26 11 2008

Jesus and GMA
Saying President Arroyo is “being crucified for scoring low in opinion survey,” the oldest member of the House of Representatives, 83-year-old Cebu Rep. Pablo Garcia Sr. has likened GMA to Jesus Christ, to which Jesus Christ said, “Shut up Hestas!”

A number of people have lambasted Cebu Rep. Pablo Garcia Sr. for comparing President Arroyo to Jesus Christ. Come on, let’s not be too harsh on him. We can’t blame the guy if he spoke as if he knew Jesus that well. They’re childhood neighbors!

Cebu Rep. Pablo Garcia Sr. has drawn flak for comparing President Arroyo to Jesus Christ. Opposition members and anti-GMA groups have ganged up on him. Because of too much stress, reports say Garcia has been rushed to the hospital. As of press time, only his closest friends were allowed to visit him, namely… Noah, Moses, and Abraham.

The Impeachment Complaint
Voting 42-8, the House of Representatives justice committee junked the fourth impeachment complaint filed against President Arroyo. After four years, the opposition’s record is now zero wins, 4losses (0W-4L); Jose De Venecia is 3W-1L, President Arroyo, 4W-0L, and her allies in Congress, 500K-1M.

After only three hearing days, the House committee on justice junked the impeachment complaint filed by Jose “Joey” De Venecia III against President Arroyo. The opposition is now evaluating whether the younger De Venecia has gained enough exposure in those three days of full ANC coverage for him to be included in their Senate slate.

The House justice committee has junked the impeachment complaint filed against President Arroyo for insufficiency in substance. Akbayan Rep. Rissa Hontiveros-Baraquel calls it an “abuse of discretion.” Businessman Joey De Venecia calls it “substance abuse.”

JDV’s Book
Cong. Jose De Venecia’s biographical book has been generating big buzz of late, and is predicted to become a best seller once it is released. Kudos to its writer, Brett Decker, and to the group in charge of promo & publicity, the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

We cannot assume the injustice of any actions which only create offense, and especially as regards religion and morals. He who utters or does anything to wound the conscience and moral sense of others, may indeed act immorally; but, so long as he is not guilty of being importunate, he violates no right. ~Karl Wilhelm Von Humboldt




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26 11 2008

hanglalem ng quote. o_O


27 11 2008

Jesus and GMA
They say “You can’t teach an OLD DOG new tricks”
Being the Oldest Dog in Congress, Cebu Rep. Pablo Garcia Sr.
Has proven that OLD TRICKS still works.

Cebu Rep. Pablo Garcia Sr. compared GMA to Jesus Christ.
I will agree with him 100% on the condition that we
re-enact the Scourging at the Pillar, Crowning of Thorns,
Carrying of the Cross, and ultimately, The Crucifixion.


27 11 2008
batang buotan

(Glory) be to Her husband, congressman-son, and holy followers. Omen

Pablo is in the position to ask us not treat as if we ‘crucify’ the glorious presidency of Gloria. After all, Jesus (Dureza) has prayed for her ‘eternal’ glory! So then, you expect a Miguel (angel) to defend,and to make the move..

May we continue to bask the Prospero-ty of our nation.


27 11 2008

“….Cebu Rep. Pablo Garcia Sr. compared GMA to Jesus Christ.
I will agree with him 100% on the condition that we
re-enact the Scourging at the Pillar, Crowning of Thorns,
Carrying of the Cross, and ultimately, The Crucifixion.”

I could not agree more. 🙂

And please, let it stop at Crucifixion.
Ayaw na ng Resurrection.


27 11 2008

oh yes, we shouldn’t be surprise that the young de venecia will be in the senate slate of the opposition come 2010.

talking about biographies, how about another one,
Gullible Filipino: The Bastardized Biography of Mike(y) Arroyo – Lies, Falsifications, and All Sorts of Perversions


27 11 2008

haven’t you noticed that the oldies are gma’s staunchest supporters?
congressman pablo garcia sr. and secretary raul gonzales to name a few.
and oh, lest you in manila don’t know, i forgot to mention another oldie (but goodie – she thinks she looks good!) supporter of gma in cebu… Tandang Zorra herself – Gov. Gwen Garci, este, Garcia (daughter of congressman pablo garcia sr.)


27 11 2008

we have an italian colleague who’s staple lunch stories consists of lambasting berlusconi and the pope. so i dared him and another visiting italian, okey, let’s swap- you get arroyo and we get berlusconi…they thought for a minute and said, at least arroyo is intelligent. well, i said, at least, we’ll have fun with berlusconi.


27 11 2008

Anak ng tuta! Kanya pala hindi matatangal si Winston Garcia sa GSIS.


28 11 2008

There’s only ne way to Find out on whether Gloria Arroyo is similar to Jesus Christ….

Ipako siya sa Krus,Pag Nabuhay siya After 3 Days,TOTOO NGAAAAA!!!!


28 11 2008

Garcia got an early Xmas bonus twice for being a member of the Justice Committee who voted to junk the impeachment complaint and for confering sainthood to GMA.

Woof woof woof. Grrrrrrrr.


30 11 2008

That is why I’m an agnostic.

I don’t believe in GMA, ergo, I don’t believe in Jesus Christ.


15 12 2008

a lot has been said against pablo garcia. but if you want to look closely to what he had actually said, i think the guy has a point.

“We have never learned our lesson, more than 2,000 years ago, our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified because of opinion survey. Pontius Pilate asked the people who would you prefer – Jesus or Barnabas? Our Lord Jesus Christ lost in the survey, he was crucified,” -[Pablo Garcia]

there is no comparison between gloria to jesus per se. i think the statement is more like circumstantial analogy.

just imagine a proceeding that looks for substance and evidence and of the things you can point out as an evidence is a poll survey – that is quite lame i think.


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