16 09 2008

Senate Anomaly?
An obviously scared Panfilo Lacson excluded El Shaddai leader Mike Velarde in his privilege speech on the alleged budget insertions last Monday. But Jamby Madrigal says she is filing a resolution calling for another Senate probe on the matter and assured that Velarde will be investigated. This has just confirmed rumors Jamby’s got more balls than Ping.

Senate President Manuel Villar denied having knowledge of the alleged Senate insertions. Joker Arroyo defended Villar while Alan Peter Cayetano lashed back at Ping Lacson. Asked if she knew anything about insertions, Jamby Madrigal replied, “I wish!”

Sen. Joker Arroyo, a close friend of Senate President Villar, vowed to block any move that will lead to the investigation of the scandal… to which Sen. Mar Roxas said, “’Di bale, bahala na si Korina at ang DZMM d’yan!”

Watching from the sidelines, former senator John Osmeña said he misses Senate debates so much, “especially these days when they’re talking about something I am so fond of and particular with. You know, insertions.”

From Girl to Boy
For proving that her body is manifesting natural occurring male characteristics, a 27-year-old woman named Jennifer was allowed by the Supreme Court to change her gender entries in her birth certificate as well as her name. She is now adopting the name Jamby.

Lozada’s Fight
Despite a recent legal setback, NBN-ZTE scandal star witness Jun Lozada vows to “continue with the fight.” Unfortunately though, he’ll be alone in the fight this time because his fans, the La Salle Brothers will be busy watching another fight – Ateneo vs. La Salle.

Gabby Concepcion vs. Mommy Rose
Actor Gabby Concepcion wants to pre-terminate his five-year contract with talent manager Rose Flaminiano saying he doesn’t really know her that well – the same defense he gave when he terminated his four previous marriages.

A man was arrested in the Nigerian capital of Abuja for allegedly breaking the law when he married 86 women and fathered more than a hundred children. The man vows to defend his case and if acquitted, plans to immigrate to Manila and run for president.



14 responses

16 09 2008

kaloka ang ngiti ni lozada!


16 09 2008

i miss “sonia”. that was what they called sonny osmena a long time ago….


16 09 2008

what the hell is wrong with these people??? they wont stop until they bring the country down i guess…hay…why oh why? i dont geddit bay tayo sinumpa with these morons…kainech in fairness!


16 09 2008
anonymouse :)

@geisha – kung yan ang ngiti ni lozada, ano pa kaya ang tawa nya? ajejeje


17 09 2008
tito boy

It appears that Joker is more affected in Ping’s expose and not Villar.

Jamby really looks stinky in that picture. Actually, she always does.

Jun Lozada who? He should start migrating because the Filipino people are now having an amnesia (again).

When Rose Flaminiano failed to appear for an interview on “the Buzz”, she gave an excuse that she have to consult her lawyer first. WTF! is her husband not a lawyer!?


17 09 2008

Sayang talunan si Sonny O in the last 2 elections for Senators. We could have witnessed a cat fight on the Senate floor between him/her and Jamby because of Migz.


17 09 2008

they should put all of these guys in a small room somewhere with velarde and lock the door. and then…. and then… ah what the heck! just leave them all there to rot!


17 09 2008

Mike Velarde is a scammer, so is his son who scams businesses providing his business supplies, kawawa yung kakilala kong naghirap at na-bankrupt dahil sa pangloloko ng anak nya!


17 09 2008

actually velarde still owes my family some money. he still hasn’t paid us for a piece of land his company has bought in cavite to build his local radio tower. his company has been claiming for years that a surveyor (which they are supposed to send) still has not surveyed the land therefore the papers are not yet in order for them to pay us for the land that they have already been using for years!
since the money owed us is not that large we are still weighing our options on whether to hire a lawyer (which would probably cost us more than the money owed us)


18 09 2008

the minority boycott in the senate session speaks well of ping lacson’s ultimate plan of unseating villar as senate president.. this evil design conspired with jamby, mar, and loren has been going around since the time they wanted to claim the senate presidency. si loren din atat na atat maging majority leader duh..


18 09 2008

“Asked if she knew anything about insertions, Jamby Madrigal replied, “I wish!””

hindi ko agad na-gets ang line na yan ah. “…if she knew about INSERTIONS”, tapos yung title is “You’ve got MALE”. hahaha


19 09 2008

Di naman daw Kinidnap si Lozada…..

Muntikan lang daw siyang Tumalon sa mga Bangin sa Cavite,Napigilan lang ng mga Escort niya….


22 09 2008
Jan Robert

The exclusion of Velarde in Lacson’s investigation is politically motivated. El Shaddai has a large constituency which Lascon can tap for his presidential bid come 2010. Poor Jamby that she insisted including Velarde. She’ll never get a second term.


22 08 2009
Pinoy Jokes

kahit sino naman pedeng kumandidato eh… ang sana lang ay mapatakbo ng maayos ang Pilipinas.. un lang naman ang hinihiling ng taong bayan eh.. katahimikan, kaayusan… sana magkaron ng maayos na eleksyon…


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