBN cannot even send a reporter to St. Luke’s Hospital to interview Attorney Mike Arroyo.

The economy is so bad GMA 7 has to “steal” a song from Gary Granada.

The economy is so bad TV5’s resigned executive Christopher Sy actually earned thrice more than his network did last year.

below2 FedEx’s facility has closed. Intel’s facility has closed. The economy is so damn bad not even another surgery could stop Vicki Belo’s left eye from closing.

On second thought, the economy may not be that bad at all… because from being a “palengke person,” Mar Roxas is now a pharmacist.

legacy-2 The Legacy Group
The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas branded the Legacy Group of Companies owned by Celso de los Angeles as an organized syndicate, probably the second largest of its kind… next only to Philippine Congress.

“Denial. It’s not just a river in Egypt. It’s a freakin’ ocean.”
~Dr. Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy

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17 thoughts on “BAD”

  1. …the economy is so bad, lotto sales for the Q1 of 2009 is expected to surpass last year’s by 16%.

    …the economy is so bad, communion wafers consumed at Baclaran on Wednesdays are increasing by 3% every week since the start of 2009 but collections are declining by 7%.

    …the economy is so bad, Red Horse will out-gallop Pale Pilsen in terms of sales volume before this year ends.


  2. Roxas and Villar are competing against each other in terms of publicity. If you notice their ads are the ones easily identified and remembered as of now. Roxas has his cheaper medicines ad while Villar has his OFW ad. But I hear, Villar chooses which OFW to assist based on whether the OFW story would be catchy to the viewers. On the other hand, Roxas attacks the administration even in his ads. This is what we get from politicians like them. They are good only when it comes to campaigning.


  3. Aw c’mon Mike, if you’re really innocent and have got nothing to hide, then
    appearing before the Senate hearing won’t be stressful at all. Damn your
    doctors, man, and get your big fat ass to the Senate pronto! Of what use is
    your stinking health in exchange for your countrymen condemning you
    to perdition by not facing the issues squarely.
    But then again, if you’re really guilty……


  4. ‘They want to kill me,’ says Mike Arroyo => says a news article today at the PDI, referring to reporters questions why his name is always linked to bribery scandals.

    Ah bull! Why would we want to kill you? We love you so much.
    And because of you, we improved in playing IWAS PUSOY.
    And we further learned St. Luke’s is an expensive sanctuary for…
    well…. Gamblers!

    Ano akala ninyo sasabihin ko: Magnanakaw? Di ah!


  5. a lot of filipino’s have been manipulated by alleged murderous, corrupt lacson in to believing that all his so called exposés about mike arroyo are in fact truthful. how would YOU like it if someone spread rumors and accusatios that you are a theft, rapist, murderer? even without proof, it can be damaging to a public person. enuff said.


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