null The Running Man

Former president Joseph Estrada has confirmed that he is signing a movie contract with Star Cinema next month. I think that just answered the question, “whose presidential bid will ABS-CBN and the Lopezes support in 2010?”

The Running Man II

Former president Joseph Estrada said that he is not seeking the presidency in 2010 but, “if the people want me to run, who am I to turn them down?” Oh, just cut the crap! You’re running. Period.

Unity Walk

Following the unity walk with military and police officials, the members of the cabinet, local government officials, and congressmen, it was the turn of some 1000 students and youth to stage a unity walk with President Arroyo in Malacañang. Unconfirmed rumors say the “Greedy Group” has also expressed interest in doing the unity walk to show their support for her but Malacañang has politely declined because – their asking price was just too high. Baka bumukol.

null Lozada Laments

Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada lamented that due to the “current situation,” his kids at La Salle Greenhills couldn’t even travel or go on a summer vacation. Worse, their father has decided to do some traveling of his own.

Lozada Laments II

Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada lamented that due to the “current situation,” his children couldn’t even go on a summer vacation. Of course, that could easily be resolved – if only he would spend time with them!

A Huge Fan of Lozada

During a Lozada rally in the Visayas, a nun stood from the crowd and admitted that while it was her first time to see Jun Lozada in person, she immediately fell for his charms. “I was enamored,” she excitedly told him. That’s what I call… sister in low.

Briefly Noted

Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada so enjoys taking the rostrum, if he is elected congressman, he’ll surely seek the Speakership.

Super Lotto

Nobody won Thursday night’s 162 million-peso jackpot in the PCSO’s Super Lotto draw. Chances are… panalo na naman ang mga obispo!

What The Girl Wants null

Janina San Miguel, the Bb. Pilipinas-World titlist who became an instant YouTube sensation primarily because of her grammatical gaffe during the pageant’s Q&A portion revealed that she wanted to be a reporter. This Just In: Since Ms San Miguel knows how to apologize for committing huge mistakes, the Philippine Daily Inquirer is reportedly interested in employing her after graduation.

What the Girl Needs

Bb. Pilipinas pageant judge, Vivienne Tan, president of the Entrepreneurs School of Asia has offered newly-crowned beauty queen Janina San Miguel a crash course in English. I’m sure… she’s plattered.

What the Girl Needs II

The good news: Technical Education Skills and Development Authority (TESDA) chief Augusto Syjuco has offered Janina San Miguel a crash course in English. The bad news: After finishing the crash course, she is required to take Welding 101.
What the Girl Needs III

Vivienne Tan and TESDA have offered an English crash course for Janina San Miguel. Sought for a reaction on the twin offer, Janina replied, “Ay baka di ko kayanin. Takot akong sumakay ng eroplano eh!”

Quote of the Previous Week

Paolo Bediones: You’ve won two major awards: Best in Swimsuit and Best in Long Gown. Do you feel any pressure right now?
Janina: No! I don’t feel any pressure right now. (How profound!)

Just a thought, would President Arroyo give the same response if she’s asked the same question today?

Have a safe weekend!

null Personal

Smooth jazz, anyone? XFM92.3 is the new home of smooth jazz in Mega Manila. Click here for details.

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  1. Lozada, gising na dong! Yung assassination plot sa iyo kuno, kasama pa rin iyan sa script nyo!!! Isasabit nyo na naman ang gobyerno sa pautot na yan. Matakot ka Lozada sa mga nakapaligid sa iyo na akala mo eh mga kakampi mo. Remember Bentain, Dacer, Corbito, Kuratong???? Be very afraid!!!!!!!!!!


  2. * I insist, Joseph Ejercito Estrada (Sandiganbayan’s Special Division found him guilty of plunder. ) CANNOT run for president in 2010. Estrada and his lawyers SHOULD not insist on that. The 1987 Philippine constitution is clear on that matter.

    *Pasaway si sister!

    *BTW, who will offer me FREE English crash course? LOL

    *Have a nice weekend!

    PS: Lozada is set to visit here in Cebu on March 17. FYI lang. hehe


  3. wehehee!! si Lozada parang commercial sa tv noh? lagi na lang nakasingit sa lahat ng palabas!!!!

    mageenglish course si Janina??!!! wow! kelangan pala sumali talaga sa Bb.Pilipinas para maofferan ng free english course, lol…

    To Janina:
    Aahhh….eto wait…hihihihi..ur so funny!!!!

    Happy Heckling!!!!!


  4. Why do Asians have small penises? Why do Chinese have small penises?

    Vulgar stereotype? Yes…but popular enough to be as “question” on YAHOO. Check it out, go to YAHOO, click on Answers, then type in any of the two questions mentioned.

    Now, why do Filipino men proudly say they are ASIAN? Yes, that term also means industrious and innovative. But it also means ugly men and women, heartless money-hungry-people, and men with embarassingly small penises.

    Filipino, or pacific islander or hispanic-asians, I think is more appropriate. Many people, because of Filipino men being the most endowed men of Asia, in addition to their hispanic cultural influencial heritage are never seen as “full” Asian. Did you ever wonder why? (However, this term excludes all Chinese-Filipinos).

    Really, some Chinese penises are shorter than thier pubic hairs. GROSS! Embarassingly GROSS!


  5. si lozada wala na siyang karir sa tv.laos na siya.kailangan ng bagong gimik. makeover kaya! ayun puwede yun. sport a new haido. yung may bangs sa harap. or mohawks na may highlights at naka dreadlocks.
    janina san miguel gudluck! patunayan natin mali silang lahat. yung mga jurors ng pageant magagaling lalo na si marian rivera pang UFC.


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