House Junks Impeachment Complaint
Voting 183 to 21, the House of Representatives junked the impeachment complaint filed against President Arroyo by Jose “Joey” De Venecia III et al. Rep. Rissa Hontiveros-Baraquel threatened to seek redress from the Supreme Court. Leftist solon Satur Ocampo threatened to hold street protests. Cong. Jose De Venecia threatened to publish another book.

Joey’s Threat
After the junking of the impeachment complaint he filed against President Arroyo, businessman Jose “Joey” De Venecia III sent a warning to the congressmen who voted against the impeachment: “You may have won this battle, but the war is far from over.” He then instructed his secretary to prepare the draft… of his biography.

Joey’s Threat II
Jose “Joey” De Venecia III sent another warning to all congressmen who voted against the impeachment case. He said, “Look into the horizon and you will see a tidal wave of people angered by the abuses of this administration. Beware, lest that tidal wave turn into a tsunami that will swamp you all.” Now, isn’t that stupid? Talking about “waves” and “tsunamis” while addressing a float of crocodiles?

Velarde’s Threat Too
El Shaddai leader Mike Velarde threatened to mobilize a million of his followers in street protests if President Arroyo’s allies insist on amending the constitution. Malacañang was a bit shaken by the threat. While high-ranking palace officials knew the government is good at making fools of Filipinos, Mike Velarde does it better.

Jocjoc Rearrested
The Senate sergeant-at-arms rearrested former agriculture undersecretary Jocelyn “Jocjoc” Bolante for contempt. The arrest warrant was served at the office of Bolante’s lawyers in Makati City. It took several minutes before Jocjoc faced the arresting officers… mainly because his lawyers couldn’t agree on what body part he should clutch this time: his head or his stomach.

Jocjoc Rearrested II
In a statement following his arrest, Jocjoc Bolante pointed out that he was still under detention by virtue of an arrest order issued by the 13th Congress. But with the new arrest order, Bolante said, “I am now on double arrest.” His lawyers are verifying reports Sen. Manuel Villar had something to do with it.

Actor Remarries
Actor Raymond Bagatsing, the estranged husband of Lara Fabregas, remarried in the United States. He wed a 60-year-old woman named Cora Pastrana. When Hayden Kho saw the photos of the newly weds on TV, he fainted. For a second, he thought he saw his future.

I eat death threats for breakfast.
~Miriam Defensor-Santiago

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13 thoughts on “THREATS”

  1. The De Venecias are dellusional. I guess delussion runs in the blood.

    For a while there, I thought the caption was going to read Bagatsing remarries and he was with his mother in the picture. Was kinda caught of guard when the old lady he was with in the picture turned out to be his bride. To think that I just ate….

    Heckler, where’s the quote?! lol


  2. What can we expect from JocJoc Bolante. As far as I’m concerned, the Senate will get nothing from him. Why? Like his “benefactors” he subscribes to the 12 Commandments. What 12? There are only 10, right? Well, for those who doesn’t know, below are the 2 least known commandments.

    11. English : Don’t get caught.
    Tagalog: Huwag kang pahuhuli.

    12. English : If caught, never ever admit to anything.
    Tagalog: Pag nahuli, kahit anong mangyari,
    huwag na huwag kang aamin.


  3. They can go to the Supreme Court if they want but there is not a certainty that their petition will be rendered with merit or if so, if their prayer would be granted. Father and son De Venecia must be so sad that they are now regretting what they have done. But of course, mayabang si JDV eh. He won’t give up that easily.

    But then, we realize more how bitter JDV is. He still cannot accept that he was ousted as Speaker; that his ties with the Arroyos was severed; and that he is no longer respected by Filipinos.


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