null Interfaith Rally

Tens of thousands of anti-Arroyo protesters converged at the corner of Ayala Avenue and Paseo De Roxas Street in Makati City Friday and called for the resignation of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Among the speakers at the rally, ZTE NBN scandal whistleblower Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada drew the loudest cheers from the crowd – automatically making him the frontrunner for the opposition’s 2010 senatorial draft.

null Interfaith Rally II

While protesters were shouting anti-GMA slogans in Makati City, it was business as usual for President Arroyo who even made short trips to Bulacan and Luneta. As Romulo Neri would have described it, that’s the “devil-may-care” attitude.

Interfaith Rally III

While the interfaith rally was ongoing, hundreds of government officials – including more then 100 congressmen, more than 40 governors, and mayors – allied with the President were at Malacañang to attend a mass requested by Camarines Sur 1st District Rep. Diosdado “Dato” Arroyo. Rumors say the priest who celebrated the mass is still in shock. It was his first time to officiate a mass attended by that so many evils.

null Interfaith Rally IV

Short of admitting his reported illicit dalliances, Jun Lozada asked the Makati City crowd, “Mapapatawad n’yo po ba ako sa aking ginawa?” A crowd led by former president Joseph Estrada cheered: “Why not?!”

Interfaith Rally V

The wives of the jailed members of the Magdalo group joined the interfaith rally at Ayala Avenue and stayed there ‘til evening. For once… their night was never lonely.

null Interfaith Rally VI

Days before the interfaith rally in Makati City, defeated presidential candidate and Jesus Is Lord Movement leader Bro. Eddie Villanueva said that 100,000 of his followers will attend the rally. Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay estimated the Makati crowd at 80,000. If Villanueva was telling the truth about his flock, that makes every single person in that Makati City rally a Born-again Christian. Amen!

Villanueva’s Flock

In 2004, Bro. Eddie Villanueva said that the five million strong Jesus is Lord Movement will make him president. He lost.  Last week, Villanueva promised to lead his 100,000 followers to the interfaith rally in Makati. Just wondering: what happened to the other 4.9 million?

Susan A No-Show

Character actor Rez Cortez, leader of the FPJ Movement for Truth and Democracy revealed that Susan Roces, FPJ’s widow “does not want to mix up with us anymore” and has refused to join political rallies. In fairness to Ms Roces, she may have yet to see the truth but she seems to have seen the light.

In Other News… null

Noli is Prepared

Vice President Noli De Castro said, “I am always ready to assume the presidency.” Kami, hindi.

Pulse Asia Survey

The latest Pulse Asia survey on the ZTE NBN controversy showed that 76% of Metro Manila residents distrust the president while 76% distrust the First Gentleman. How sweet! Even in surveys, they’re a perfect match!

Gina De Venecia, Again

Gina De Venecia, wife of the ousted House Speaker lamented that President Arroyo once told her, “I am the president, you’re just a housewife.” So, anong problema mo?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. If we replaced GMA and will not also accept Noli then my suggestion is for the revival of the Federal system of government proposed in the early eighties by a certain Cabangbang from Visayas. Being a state of the U.S. is the sure route for all these corrupt officials to be jailed by either the FBI, IRS or Justice Department. President Obama or Clinton for that matter will eventually force all these evils and bitches to Guantanamo Bay either by solitary confinement or to Alcatraz jail. just a wild thought.


    1. sa Alcatraz na lang para gawin silang Tourist Spot …

      TOURIST GUIDE: ..and here we are ladies and gentlemen, as you can see inside in each cell you have a living and breathing and be careful as they bite… CROCODILES AND ALLIGATORS in the form of a Human Being!



  2. buwet,

    not necessarily but it will be through a national referendum instead of a snap presidential election as proposed by Congressman Joson… of course there must also be a corresponding legislation from the U.S. Congress for such if there is an affirmative response from the Filipinos. I do believe that if we do not want to be run hell by Filipinos then let us again try to be run by a colonial power if that is what heaven likes. I cannot stomach 25 million Filipinos living below poverty line what’s the use of being nationalist and patriotic if we cannot provide basic services to our people because of corruption in our bureaucracy?


  3. micah,

    Hillary Clinton also got that kind of reception during a primary debate with Barack Obama. I agree with you that is a contemptuous idea but again as I have stated with Buwet, what’s the use of being nationalistic and patriotic when we are always divided as a nation. How can we focus on poverty alleviation given the present scenario and of course with the impending Noli presidency he will for sure do ala Gerald Ford presidential pardon to GMA and her cohorts?


  4. … i mean from 2.5 million Filipinos before GMA takes over to almost 5 million Filipinos living below poverty threshold according to NSO stats. and those living within poverty or near the poverty border the govt. cannot approximate at this moment. that is already a critical mass and great concern if we need to restore our faith as Filipinos!


  5. Jun Lozada is an operative and has been for the longest time. Masking himself off as a patriot and a repentant sinner in a corrupt episode which he himself was a party too. He is no better than Chavit, one who did a better job on Erap.

    On the Federal system of government, see how many provinces will choose to leave the Philippines because all of their governors would just love to be president of their own little countries!

    The problem of this nation is not the politicians but its people. We take our liberties lightly, abuse it to favor personal gain and allow political patronage to flourish. I could go on but that would be a diatribe. Going to a rally is not patriotism most specially if those speaking are no better than those they are accusing. We must be more discerning and start with an overhaul of the moral fabric of this society.


  6. Be easy Jerome..
    Just give him a simple message like this one below..

    Be happy, young man, while you are young,
    and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth.
    Follow the ways of your heart
    and whatever your eyes see,
    but know that for all these things
    God will bring you to judgment.

    Ecclesiastes 11:9


  7. So what now, since the start of Marcos’ regime nagkaroon na ng malawakang corruption.

    And, the minds of the citizens are poisoned, having the thoughts that ” Majority of Government officials are corrupt.”

    The Philippines is busted. Yet others ignore this, they choose to live abroad than to stay in this corrupted nation.

    What now?


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