28 03 2008

null Cruz and the Holy Communion

Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz said the other day, “public sinners” should not be given the Holy Sacrament of Communion including, he said, President Arroyo. Sought for her reaction, the president allegedly promised that from this day on she will just commit sins… in private.

Cruz and the Holy Communion II

Archbishop Oscar Cruz denied telling in a forum Wednesday that he would not give communion to President Arroyo and explained that the media misinterpreted his statement… something that’s not exactly surprising considering that Cruz and the local media are on the same side of the fence.

null Communist Directive

On the eve of its armed wing’s 39th anniversary, the Communist Party of the Philippines ordered the New People’s Army’s to “increase the number of guerrilla fronts from the current level of 120-130 to 173, to cover all congressional districts in the provinces.” And in case it fails, the CPP will just try to cover all congressional districts through the party-list elections.

null Brian Gorrell’s Blog

ABS-CBN News Online posted an article today on the controversial blog of Australian swindling victim Brian Gorrell. The title of the article is: “Online libel: Aussie blogger’s victims are helpless” The Lopez network calls it “news,” Brian’s readers call it “damage control.”

Brian Gorrell’s Blog II

ABS-CBN News posted an article today on the controversial blog of Australian swindling victim Brian Gorrell. The article is titled, “Online libel: Aussie blogger’s victims helpless”
The Gucci Gang? Helpless victims? Wait… I’ll have to check if ABS-CBN News Online has turned into a humor blog.

Enjoy your weekend!




9 responses

29 03 2008

…and they thought brian gorrell is brave 😀


29 03 2008

there are hundreds of brian gorrell down there who also hunts there prey… they just can’t tell who! tsk tsk! daming scammer sa pinas! too bad for mr montano bobo kasi sya! :p


30 03 2008

haha! bobo daw si dj montano. si celine lopez, bobo din ata. haha!


3 04 2008

I really am saddened by the way a man of the cloth like archbishop cruz ‘persecutes’ those he tagged public sinners. Would he be one to cast the first stone too?


4 04 2008

archbishop cruz, if you deny your statement of the press regarding “public sinners” are you saying that the media are not reliable? So they should not write anymore because they only misinterpret statements. Wow! Let there be no more front page! You are a horrible man archbishop cruz!


6 04 2008

I commend Archbishop Cruz for bravely speaking up against the (P)resident Evil. Why are we persecuting this man for speaking the truth?


10 04 2008

He’s not supposed to state such statements as the Church and The Government are two separate bodies, neither has the right to make pakialam haha kaya its very disappointing and disrespectful.


14 04 2008

wow!! naririnig ko na yun Gucci Gang but never really heard the ‘full story’ pala yun? hehehe

sa tingin mo Mr. Heckler, totoo ba si BG??


30 01 2009

iba talaga si idol Sen. Miriam mabilis umaksyon pagdating sa imbestigasyon ng mga na-blacklist na contractors and World Bank, to namang si Sen. Lacson di nakikinig, sabi na nga ni Senator Miriam na kapag meron siyang maiiproduce na witness willing si Sen. Miriam na magkaroon ulit ng hearing.


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