23 05 2008

null High Gasoline Prices

Gas prices are getting so high… Erap’s children by different women would be carpooling to school together.

Gas prices are getting so high… Pia Cayetano is jogging to work.

Gas prices are getting so high… Meralco is blaming Napocor.

Gas prices are getting so high… Napocor is planning to buy Petron.

Gas prices are getting so high… and President Arroyo believes the solution is total annihilation of Communists in 2010.

Gas prices are getting so high… congressmen are contributing again to shoulder the funeral car’s gas for Crispin Beltran’s interment.

Gas prices are getting so high… Crispin Beltran is finally asking God to junk the oil deregulation law.

KMU on Ka Bel’s Death

The leftist Kilusang Mayo Uno is blaming the Arroyo government for labor leader Crispin Beltran’s frail health resulting in his eventual death. You think that’s absurd? Wait ‘til Liza Maza blames this government for her toilet that wouldn’t flush.

Ka Bel’s Replacement null

Militant group Anak Pawis has named Rafael Mariano as a replacement for party-list representative Crispin Beltran – instantly crushing the Budget Department’s hopes of saving millions of pesos in pork barrel allocation.

Glorietta 2 Explosion Case

The Department of Justice absolved engineers and employees of Ayala Properties Management in connection with the Glorietta 2 explosion last year. These days, Malacañang’s got its hands full with the Lopezes, it cannot afford to wage another war with the Ayalas.

Free Texting?

The Department of Transportation and Communications will file a petition to force telecoms firms to make cell phone “texting” free. Meralco executives immediately expressed support for the plan and advised the telecoms firms to just pass on to the consumers the cost of their own calls to recoup some losses.

New Nursing Curriculum

The Commission on Higher Education’s new nursing curriculum requires 2,632 hours of studying instead of the usual 2,142. It shall now include units in video production – so that uploaded YouTube videos of nurses cheering and mocking surgical patients would be of higher quality.

GMA’s Net Worth

President Arroyo’s net worth grew by 11 million last year. That figure would have been higher had ZTE’s national broadband network project pushed through.

null China’s Earthquake

China says the death toll from a powerful earthquake last week has surpassed 50,000. Observers say the quake was the “worst killer” of Chinese people in recent years – followed closely by their own government.


I’ve been called names by readers, particularly militant supporters of labor leader Crispin Beltran, because of my previous post. They’re mad. (They always are anyway.) I approved their comments so that “moderate” visitors of this blog could also read them.

My take on their personal attack against me? Nothing. Thank you for dropping by.

The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.” Gloria Steinem




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23 05 2008
GAS PAIN | Politics in America

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23 05 2008

With today’s issue about gas, it would be wise to get started on how to save on fuel? There are six things you can do to be a real fuel saver such as lighten up, go easy on your foot, maintenance is the key, know your ride, it’s all about aerodynamics and now know your fuel. You won’t just do Mother Earth a favor. Your pockets will breathe a huge sigh of relief as well.


23 05 2008

Can I join Pia Cayetano in jogging? *laugh*


23 05 2008

I first heard of deuterium in the 80s when Loi was still going to school in short pants. Deuterium is allegedly some sort of hydrogen that is clean burning, inexhaustable and naturaly replenished in the deepest depressions of the oceans and bandied as the new fuel for mankind.

I don’t know if this is a bum steet or indeed factual. Can anyone please confirm the validity of deuterium? If this is indeed factual, will extracting this wonder fuel be feasable given the price of oil and its impending scarcity?


24 05 2008

Your gas pain is simply hilarious! Motorbikes are “in” now!


25 05 2008

hindi ba at naoopen na naman ang mga ZTE issues kaya ayan tuloy may bagong panapal na naman ang govt para mawala sa isip ng tao ang ZTE…walang iba kung hindi ang OIL PRICE HIKE! hindi pa man nakakapagenjoy ang mga drivers sa maliit na karagdagang kita ayan at binabawi na agad sa sa lahat ng yan isang grupo lang ang nagsasuffer..ang grupo ng mga mahihirap!!! hay naku talaga!!!


25 05 2008

HAH! goodluck on those DOTC people pushing on free text messaging…
they don’t know what they are talking about.


4 06 2008

The current development is that instead of pushing “free text messaging”, they’ll move to abolish the expiration of cellphone load. A welcome development methinks.

@tikboy: I speak as a chemist: deuterium’s terrestrial abundance is not terribly high (“Deuterium thus accounts for approximately 0.015% (on a weight basis, 0.030%) of all naturally occurring hydrogen in the oceans on Earth”, says Wikipedia), so obtaining it isn’t cost-effective.

“Deuterium is allegedly some sort of hydrogen that is clean burning” – that is in the context of being used as fuel for nuclear fusion. One outstanding problem in this regard is that no material invented to date can withstand the high temperatures necessary to contain the very hot deuterium. ’cause well, no heat, no fusion, no energy. The sun remains the most efficient user of deuterium in this regard.


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