Manny Pacquiao Wins

Manny Pacquiao snatched the WBC lightweight title from David Diaz. Diaz reportedly earned 800 thousand dollars from the fight, his biggest paycheck ever. But that’s still nothing compared what GMA 7 & Solar Sports earned.

Mexican-American David Diaz gave no excuses after losing his WBC lightweight title. If Diaz were a Pinoy politician, Pacquiao would now be facing poll fraud allegations.

Filipino boxing hero Manny Pacquiao won his fourth world title yesterday. Pacquiao’s impressive victory has silenced David Diaz, Diaz’ American supporters, the Mexican community, – and Recah Trinidad.

null Postscript to a Sea Tragedy

A day after MV Princess of the Stars sank, Sulpicio Lines blamed the Philippine Coast Guard for the mishap. The next day, the management said it was an “act of God.” Then last Friday, the company was blaming the local weather bureau, PAG-ASA. Surviving relatives of the ill-fated ship’s passengers must prepare: they’re next.

Sulpicio Lines is suing PAG-ASA for gross negligence. If the court dismisses the case, Sulpicio Lines is suing typhoon “Frank.”

Sulpicio Lines has blamed nature, the Philippine Coast Guard, and the weather bureau for the maritime mishap that struck its vessel Princess of the Stars. The company’s so confused it’s blaming everybody. Now that would be much easier if Sulpicio Lines’ owners were leftists. They’ve only got GMA to blame.

Gloria and Obama null

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama sent President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo a letter of apology for being unable to meet with her because of his busy schedule. Simply put, she’s not a priority.

Sen. Barack Obama apologized to President Arroyo for being unable to meet with her. The letter of apology was dated June 24, two days before their expected meeting. Simply put, pinaghandaan talaga ni Obama – ang ‘di nila pagkikita.

null Gloria and McCain

President Arroyo met today with Republican presidential candidate John McCain in Washington DC. The meeting lasted for only about 15 minutes mainly because the 72-year-old McCain has so many other things to do in life with only a few years left here on Earth.

Who’s Your Daddy?!? null

Last week, ABS-CBN chair Eugenio “Gabby” Lopez III said reporter Ces Drilon would still have to face administrative sanction for venturing into forbidden territory in violation of her bosses’ orders. Asked what could be the possible penalty, Lopez answered, “it might just be spanking.” “In that case, I will do it myself.” And we thought Ces has suffered enough at the hands of her captors.

null ABS-CBN chair Gabby Lopez said Ces Drilon would be sanctioned for violating her bosses at the news department. Asked what could be the possible penalty, Lopez answered, “it might just be spanking; I will do it myself.” In another story dismissed by Lopez as totally unrelated, study showed more female employees of ABS-CBN are sanctioned for various offenses than males, 10 to 1.

ABS-CBN Chair Gabby Lopez said Ces Drilon would have to be sanctioned for “endangering the lives of others” in Sulu. See the double standard there? Ces Drilon “endangered” the lives of others and she’ll be punished. Willie Revillame and Wowowee “took” the lives of others and he was rewarded.

Mike Arroyo’s Birthday null

First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo celebrated his 62nd birthday in New York on Saturday, June 28 with only his son Mikey and wife, President Arroyo beside him. But he still had so much fun… primarily because he felt he was with a clone and a clown.

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12 thoughts on “PHENOMENAL PACQUIAO”

  1. hello, loi… 2 cents ko lang sa paquiao chuva. i was monitoring dzbb, and to my chagrin, when they patched his sons napakabastos ng dating. hindi sila namu-po. grabe, nakakashock na kahit na sa brent nya pinasok ang mga anak nya hindi sila na-instill ng values like respect. paquiao should think things over … dapat sa maquiling school sa los baños na lang nya ipasok mga anak nya, at least mapangalagaan ang respeto nila sa mundong kanilang ginagalawan.


  2. A case of cultural bias. Not fair to dis Manny’s sons. Bisaya kids when forced to speak Tagalog don’t use “po” and “ho” simply because these have no equivalent in Cebuano. I’m certain than even the courteous Manny Pacquiao started using these deferential words so beloved by the Tagalogs when he settled in Luzon.

    Yun lang po.


  3. I go with Tikboy. Indeed there are places in our country where “PO” and “OPO” are not used. In our province, there are now words equivalent to po and opo, but when we talk to elder people, our “tenor” is different from when we talk to our peers or people younger than us.


  4. My Cebuano speaking nephews and neices from Davao City are already in their teens and they don’t use “opo” when speaking Tagalog. I guess they think in Cebuano where “opo” has no equivalent then translate their thoughts in Tagalog. Nonetheless, absence of “opo” when addresing an elder should not be construed as lack of manners when you don’t know the speaker’s ethnic background.


  5. @ eklavumer (13:59:10) :

    In Cebuano speaking regions, they don’t use ‘po’ at ‘opo.’ It doesn’t mean when you say ‘po’ at ‘opo’ in your sentense, you sincerely respect someone. Give the kids a break. They didn’t use derogatory remarks for you to say they should go to maquiling school to become respectful. Ang ganyang klaseng panghuhusga na kulang sa pananaliksik ay isang kaistupiduhan. Di po ba?


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