The M/V Princess of the Stars Disaster

The sinking of M/V Princess of the Stars was Sulpicio Lines’ fourth maritime disaster. To keep up with its reputation, the Chinese owner will rename the company soon, and call it Soulpicio Lines.

The pilot episode of Harapan, ABS-CBN’s new late-night show hosted by Korina Sanchez and Ted Failon asked the question: “Sino ang dapat sisihin sa paglubog ng M/V Princess of the Stars?” Sulpicio Lines claimed the Coast Guard allowed it to sail. The Coast Guard said PAGASA’s forecast wasn’t accurate. Ted and Korina believe Winston Garcia and the GSIS were to blame.

Top 5 “If Sulpicio Lines were Meralco” Statements

5: It would defy any Coast Guard order to postpone its trip.

4: It wouldn’t compensate surviving relatives of the victims unless the Supreme Court rules otherwise.

3: It would release a series of prints ads explaining that sea tragedies also happen in Cebu, Davao and other areas where commercial sea vessels operate.

2: It would use its radio and TV stations to criticize the typhoon.

And the No. 1 “If Sulpicio Lines were Meralco” statement…

1: Judy Ann Santos would be on television right now comparing a ship sailing in stormy seas to a melting block of ice.

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21 thoughts on “SULPICIO AND MERALCO”

  1. I have relatives missing on the ship involved and I work for Meralco. I do not find your above comparison even remotely amusing, as the company I work for works to restore your power, inspite of the typhoon and flood. While you and your loved-ones sit dry in your house complaining of no power, linemen and engineers (away from their loved-ones who are waiting in homes also without power) brave the wind and drenching rain toiling to restore power to industry, commerce and your subdivision or condo. So, to us, your humor is just lost…


  2. To Vic,

    I’m sorry to hear that you have relatives missing from the M/V Princess and I’m sorry that you are connected to a company that is under a lot of controversy right now. No, really I am sorry you are from Meralco. However, I don’t see anything wrong about the comments of the author about the ship and for whatever it’s worth, I think exposing the inconsistencies of the said company could help the authorities put pressure on them to tell the truth. Surely, there was neglect that resulted in the accident and someone needs to get punished.

    Please leave this blog as it is. A source of entertainment to some people. There is so much bad that’s going on in the world and we deserve to read something funny every once in a while. So, if you find anything offensive in here, then this blog isn’t for you….


  3. vic, sa laki ng ibinabayad namin sa Meralco, we deserve to be sitting “dry in our house” and complains if there is no power. We deserve to have that power restored asap because every minute counts. If we will have no electricity for , say, 5 hours, lugi na kami sa mga binabayaran sa meralco. To sympathize with you who is working for meralco and who’s restoring the power amidst storm, etc., i hope you’re getting the deserved salary and benefits 🙂

    sa mga taga-sulpicio, hope you’ll get bankrupt soon so that there will be less tragedies. sa mga nagbigay ng franchise sa kanila to operate, common sense naman, nakakailang-tragedy na sila, duh!


  4. Sa mga galit sa MERALCO..
    Please lang, wag masyadong MAKITID ang ISIP. OK
    Your blaming Meralco kasi sila yung nakikita nyong binbayaran nang bills.
    Pero behind that, may NAPOCOR, TRANSCO, IPPs na binabayaran nang Meralco.

    PagIbinaba ba nang Meralco ang singil, ibababa ba nang NAPOCOR/TRANSCo
    ang siningil nila sa Meralco? E hindi, Lugi sila.

    Eh Negosyo yan, di naman yan Charity… gusto nyo nang libre? o murang kuryente, Lumipat kayo nang Cebu, mura daw doon sabi ni Winston.


  5. Life is compleximple,
    So complex yet so simple.

    Laugh when it’s funny.
    Flash a smile when happy.
    Give a straight face when it’s corny.
    Frown when it’s foul.
    Say nonsense when out of thought.

    We got wonderful pips, stupid pips, and nonsense pips here.
    A LOT OF PROJECTION GOING ON with you bozos!
    I respect you guys no matter how much of a waste your conversations are.

    Mud fight!!
    Atta Girl! Atta Boy!


  6. “linemen and engineers (away from their loved-ones who are waiting in homes also without power)”


    — tell them to look for another job like what others have. So they can also sit dry with their families inside their houses.

    As you may want to know, some of us are workin with tougher role from those linemen and engineers just to earn small pay. As a soldier, I don’t know when will the bullets stop missing my head here in mindanao just to earn a little amount. Then part of it will be paid for a service that everyone is always complaining about.

    ‘Be kinder than necessary
    because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.’


  7. the commentors are stupid! the point of the blogger is that ABS-CBN is so biased w/ its news! see how much nila dinidiin ang sulpicio…but what about ang pangloloko ng meralco? what about the people who died in the wowowee stampede? that is the point, the blogger is not setting aside the fact that many died in the sulpicio tragedy…


  8. We can’t expect an unbiased reporting from ABS-CBN because the family that owns it, the Lopezes have too many interest to protect, foremost of which is Meralco. I don’t even watch their news reports especially those delivered by Hubert Webb’s sister Pinky. I really don’t know why her tone of voice seems triumphant every time there is a tragedy or a mass killing. Get her out of news reporting for God’s sake! She can strip in front of the TV all she wants but please don’t let her deliver the news.


  9. girl! wat a stupid comment you have there. Pag nag uusap, naturalmente na mapunta sa ibang usapan na may connection sa mga subjects ng original kwento. Hindi ibig sabihin stick ka sa isang kwento at paikutin mo buhay mo dun sa kwentong un hanggang mamatay ka. kung ikaw ganun, shut up!! nag uusap kami dito wag ka magulo.


  10. Rambo, may CONNECTION pinagsasabi mo pero wala SENSE — sobra narrowminded niyo — sige mag lagay ka ng power na putol pa mga post. sige maglagay ka ng power na bumabagyo para pag bumaha, ma kuryente ang mga bobo na tulad niyo — kahit nga wala na bagyo di pa rin pde maglagay ng power basta basta kasi paano sa mga lugar na may baha pa o sira pa or putol pa mga cables and posts. pde rin maka cause sunog kng mga nakasabit na sa kahoy. . o cge tapos na bagyo, hindi naman mga superman ang mga lineman, so dont expect na matapos lang ang bagyo ,babalik na agad ang power.

    Magrereklamo sa bayad? sisihin nyo si FVR kung bakit ang mahal ng kuryente. bakit? mag research ka kung wala ka alam.

    You are so illogical dude. The way I see it you are all arguing without any sense at all.


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