Sick Again

President Arroyo skipped Team Unity rallies in Cebu due to diarrhea, dehydration, and fever. She couldn’t join the team in Iloilo as well. Administration candidates were all delighted. Her absence means more votes for them.

Latest Survey

The latest Social Weather Stations survey that voters would go for 6 opposition and 2 independent senatorial candidates or a total of 8 of the 12 senatorial slots at stake in the May 14 elections. Just take note people: the SWS’ 8-4 survey refers to the voting. The counting is another issue.

The latest SWS survey conducted exclusively for the Philippine Daily Inquirer have consistently showed Genuine Opposition bets winning against Team Unity candidates. That explains why these days, oppositionists pick the PDI as their third favorite newspaper – next only to Malaya and the Daily Tribune.

Top Picks

The Iglesia ni Cristo will endorse 6 administration, 5 opposition and 1 independent candidate. The El Shaddai Movement will go 5-5-2 (TU-GO-Ind) while the Federation of Evangelical Bishops International will vote 8-4 (TU-GO). Other groups’ endorsements are as follows: Filipino-Indian community: 5-6; Filipino-Chinese community: 1-6-8.


The latest SWS-Inquirer survey showed that the hardcore Bayan Muna and the moderate Akbayan will top the party-list polls if elections were held today. The others were simply LEFT out.

Cory Magic

The camp of senatorial aspirant Noynoy Aquino credits former President Corazon Aquino and the “Lagot siya sa nanay niya” ad for his very good showing in the latest SWS-Inquirer survey. Voters didn’t find Kris Aquino convincing.

New Dancing Queen?

Senatorial candidate Loren Legarda performed what she termed as a “victory dance” after learning that she topped the latest SWS survey. Legarda even invited Genuine Opposition spokesman Adel Tamano and JV Ejercito to dance with her. Ahh… the joys of singlehood.

Senatorial candidate Loren Legarda who topped the latest SWS survey gamely danced before the cameras as she virtually claimed victory in the coming polls. The last time a female politician danced in front of the cameras, she lost in the succeeding election, and then tearfully apologized for doing the act.


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