For airing an interview with wanted MILF leader Kumander Bravo, the National Telecommunications Commission filed a complaint to the KBP against ABS-CBN. The NTC says the network violated the KBP’s Broadcast Code of 2007 particularly the provision that states, “”broadcast facilities shall not be used or allowed to be used for advocating the overthrow of government by force or violence,” and “the broadcast of materials which tend to incite treason, rebellion, sedition or create civil disorder or disturbance is prohibited.” This marks the first time NTC officials filed such a complaint against ABS-CBN… which could only mean one thing: they haven’t actually listened to DZMM’s “Tambalang Failon and Sanchez.”

The NTC filed a complaint to the KBP against ABS-CBN for airing an interview with rogue MILF leader Kumander Bravo who is wanted by the military. But ABS-CBN News head Maria Ressa insists that the Kumander Bravo interview is a legitimate and ethical story and that ABS-CBN will not suspend the airing of his interviews… unless he starts talking about Nadia Montenegro’s love life.

ABS-CBN successfully located and interviewed rogue MILF commander Bravo who has a 10 million-peso bounty on his head and is wanted by the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Outraged military officials who watched the interview vowed to intensify the info gathering and massive manhunt for Bravo in the Lanao Provinces, and soon at the ABS-CBN newsroom.

Meralco’s Power Rate Hike
Amid difficult times, the Lopez-owned Manila Electric Company or Meralco implemented a 36 percent power rate increase. Militant leader Rafael Mariano described the increase as “deceitful.” Cong. Mikey Arroyo believed it was “unjustified.” ABS-CBN News said it was “legitimate and ethical.”

“Euro Generals” Controversy
Retired Philippine National Police director for comptrollership Eliseo De La Paz underwent normal arrival procedures at the NAIA when he arrived Tuesday. Airport manager Angel Atutubo said De La Paz was not treated as a VIP and not a single marshal was assigned to escort him. Atutubo was understandably being careful… because the last time he escorted someone out of the airport, the La Salle Brothers accused him of kidnapping!

“Euro Generals” Controversy II
This has yet to be confirmed but retired PNP director for comptrollership Eliseo De La Paz will reportedly bring to the Senate what’s left of the undeclared 6.9 million pesos cash he was caught carrying in Moscow. To be sure it’s the real stuff, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago wanted to hire canines to sniff out the money. But Sen. Panfilo Lacson said there’s no need for a K9 unit… as long as Senators Alan Peter and Joker Arroyo are there.

“Euro Generals” Controversy III
Retired PNP director for comptrollership Eliseo De La Paz and DILG Sec. Ronaldo Puno have conflicting claims with regard to the 6.9 million pesos worth of undeclared cash De La Paz carried while in Russia. De La Paz said the money was a “cash advance” while Puno claimed it was a “contingency” fund. But De La Paz’ wife, Maria Fe who traveled with him to Russia said, “I couldn’t really tell whether it was a cash advance or a contingency fund because when my husband handed me the money, he just said, “Sweetheart, ingatan mo ‘to… pang-shopping!”

Jocjoc to be Deported
US authorities will deport former agriculture undersecretary Jocjoc Bolante before the end of October. But Bolante’s legal counsel Ira Azulay refused to reveal the exact return date saying, “We’re concerned about his safety.” That’s actually a valid concern… because if he gets “kidnapped” when he arrives at the NAIA, he cannot expect support from the La Salle Brothers. He’s Atenean.

Jocjoc to be Deported 2
Lawyer Harry Roque is all over the news again announcing with certainty that former agriculture undersecretary Jocjoc Bolante will be deported in 24 hours. I know for a fact that Roque’s a UP professor (and I admire him) but I didn’t know he’s with the US Department of Homeland Security.

Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.
– Plato


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6 thoughts on “ETHICAL”

  1. I’m sick of this HARRY ROQUE…

    first, nangialam sya sa SPRATLY…

    then sa ZTE…

    then last week sa IMPEACHMENT…

    ngaun naman kay BOLANTE….

    … tanong lang… siya ba ang ATTORNEY ng ANG LADLAD??? hahaha… he’s so gay sistah….

    wish ko lang wag siya magpunta ng LA LOMA o kaya BALIWAG… baka mapgkamalan pa siyang LECHON…hahah…


  2. NTC vs. ABS-CBN
    Hala sige… Nang mahambalos kayo ng Dos por Dos.

    NTC vs. ABS-CBN II
    Christy Fermin said: Sige i-suspend mo Ma’am para magkaroon ako ng…. Kredibilidad.
    Ogie Diaz said: Ah ewan!

    Wow! Di hamak na mas magaling pang humanap ng terrorista ang News Department. Para maging ethical, ituro ninyo kung saan, basta hati tayo sa reward ha.

    Meralco’s Power Rate Hike
    Ang kumpanyang laging nalulugi. DAW?!

    “Euro Generals” Controversy
    Muntik nang nakalabas ng walang inspeksyon . Pinabalik nga lang kasi nagulat maraming… MEDIA.

    “Euro Generals” Controversy II
    Cayetano: Arf Arf!
    Joker: Woof! uboooo. Woof!

    “Euro Generals” Controversy
    It was unfortunate they were caught. Nawalan tuloy ako ng….. pasalubong!

    Jocjoc to be Deported
    If they will use NAIA 3, a section of the ceiling will fall and land on this guy’s head.

    Jocjoc to be Deported 2


  3. Buti pa ABS-CBN natuntun si Bravo yung AFP naghahanap pa rin.

    Yung pera ng PNP na dala ni Dela Paz sunog na yun! pinambili na ng vodka!

    Harry Roque intends to monitor the airport to catch bolante upon arrival, but Roque said he will disguise himself to avoid detection by removing his wig 😡


  4. Ever since he got his hair back, Atty. Roque has been on the warpath – filing impeachment cases, supporting Nicole, raising hell on ZTE and now he got his class of 38 UP Law students to sign the challenge against the Baselines Law. It is highly likely that students in his class who didn’t sign the petition will get a 5.0 in their Public International Law class.

    Anyway, nice hair. It must be the hair.


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