golf Pangandamans React
Personally, I felt rage when I saw the kid on TV crying. A first year high school student mauled by a town mayor, son of a Cabinet official. Grrrr! The boy’s face was badly bruised. To give you an idea how bad it was, when I saw his face on TV, I sort of appreciated what Vicki Belo did to her own.

Have you heard the news? The Pangandamans are reportedly filing a libel case against the victims. Insane! You did something bad. You become the subject of negative news. And then you file a libel case? Who do you think you are… the First Gentleman?!

Agrarian Reform Secretary Nasser Pangandaman Sr. apologized for the mauling incident at a golf course last Friday involving his son, Nasser Jr – mayor of Masiu, Lanao Del Sur. However, Pangandaman insisted “hindi kagustuhan ng bawat isa ito.” Wow. Are you telling us that while your son and his armed goons were attacking the boy, they were shouting, “Promise! Hindi namin ‘to gusto! Labag ito sa aming kalooban! Ayaw naming gawin ‘to!” Try again Mr. Secretary.

Didn’t you notice? Agrarian Reform Secretary Nasser Pangandaman Sr. is all over the news – TV, radio, print, and the Internet – explaining, defending, and apologizing for his son’s despicable act. Here’s an appeal to our journalists: could someone please verify rumors that Nasser Jr was actually mute?

Agrarian Reform Secretary Nasser Pangandaman Sr. told the press, “Humihingi ako ng paumanhin sa nangyari. Hindi ko rin gusto ang nangyari.” When Sen. Richard Gordon heard this, he said, “Parang narinig ko na ‘yan ah… sa book launching ni JDV?”

Hopeful Pinoys
The latest Social Weather Stations survey showed that 9 of 10 Filipinos are entering the New Year with hope rather than fear… unless of course they’re in a golf course with the Pangandamans.

Hopeful Pinoys II
In the latest SWS survey, the respondents were asked, “Ang darating na taon ba ay inyong sasalubungin ng may pag-asa o pangamba?” Many respondents answered: “Depende. Sa bahay o sa golf course?”

Manny’s Next Opponent
Latest reports say Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto may be next in line for Manny Pacquiao. When Nasser Pangandaman Jr heard this, he said, “I think Cotto is too big for Manny. Does Cotto have a brother in first year high school?”

spel In Other News…
President Arroyo, First Gentleman Mike Arroyo and the entire First Family with some congressmen-friends went spelunking in Sagada, Ifugao, Mountain Province. Reports say they all enjoyed the caves… which was not really surprising since they’re used to that kind of environment. You know… darkness.

IT HAS BEEN A great year for me and for this blog. “The Professional Heckler” got recognized by the Philippine Blog Awards and continues to get noticed by more and more people in cyberspace. Wikipilipinas has also named this blog as one of the year’s… hmmm, basahin n’yo nga lang.

Thank you so much for making all these possible. I appreciate it. I admit – I’ve written some mean and nasty posts that may have offended some people. But I won’t apologize yet. Not until I have become an ex-president.

Again, maraming, maraming salamat sa lahat (I hope Brian Gorrell understands this one)! Have a safe and lucky New Year!

Starting today, I’ll have an online poll. Cast your vote now. It’s on the right side of your screen.

Lastly, do you believe in astrology? Here’s what in store for you in 2009, the Year of the Ox.

Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.
~Ray Kroc

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22 thoughts on “UNLUCKY”

  1. LOL @ this:

    Who do you think you are… the First Gentleman?!

    I have yet to congratulate you for winning the Best Entertainment Blog, so congrats. Hehe.

    Hindi mo ko na-offend. Yun company lang kung san ako work. Pero not sure kung alam nila na naoffend mo sila. Hahahaha!

    Anyway, Happy New Year. ^^


  2. A-hole talaga tong mga Pangandaman. Dapat ang last name nila is WALANG-PAKUNDANGAN!!! Kakapal ng mga mukha! They think they can get away with it and maybe they will pero sinusunog na yung mga kaluluwa nila sa impyerno. Ang papangit na nga pangit pa ang mga ugali! Dapat dyan sa mag ama na yan itali sa poste tapos pagbabatuhin. Dapat din pagbabatuhin yung Valley Golf and Country Club for covering it up.

    Kharma-kharma na lang!


  3. Kanya sa UP Diliman may unwritten code mga frats. Huwag mag recruit at wag talohin mga Muslims. Remember some years back may nakaaway yun anak ni Firduasi Abbas na gumanti pero mistaken identity yun napatay. This latest incident brings back unpleasant memories which the Muslims can’t seem to recover from.


  4. Kuya Loi,and the readers too, kahit kababayan ko yang pinaguusapan ninyo dito, I am of the opinion that this person is and his son have shamed us here in Mindanao. Let’s leave religion out of this, kasi Maranao mentality na ang umiral dito, and sad to say, many of us have adhered to our culture rather than what is right. It’s not a good attitude actually, it’s done everyone more harm than good.


  5. Mga Pangandaman, natural na mayayabang mga yan palibahasa nasa poder.

    Regardless of the “propaganda” of their camp about the Sr. De La Paz instigating the fight, the beating (especially for 14 year old) kid can never be justified.

    Si Pangandaman Jr. Pang High school lang kayang labanan ng suntukan, kinailangan pa nya ng tulong ng mga bodyguard nya! Supot ka talaga Naseer! Siguro pag hinarap ng batang kalye itong si Jr eh malamang magtatakbo at hanap ng tulong sa tatay at bodyguard. You got no balls and dignity junior, all you have is influence and guns. Pathetic piece of sh@t!

    At sa matandang Pangandaman, you even had the nerves to say na “huwag sana mangyari sa inyo it” ULOL MO! dapat sayo, anak at bodyguard mo pakainin ng pork chop habang buhay! LOL


  6. Ang husga po ninyo na “dapat sayo, anak at bodyguard mo …” is divisive and politically incorrect. But you are not a mayor in New york City so kay pinoy acceptable na lang. For how long do we accept — even smile–two seconds before that goody-goody feeling kicked in telling you – not right. Just an opinion, because justice cannot be achieved through bigotry – i think. Respeto kuno sa kultura og belief ang importante nga mahibaloan sa tanan aron may kalinaw sa mindanao. Peace! Building peace by means of fighting poverty!


  7. Oh my! Dun kay Mark na ngsabi na dapat sa Pangandamans pakainin ng pork chop habang buhay. Hwag naman sana maging insensitive sa ethnic/religioius difference eh hindi naman talaga sila kumakain nun although masarap din talaga ang pork chop hehe. Dapat saktong parusa, makulong yang si Pangandaman Jr. gaya ng marami na dapat makulong na nasa pwesto.

    Appreciated ni Heckler ang face ni Vicki Belo after watching the kid’s bruised face. lmao! 🙂 Ok. Vicki’s morale will prolly boost when she reads this.


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