26 05 2008

null Top 10 Pointless Questions to Ask Jose De Venecia Jr. When He Testifies Before the Senate

10: If you were a Star Wars character, who would you be and why?

9: Please complete the sentence: “A man with big ears has a long…”

8: Does it bother you when, walking with your wife Gina, you hear people say, “Ang sweet naman ng mag-ama!”

7: What do these people have in common aside from their name: Jose Marcelo Ejercito, Jose De Venecia, Jose Miguel Arroyo?

6: Where were you when Joey De Venecia III was smoking marijuana?

5: What advice can you give a man with a wife who refuses to shut up because of bitterness?

4: What is the origin of the idiom “sour grapes?”

3: Considering your vast knowledge on the subject, can you please define “corruption” in five words or less?

2: You are considered to be the father of the “pork barrel.” Your daughter died in a fire in 2004. Your son lost out the bidding to ZTE for the NBN project in 2007. You were ousted as House Speaker in 2008. And the ghost of the 500-million dollar NorthRail project continues to hound you up to this day. Mr. Congressman, do you believe in karma?

And the no. 1 pointless question to ask Cong. Jose De Venecia Jr. when he testifies before the Senate…

1: When will you fix the roof of your house?




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26 05 2008


i love it!


tama! para matulad sya kay beltran (+)

(ang bad ko 😦 )


27 05 2008
aira sandino

haha… tama si geisha…

Sa tingin ko ang origin ng SOUR GRAPES eh ung fable ni AESOP… hahahaha… ptulan ba??


27 05 2008



27 05 2008

I guess even if JDV fixes the Tower of Babel he won’t fall that easily…masamang damo kaya.


27 05 2008

yep pana-panahon lang talaga lang yan… 😀


27 05 2008

Funny.. pero it is not us to judge if the person is being kinakarma when a child dies. Pls be more sensitive to this. Masakit sa magulang ito at walang may gusto magyari ito. Kahit ano pang sama ng tao ay wag natin ipagpasalamat ang mga nangyaring tragedy sa buhay nya. Yun lang po ang opinyon ko pero I still love reading your blog. Siguro sa ibang bagay lang medyo mag tone down tayo sa pang aasar. =)


28 05 2008

JDV, sabi mo pag nag testify ka sa Senado, babagsak si GMA? Tama ka nga, babagsak si GMA … pero sa ulo mo kaya lalo ka pang lulubog pag nagkataon. Ilang taon mo na ba niloloko mga Pinoy? At ilang bilyong kontrata na ba ang naisara ninyong mag-ama gamit ang posisyon mo sa gobyerno?


28 05 2008

A MAN WITH THE LONG EARS…IS ACTUALLY A RABBIT?? hahaha wala lang gusto ko lang sumagot waaaaaaaaa!!!

sabi nga what goes around, comes around (tama ba?) so karma-karma lang talaga yan. you do good then of course good din babalik sayo diba? you do evil, then alam mo na! haha

if he were a Star Wars character..he would be…R2 D2..since para naman syang robot ng gobyerno 😀


28 05 2008
Juan Carlos de la Cruz

Hmmmm…. can I add these questions?

1. Do you know that Gina asked to renew her passport without the surname de Venecia? How do you feel about this?

The DFA grape vine went wild when Gina (de Venecia) renewed her passport with the request not to have the de Venecia surname. I did not know if the request was granted, but the request itself spread like wildfire, so many speculations were made.. and people waiting for the outcome.. of what is next…


28 05 2008
anynomouse :)

Hi Loi, isa pang hirit kay JDV: If you leave politics, you think Disneyland Hong Kong will hire as mascot wearing the Mickey Mouse suit?



28 05 2008
batang buotan

Magaling! Si JDV wala nang alat kaya kung ako sa kanya, manahimik na lang at busalan ang bibig ng kanyang asawa na si Gina, dakdak kasi ng dakdak, parang kung sinong malinis na hindi nakisali sa laro. Nakakahiya yun.


29 05 2008
Interesting stuff on the US Presidential contest « Phoenix Eyrie, Reloaded

[…] while being made to think about the same issues, Professional Heckler never fails to make my day. His latest, taking a shot at former Speaker JDV’s recent anouncement that he’ll be spilling the […]


4 06 2008

Rep. Beltran fell and died because he was simply trying to fix the roof of his house-a no laughing matter since it shows the painful reality of living simply whilst working your ass off to lobby the people’s cause; way beyond comparison to de Venecia who could possibly fall from the collapsing decks of money that could have been spent to fix the roofs of poor people.


6 06 2008

I agree with Sel. I love your blog but i was a bit thrown off by the reference to JDV’s fire tragedy.


26 07 2008

JDV is a good man who always put the country before anything else. he’s done a lot for pangasinan. everyone is entitled to their own opinion but referring to the fire killing his daughter as karma is below the belt. anyone who thinks that way deserves to go to hell. thanks poh


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