WHO SHALL WIN IT? The Golden Boy or the Pacman? That’s the million dollar question that’ll be answered tomorrow as Mexican-American Oscar De La Hoya and General Santos City’s pride Manny “Pacman” Peck-yow (as Michael Buffer would say it) duke it out in tomorrow’s Dream Match.

But wait, there are other questions albeit trivial ones that Filipinos (I for one) would love to know the answers as the two boxers face off in Las Vegas. So here goes the…

Top 10 “Other” Questions You Want Answered Before, During and After Tomorrow’s Dream Match

10: How would a heartbroken Karylle sing the Philippine National Anthem? Would she render a subdued version as Kyla did or would she do a Lani Misalucha who almost bungled the “Lupang Hinirang” in an apparent attempt to impress her “birit-loving” fans? Will the cameras pan in on Dingdong Dantes who is expected to watch the fight?

9: What special programs will ABS-CBN air to avert a looming Sunday ratings massacre?

8: How many hours will Nanay Dionesia Pacquiao spend praying the rosary?

7: Will there be a motorcade in Manila this time if Pacquiao wins the fight or will he continue to snub Mayor Alfredo Lim?

6. In the event that Manny Pacquiao wins it, how many members of the Atienza family will surround him as he grants television interviews when he returns to Manila?

5: How many product logos will be printed on Manny Pacquiao’s trunks?

4: What time will GMA 7 start airing the main bout: (A) 1pm (B) 2pm (C) Nakikipanood ka lang, nagrereklamo ka pa? (Since GMA 7 is not a member of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas, is there another governing body or agency that ought to monitor, if not penalize commercial overloading?)

3: If Pacquiao wins and President Arroyo makes a call to congratulate him while he’s still in the ring, how many televiewers will turn off their television sets?

2: Lawmakers and other elective officials have probably spent hundreds of thousands of pesos in taxpayers’ money traveling to Las Vegas to watch the fight. So, excluding this large-scale larceny, what will be the nationwide crime rate tomorrow?

And the No. 1 “other” question you want answered before, during, and after tomorrow’s Dream Match…

1: Of the estimated 50 to 60 million Filipinos who are going to watch the telecast, how many will throw invectives at deputy national security adviser Luis “Chavit” Singson when he climbs up the boxing ring after the bout?

Survey Question:
If a Pacquiao loss would trigger First Gentleman Mike Arroyo’s heart attack, would you pray for a De La Hoya victory? Now that’s a tough one! Your nationalism is at stake. Think about it.

Good luck Manny!

Victory is sweetest when you’ve known defeat.
~Vince Lombardi

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22 thoughts on “THE DREAM MATCH”

  1. sa lahat ata ng magcocomment dito, ako lang ang inde nakanood ng laban ni pacquiao… ehehe..

    hmm, inisip ko din yang mga tanung na yan, lalo na yung kay karylle at dingdong.. ehehe.. inde ko pa napapanood ung pagkanta ni karylle eh kaya inde ako maka-comment sa kanya.. pero ok naman siya sa tingin ko.. ehehe


  2. What the…? What do you mean CLASS A? This blog is for everybody. I should know because I’ve been reading and posting comments on this blog for over a year now and am a big fan of the author. Like him, I have a right to comment on what I know. And I just know that was bad singing. What’s PEP? If you know what that is then maybe you’re the squatter.

    Anyway, I give props to Manny Pacquaio. He deserves to win ’cause his a great fighter and he really represents!


  3. Manny showed to the world and proved to the famous trainers who said that he couldn’t beat Hoya on his speed and talent. Now they know how hard Manny trains hard for every fight that he will encounter. This is just a proof that Ricky Hatton must not to challenge Manny to fight with him or he he mus be a victim also!Hahahahaha


  4. For the number 1 question… prolly 100% will do.
    Heck! He’s always present in every fight Manny has! Betting his ass off with the money that got from wherever/whatever!!!! Plus, there was also this news that since Pres. GMA can’t make it, she is sending Chavit as her representative… WTF! she doesn’t need to do that… He’d just pocketed MORE money to spend/bet since he was sent as a “Representative” (with all the added perks!).

    sorry but I just need to vent this out…

    On the brighter side, I’m just glad that Manny won. =)


  5. I realy enjoyed the fight. Infact I did a live stream of the fight.

    What I did not enjoy is Mr Ed Mendoza, the asshole columnist and sport commentator of ABS-CBN. He said the fight was scripted. I think he doesn’t know who GOLDEN BOY is. 3rd richest athelete in the world. 6 division champs, 10 times world champion. May be he did not see how GOLDEN BOY’s FACE looks like. He has never faced a beating like that in his entire boxing career.

    That really messed up my day after that fight. Di yata pinoy yun.

    You are free to visit my website

    Philippines News


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