The US Embassy in Manila advised Americans in the Philippines to avoid traveling to Central Mindanao as terrorists might be plotting attacks in the coming days. Just to make it clear, the US is referring to Islamic terrorists NOT to South Koreans.

“Careless” Comments

Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales said that slain American Peace Corps volunteer Julia Campbell was “a little irresponsible” and “careless” that’s why she’s now dead. Considering those two reasons, it makes us wonder why Gonzales is still alive.


Interviewed by GMA 7, the sister of slain American Peace Corps volunteer Julia Campbell says they are not outraged by her death and they know Julia’s very happy where she is right now. Peace corpse.

No Sex

Doctors’ advice to First Gentleman Arroyo: No strenuous activities, including sex. Watch out for GMA’s temper in the coming days.

Baby James

Kris Aquino delivered her second child prematurely. The baby was in hurry to get out of his mom’s system.

Cory Aquino said baby James could become a basketeer since he looked exactly like his dad James Yap. Had he looked exactly like Kris, he’d become the next Boy Abunda.

Top 5 Reactions Heard From the Makati Medical Center Staff When They First Saw Baby James

5: “Four point three pounds?!? Baby ba ‘yan o bote?”

4: “Buti na lang naging lalaki!”

3: “Ilong pa lang… James Yap na!”

2: “Sana ‘wag nang masundan.”

1: “Thank God hindi totoo ang tsismis na si Cristy Fermin ang napaglihihan ni Kris.”


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