resado1 Postscript to a Bank Deposit
Believe it or not, I received an anonymous letter last night. The letter, signed by a certain Juan De La Cruz asked why haven’t I heckled embattled DOJ prosecutor John Resado.

The moment I opened the letter, I knew it was authentic… mainly because it was not written on a DOJ letterhead.

DOJ Prosecutor John Resado denied accepting bribe money and insisted that the 800,000 pesos he deposited at BDO on the same the day he signed a resolution dismissing the case against the Alabang Boys came from his lending business in the Camiling Public Market in Tarlac. The unusually huge amount has prompted the Department of Foreign Affairs to verify reports that Resado is an overstaying Indian national.

reaado Have you seen or heard DOJ Prosecutor John Resado speak on TV. Geez! He must be telling the truth. Nahh, not about the bribery scandal. Mukha talaga siyang lalaking nagpapautang sa palengke.

Now, here’s the latest on John Resado. In the event that he’s disbarred by the Supreme Court, he’s reportedly planning to run for public office in Camiling in 2010. His campaign slogan? “Ang totoong Mr. Palengke.”

Intel Outside
You’ve probably heard this: some 1,800 Intel employees will be laid-off soon because the world’s biggest computer chip maker is shutting down its facility in Cavite. Soon-to-be jobless employees are seeking the advice of DOJ Prosecutor John Resado on how to start a lending business.

Jobless Pinoys
Sen. Edgardo Angara says close to 60,000 Filipinos could lose their jobs abroad due to the global recession. When Sen. Manuel Villar heard this, he told his staff, “Great! Marami na naman akong sasalubungin. Ihanda ang camera!”

Loren’s Life?
Reports say Sen. Loren Legarda is launching a new coffee table book. Titled “Loren: A Celebration of Life and Nature”, the picture book is said to be a compilation of Loren’s beliefs, principles, thoughts, and advocacies on women, children, the environment, governance and nature. In short, election paraphernalia.

Sen. Loren Legarda is launching a coffee table book in time for her 49th birthday. Titled “Loren: A Celebration of Life and Nature,” the 200-page picture book is reportedly a compilation of Loren’s thoughts and beliefs on women, children, governance and nature, which has evolved throughout her 30 years as a broadcast journalist, daughter, mother, friend, sister and two-termer senator. Again, that’s two-termer, not two-timer.

Sen. Loren Legarda turns 49 on January 28. Can you believe that? One more year and she’ll be 50… or as Hayden Kho would call it, “girlfriend material.”

PBA Finals
Talk ‘N Text and Alaska will slug it out for the championship of the PBA Philippine Cup. They used to refer to it as the “All-Filipino Cup”… until ordinary fans noticed the only genuine Filipinos left inside the court were the referees.


Newsbreak has something “juicy” on Chief Justice Reynato Puno and an item on the alleged rift between the Ombudsman and the DOJ chief.

Know more about Pseudomonas aeruginosa, the bacterium that killed Brazilian model Mariana Bridi da Costa.

“An autobiography is only to be trusted when it reveals something disgraceful. A man who gives a good account of himself is probably lying, since any life when viewed from the inside is simply a series of defeats.”
~George Orwell

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12 thoughts on “THE PROSECUTOR”

  1. Tama ka dyan heckler. All Filipino heheh… what a farce! Kasi kapos sa local talents kaya puro half half na lang ang kinukuha. Kasi naman ultimo pang-inter barangay nakukurakot! San pa pupulutin ang sports development sa ating bayan kung hindi sa paboritong place ni Erap – sa kangkungan!


  2. Hahaha, kawawa naman si John Resado sayo Mr. Heckler. Pero nakakatawa kasi siya talaga eh. I happen to know a couple of Resado’s acquaintances, may isang naaawa, yung isa hindi naaawa. Anyways, Resado still deserves to be given the benefit of the doubt even just a little.

    Regarding Loren’s birthday, which is today, it was said she will formally tell about her political plans and her future agenda. She is so ambitious that it is obvious she wants to have power and not really help the nation. May mga pulitiko naman kasi na makikitaan mo ng sinseridad na makatulong sa bansa.


  3. I gotta be honest, I don’t think Resado looks like an honest man. I mean, first impressions can sometimes be totally right. But then again, it’s harder to truly pinpoint the good ones in the DOJ than the honest ones. He just looks like someone whose up to no good.

    Oh paleeeease! Does anybody still buy Loren’s crap these days? She’s so plastic she might be part-owner of Tupperware, Inc (or maybe Orocan, I’m just not sure). Anyway, she and Villar are cam-whores and only fools would ever give their trust to those people. Apparently, she will reveal her future plans today but I have a good idea what that might be- world domination! As long as she has bottles of Isopropyl Alcohol with her she’s good to go.


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