Released Philippine television journalist Ces Drilon wipes her ... The Ces Drilon Abduction

With Ces Drilon and her crew now released from captivity, the military and the police will launch an all-out offensive to pursue and neutralize their kidnappers. First target: the Indanan municipal hall in Sulu.

Sen. Loren Legarda is so happy that Ces Drilon has been freed by her abductors… but she is happier she’s getting free pre-election publicity.

    Popular TV news anchor Ces Drilon, right, leans on the shoulder of Sen. Loren Legarda during a news conference Wednesday June 18, 2008, at the Manila Airport's private hangar upon arrival from the southern Philippines. Drilon, her cameraman Jimmy Encarnacion, and a Muslim professor were released before midnight Tuesday after being kidnapped by Al-Qaida-linked militants in the volatile island of Jolo in southern Philippines on June 8, 2008. Another TV crew member kidnapped with Drilon was released late last week. Legarda, a former ABS-CBN anchor helped secure the hostages' release. (AP Photo/Bullit Marquez)    Sen. Loren Legarda scored some pogi points when she helped facilitate the release of Ces Drilon et al. This just in: Vice President Noli De Castro requested to shoot two more Pag-IBIG Fund infomercials, Sen. Manny Villar has doubled the number of his own TV spots, and Sen. Panfilo Lacson has demanded additional billboards from Facial Care Center.

ABS-CBN maintained that there was no ransom paid for the release of its news crew. Coming from the same people who couldn’t find any fault in Meralco’s overcharges, that’s too hard to believe.

Ces Drilon revealed that as they left the young kidnappers’ lair, some of them said, “I love you Loren.” The teenage abductors’ gesture flattered Loren who’s become used to getting “I love yous” from dirty old men.

Ces Drilon says she’ll return to work when her mosquito bites have all cleared up. That shouldn’t be a problem if rumors were true that Loren has offered Ces a month-long supply of Lucida DS.

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  1. And what do you make of Loren Legarda who was lauded for her intervention skills when there are reports that a ransom money was paid. Worse, the culprits being accused of conspiracy with the captors were captured counting portion of the ransom money. So, does this mean that Loren was useless in the process to begin with?


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