null Wowowee Controversy

After more than a week of silence, ABS-CBN finally released a statement saying the Wowowee incident was a result of a “mechanical glitch.” Willie Revillame is a robot.

Sen. Mar Roxas said he would file a resolution seeking an immediate investigation of the alleged manipulation attempt in the game show Wowowee. If that happens, palengke na naman sa Senado.

Sen. Lito Lapid also expressed interest in conducting an inquiry on the Wowowee scandal. Finally, an issue that he understands.

null Comedian and tv host Willie Revillame told fellow comedian and tv host Joey De Leon, “Sa ‘yo na ang ratings. Number 1 ka na! Number 1 na ang Eat Bulaga!” Watching together from afar, ABS-CBN execs reportedly chorused, “Tanga! Bawiin mo ‘yan. Bawiin mo!”

Top 5 Movie Remakes Starring Wowowee’s Willie Revillame

5: The Lord of the Rigs: The Two Million

4: How To Lose a Game in Ten Minutes

3: Star Wars: Revenge of the Cheat

2: Confessions of an Overage Drama King

And the number 1 movie remake starring Willie Revillame…

1: The Chronicles of Daya: De Leon, The Glitch and the Cardboard

null Joey Marquez Gets 50 Years

Comedian Joey Marquez was sentenced to a maximum of 50 years in prison for the anomalous purchase of walis tingting worth 1.07 million pesos when he was still mayor of Parañaque City. With Joey Marquez in a real fix, let’s see if Svenson’s technology would still be as effective.

Economic Growth

The National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) says the economy grew by 7.5 percent. In case you didn’t notice, today’s blog post is about comedians and their jokes.

Inquiry on Sison’s Arrest?

Leftist party-list group Bayan Muna wants Congress to conduct an inquiry on Joma Sison’s arrest in the Netherlands. And that’s the punchline!

DOJ Chief Goes on Leave

Ailing Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales has taken a 30-day sick leave. That means the 31st day will be very critical. Either he has recovered or… hmmm, basta!

null Frat Hazing in UP

Officers and members of Sigma Rho Fraternity in UP Diliman reportedly made themselves scarce after the death of 20-year-old Cris Anthony Mendez allegedly due to frat hazing. Furious UP studes now refer to the frat’s members as Sigma Runs.

Members of Sigma Rho Fraternity categorically denied any involvement in the death of Cris Anthony Mendez due to hazing. Sigma Rhoans issued the strong denial – while in hiding.

“Murder in the murderer is no such ruinous thought as poets and romancers will have it; it does not unsettle him, or fright him from his ordinary notice of trifles; it is an act quite easy to be contemplated.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have a safe weekend!

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6 thoughts on “COMEDIANS & A MURDER”


    ———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— –


    ———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— –

    For more than fifty years now, the National College of Public Administration and Governance (NCPAG) of the University of the Philippines has been family to its undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff, and alumni. As in other families, members loved, disagreed, made up and grew old together. The undergraduates are special to NCPAG officials and faculty. The “elders” referee their quarrels, initiate dialogues among warring organizations, intercede with their parents, and tirelessly scheme and plot activities which would mobilize the boundless energy of the young.

    During the last weekend, the NCPAG family was shaken by the violent and senseless death of one of its youngest members, Cris Anthony Mendez. College officials coordinated with university authorities, rushed to the funeral parlor, visited the family, mobilized the students and marched with them in protest against the
    culture of violence which persists despite well-meaning efforts.

    Many were torn by despair and asked themselves: What more could we have done to prevent the loss of such a promising young man?. More—faculty and students—wept because they knew Cris so well. Dennis, a graduate student who stays in the same boarding house as Cris, could hardly present his class report. Others were too angry to even cry.

    Thanks to the media, the public knows many details about Cris. They know that he was a senior student of NCPAG. He was working hard for cum laude honors. He was also active in extracurricular activities, being a member of the NCPAG Student Council and representative to the All University Student Council.. Like his mother, many are asking: Why Cris? For that matter, why must young men die for their fraternities?

    A cycle of death and violence. Cris is the third NCPAG student to die from frat-related violence since 1994. Thirteen years ago, Dennis Venturina, a cum laude candidate was beaten to death inside the U.P. campus by members of a rival fraternity. NCPAG has not stopped mourning for him. I still cry when I remember Dennis ,my bright, lively student who planned to become a senator like his idol, Sigma Rhoan Sen. Salonga. I still remember going with his weeping classmates to the hospital, hugging his broken head and whispering desperately into his swollen ear, “Dennis, wake up! Dennis, wake up!”

    NCPAG has not yet gotten over Alexander Miguel Icasiano who like Cris was beaten to death during a savage hazing ceremony in 1998. His dead body was found in an abandoned car. The College is still raging over Mark Bryan de los Santos , who in 2006 was clubbed in the head just because he looked like another student who was hunted down by a fraternity. Less than a year ago, NCPAG put up a massive iron gate at the entrance to its atrium after a gang of masked thugs stormed the college student council room and beat up Paul Martin Marasigan.

    And now, Cris.

    Where have all the fratmen gone? Gone into hiding one by one. Hazing is supposed to be an initiation into manhood. When someone is badly hurt or dies, all the “manly” virtues disappear and fratmen turn back into the cowardly boys that they really are. They abandon the bodies they have broken and killed, and run back to their families and brods for protection, and later, legal assistance.

    Et tu Brutus? It is bad enough to die by the hand of the enemy. It is terrible to be killed by one’s friends and brothers. The death of Dennis Venturina was double agony for NCPAG . Another popular student and cum laude candidate, Raymond Narag of the Scintilla Juris fraternity went to jail for Dennis’ death.

    It seems the cycle will be repeated once more. Sigma Rhoan Ariel Paolo Ante, fellow NCPAG student of Cris and chairman of the college student council is now being hunted. He is believed to have recruited Cris.

    When will the killings stop? A NCPAG alumnus wrote to fellow faculty member, Ebi: “Alam ko na how the cycle goes: 1. news breaks out . 2. media provides gory details. 3. family expresses anguish, calls for justice. 4. subject hits public affairs, TV shows and radio programs. 5. UP community holds candle marches . 6. UP frats sign peace accord. 7. after 2 months (at most)…forgotten. The young life snuffed out becomes just another statistic. 8. until the next hazing related death .9. repeat process from # 1.

    Something has got to give. Enough is enough. NCPAG has run out of tears. It is time to strictly implement the Anti Hazing Law. Frat violence is a university , nay, national concern. Efforts of small colleges like NCPAG will not work anymore.

    Colleges which are known as the “pugad” of fraternities have to collectively undertake swift and firm action. Fraternities have shown time and again that they don’t have the capacity to regulate their illegal hazing activities. These must be totally forbidden. Frat elders and role models must step in instead of covering up,
    hiding and defending their errant brods. Other faculty members are so angry they are demanding that frats be banned.

    On Wednesday, September 5, NCPAG faculty will meet to discuss what must be done beyond the usual exciting but ineffective responses to frat violence. Dennis Venturina. Alexander Miguel Icasiano. Cris Anthony Mendez. Surely, their deaths should not be in vain.

    (Ms. Leonor Briones is a former National Treasurer of the Philippines . She is currently teaching public administration at the National College of Public Administration and Governance, University of the Philippines . She also writes a column for the Business Mirror)


  2. Mas bibilib ako sa Fraternities if they become a member and be an example not only to help each other, but to organize charitable missions. Ang problema, nagbubuo kayo ng frat para lang magplano kung paano niyo gugulpihin o papatayin yung mga kalaban niyong frat. Bulok kayo lahat. Magsibalik na ang mga prubinsiyano sa pinanggalingan at tulungan niyo na lang tatay niyo mag-saka. Mga ulol kayo lahat….


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