The Makati City Rally

Some 10,000 protesters gathered in Makati City Friday to demand the resignation of President Arroyo. The protesters echoed the slogan “Tama na, sobra na, kilos na.” During the Marcos years, it was “Tama na, sobra na, palitan na.” Asked why they didn’t use “palitan na” this time, organizers had the same answer: Noli De Castro.

The Makati City Rally II

Makati City Hall employees were the luckiest people yesterday. It was pay day, ’twas a special non-working day (for them), and chances are, they got “extra” pay for joining the rally.

JDV III and the Makati City Rally

At the same rally, Joey De Venecia spoke to the crowd and said, “You, thieves, get out of Malacañang!” Apparently, the young De Venecia would like to get even because Malacañang was instrumental in ousting the chief of thieves at the House of Representatives a couple of weeks back.

JDV III and the Makati Rally II

Speaking before thousands of anti-GMA protesters in Makati City, Joey De Venecia, son of Jose De Venecia III and losing bidder in the National Broadband Network project revealed that it was his “calling to serve the country and the Filipino masses.” Overheard from a small group of rallyists: “Tang-in* naman, gaguhan na yata ito eh. Uwi na lang kaya tayo?!”

Plot Versus GMA

The Philippine National Police bared an assassination plot against President Arroyo by the terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah. Kayo naman oo, nananahimik ‘yong mga tao, dinadamay n’yo pa.

Plot Versus GMA II

President Arroyo will attend the annual fiesta celebration in Binalonan, Pangasinan today despite the reported assassination plot of Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiyah extremists. After all, no Islamic terrorist in his right mind would travel from Basilan to Binalonan just to kill her. (Kapagod ang biyahe huh!)

Plot Versus GMA II

Following reports of an assassination plot against her, President Arroyo was seen wearing a St. Benedict’s medallion, believed to protect the wearer from danger. That explains why the First Gentleman never had the chance to come near her.

Neri and the Opposition

Former Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Romulo Neri has confirmed his secret December 2007 meeting with opposition senators Jamby Madrigal and Panfilo Lacson. Asked why he chose to talk to Jamby and Ping, Neri allegedly replied, “Among our senators, I find them to be the most gender sensitive.”

null Corny Corner

Jamby: I’ll sue you for obstruction of justice!
GMA (a la Lolit Solis): So sue me!
Jamby: Huwag na nga lang. Hindi kita type!


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4 thoughts on ““TAMA NA, SOBRA NA…””

  1. this is the only assasination plot where the assasins would leave a document (allegedly written in arabic disclosing the details of the plot) in a parked car only to be discovered by a security guard. ano ba yan.. wala talagang intelligence itong mga intellignce agents kuno ni pandak. iniinsulto na nila masyado ang katalinuhan ng mga tao.


  2. I was at the rally with my friend and her classmates from the UP College of Law. It was my first time to be in a rally and was quite excited to cuss at the fucking GMA regime, but I was disappointed because most of the people and the youth, the ones we call “masa”, didn’t seem to listen to the speakers. Then brownman revival came to perform and a moshpit instantly formed in front of the stage. Earlier than that, when I got out of our office building, I saw men in sandos and shorts squatted in circles playing Cara Y Cruz along Paseo. Tsuchal ng venue nila ha. No wonder why the bitch is still in power…for most of us, it’s just another fair.


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