Top 5 Ways DOJ Prosecutor John Resado Can Improve His Public Image

5: Agree to fight Ricky Hatton or Floyd Mayweather Jr.

4: Organize an Anti-Drug Abuse Party to be attended by all PDEA agents and DOJ prosecutors at the Embassy Super Club.

3: Play golf at the Valley Golf and Country Club; argue with the Pangandamans; allow himself to be beaten black and blue, and then blog about it.

2: Start dressing up like Bebe Gandanghari and announce on TV that “John Resado is dead.”

And the No. 1 way DOJ Prosecutor John Resado can improve his public image…

1: Offer loan packages at zero percent interest.

Author: professionalheckler

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14 thoughts on “DAMAGED IMAGE”

  1. Bobo rin to si resado nag deposit sa account niya ng ganun ka laki. Naturingang fiscal, e alam nya namang 500k deposit will alert AMLA. Pede naman niyang ideposit sa ibang name or ichop-chop nya ang amount sa ibat ibang bangko. You pay for being stupid.

    And I hope the lawyer of Alabang Boys will be disbarred after Resado confirmed the attempted (or consumated) bribery.


  2. did you see the interview of Prosecutor Zuno on the Big Picture by Ricky Carandang?

    Unbelievable. I keep hearing how adamant these prosecutors are in dismissing the case, and I thought, “boy, maybe the PDEA case does have BIG, BIG holes in it.”

    After hearing what Zuno said the the MAIN reasons why they threw it out, I was aghast. “walang lawyer na kasama sa scene ang mga suspects” (sa buy bust, u expect a lawyer?!) : “the marked money was not presented during the inquest”… etc.

    ALL TECHNICALITIES. aaah, Technicalities.

    I was shouting at the TV, “BIG PICTURE PLEASE!”. God, no wonder were going in circles. The prosecutors are acting like LAWYERS of the suspects! Period.


  3. when jun lozada came out and exposed the ZTE deal — i thought to myself how can the first gentlemen and the alleged cohorts get away with such big allegations, eto na yun… they did got away with it… and i still don’t have any idea how…

    now, kung ang mga alabang boys na to eh makawala ng ganun lang din…
    PI talaga!


  4. I’d like to refer Prosecutor Resado to Rule 112 of the Rules on Criminal Procedure as regards preliminary investigation. He should be an expert on that because he is a State Prosecutor. I pity him, but just a bit. He looks like he was left with no one else but his right against self-incrimination.

    The independent panel is given 15 days to conduct the investigation on any lapses in the handling of the Alabang boys case. But the DOJ should not forget that the resolution in issue here has yet to be determined with finality as regards to its dismissal.


  5. The first 4 options are unrealistic Mr. Heckler.

    1. He will has a better chance getting a fight with Mang Andong, the one-eyed cripple who sells tomatoes in our public market.
    2. He has a better chance organizing a wrestling extravaganza a-la Royal Rumble featuring PDEA agents and DOJ prosecutors.
    3. He has a better chance chumming up with the Pangandamans in one of the posh golf clubs they in, planting a marijuana joint in one of their golf bags, and denouncing them in a blog for being “social users”.
    4. He has a better chance dressing up as a macho-gigolo type, calling a press con and announcing his intention to be a movie star as “Ron Ron Rebosado”, with the intention of reviving the ST movies trend of the 1990’s.

    The first one is doable though. I’ll be one of the first to line up for the 0% loan package 😀


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