An SWS-Philippine Daily Inquirer survey showed that 5 candidates from the Genuine Opposition, 1 independent, and 3 from Team Unity made it to the winnable Magic 9. But the administration is still confident of sweeping the senatorial slate – thru magic.

Survey II

Alan Peter Cayetano dropped from sixth to ninth place in the latest SWS-PDI survey. Understandably so because the First Gentleman got sick, and couldn’t help Cayetano sustain his publicity.

“Political Gimmick”

Vice President Noli De Castro dismissed Team Unity’s pronouncement that it could make a clean 12-0 sweep in the May 14 midterm elections as “nothing but a political gimmick.” Coming from De Castro, it must be true. He was, after all, a product of a very successful political gimmick.


Cesar Montano was reportedly hurt by reports that either he or Sultan Jamalul Kiram would be replaced by former senator Gregorio Honasan in Team Unity’s senatorial slate. But Montano denied rumors that he and Kiram were quitting TU to run under her actress wife’s alleged newly-formed political group – the Sunshine Coalition.

Top 5 Movie Remakes Cesar Montano Will NEVER Direct If He’d Lose in May

5: Balanghoy sa Suba (Ang Kumain… Todas!)

4: Kiram na Mukha

3: Eternal Sunshine of the Partyless Kind

2: How the Gringo Stole Christmas (And the Senatorial Slot Too)

1: Broke.bank Montano


Singer Leah Navarro of the Black and White Movement confirmed that the group’s urban sector pushed for the inclusion of Lt. S/G Antonio Trillanes in the Genuine Opposition slate instead of former senator Gringo Honasan simply because Trillanes was “more attractive.” Following that line of reasoning, how come they’re supporting Noynoy Aquino and Koko Pimentel?

Susan on Vi, Sha

Susan Roces said she couldn’t consider Vilma Santos and Sharon Cuneta as her friends and categorically declared that she wouldn’t support their re-electionist husbands who both supported GMA in 2004. Mrs. Poe couldn’t accept the fact that Santos and Cuneta still have the chance to become the country’s next First Lady.

Healthy Baby

Kris Aquino says her new baby – James Jr. is healthier than her. The baby is mentally stable.

Corny Corner

When members of the Iglesia ni Kristo and the El Shaddai Movement vote as one for a certain candidate, that’s “bloc voting.”
When Makati City residents vote as one for re-electionist Jejomar Binay and son Junjun, that’s “black voting.”

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One thought on “POLITICAL GIMMICK”

  1. Susan on Vi, Sha: Kaya cguro deadma na lang sna Sha at Vi sa mga rumors about their husband’s extra marital affair.

    Sayang din yung hindi na ikaw ang magiging first lady kasi nakipag-divorce ka na.

    Sayang kasi women pa naman, they love diamonds, pearls and shoes, imeldifically speaking. ^_^


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